26c3 - Here be Dragons!

HereBeDragons.pngThe congress for the crazy ones the wild ones the good ones the ones defending freedom and digital liberties keep the information flowing unhindered without borders the last of their kind - the real dragons. Those who share and know will meet and talk and copy and paste and for so much knowledge brought to a boil the outcome is unknown.

There be Dragons! Dragons Everywhere. I will be one and so should you.

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And on the 28th around 23:00 in the smokers lounge the dragons will undertake a special journey through time:
Indian Timetravels - an audiovisual performance by Das Kraftfuttermischwerk & protobeamaz:fALK (hey thats me ;)


3d Scanner with Lego

scan12.jpgThings that used to cost around a million and one buck just a very short time ago seem to be available for almost nothing these days - especially if you roll your own. Such the case with 3d scanners it seems - while only 5 years ago its was inconcievable to even dream about owning a 3d printer - things started to get interesting 2 years ago when the prices dropped into the sub $5000 range and the first efforts of DIY open source 3d scanners appeared on the ether. Now we drop into the sub $300 range with a laser 3d scanner made out of the Lego NXT system. Oh good are the times.

via make blog.


Looks like Umbrella, Sounds like your Music

umbrella_speaker.jpgWell I have a tick for the bamboo paper umbrellas - not that I would wear one but I like them for being a canvas with practical usage and girls tend to look chick with them. Now on top of all that they can apparently act as your iPod or other portable music player ultra loud big badass speaker. Immersing you and your friends into rainless cloud of music and disturbing passerby's with music that probably just does not want to fit under 2000 year old invention creating that culture shock moment for the granny next door.
Oh and wouldn´t it be lovely to have an outdoor party with these? I mean your guest are staying dry, and the noise does not spread to the neightboors and everyone has the best musical position - I guess permanent fixture would be needed so that you have both your hands free doing other stuff.
If there is enough interest its going to be produced - for $100... via gizmodo


Electronic Music -> Electric Shocks to Face Muscles -> The Electric Face Dance

This guy puts electrodes to his face muscle and has electric shocks delivered through them so that they move to some beepy electronic music. Somehow cool somehow scary. Reminds me a bit of the scene in the Animatrix "The Second Renaissance" where the robots make all kind of horrible experiments with humans to see how they work so they can manipulate them - only that the humans are doing it to themself and taking the robots work away...


How to make a ghost

howtomakeaghost.jpgYou stumble upon the strangest things but trust me to follow a link "how to build a ghost" and actually find something amazing behind it. Look to the left now - see the ghost? Follow the link to see how it was made - I am sure you are going to be surprised how easy it actually is. Sometimes simple things are just wonderful.


The One Dollar Camera Stabilizer

Sometimes you come across pure geniouses and if its almost free as well its even better. In the video after the link you can see how to build an ultra portable super lightweight and totally awesome camera stabilizer for photo and partially video for less then a dollar/euro or whatever. If you are making photos or video you should have one of those in your pocket at all times.