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About Artificial Eye

Artificial Eye is syndicated via RSS to various vlog aggregators such as ant mefeedia and vlogdir or you can download our standalone Video RSS Widget for Mac OSX Tiger here. and always be up to date on the latest vlogposts to Artificial Eye. The Artificial Eye Widget is the first widget to combine Javascript for quicktime together with xmlhttp direct request, css, rss and pure javascript in order to syndicate our content directly to your dashboard without the need to visit our site regularly. Artificial Eye is a collaborative vj video blog combining the aesthetics and creative methods employed by its contributors in their live performance work. The clips/loops presented here strive to inspire, entertain, and encourage the viewer to think about contemporary issues of media, politics, and issues confronting us as media convergence and the tools of content creation and distribution being placed at the fingertips of the average person come into conflict with the interests of entrenched mainstream media. The concept behind the vj video blog is to use it as platform for developing loop ideas, which are to be used in the live performances of the contributors, in an attempt to develop a dialog between the live setting in clubs and parties with the content available on the web, as well as to explore the limits of narrative storytelling in the live-vj-ing context. The contributors strive to offer more than just eye candy, and believe that content is just important as the treatment (fx, layering, sound synchronization) of the source material itself. Artificial Eye is currently group edited by falk from berlin, exiledsurfer" in istanbul, and synesthete in los angeles. If you are interested in becoming an active regular contributor to Artificial Eye, drop us an email.