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"Where is the revolution?"

or "Wo bleibt die Revolution?" was a the best demo poster I have seen at the "Freedom not Fear" demonstration 11 day ago. Later I found out that the poster was made by the "famous" german blogger fefe.
Now we have elections next sunday and I want to take my own little internet space to reflect my thoughts on it in a bit longer way then the 140 letter in twitter permit me doing. If you think this is a nice peacefull reflection I can only guard you out the room nicely now before you get too disappointed, it might get rough.
Let me start with a nonlinear timeline of happenings that actually got us to where we are now.
As in all western countries September 11 2001 marked the day the powerfull elite found an excuse to hammer through a series of laws that would allow them subsequently to gain more control over the ever growing population that got poorer as a whole as the class divide got wider. It seems clear that if you get more and more people that get poorer while you get fewer and fewer people that get unproportionally richer there might be some a time this explodes so it makes only sense to curb that as soon as possible.
So laws got hammered through that allowed the ruling elite to spy on the people (and I think contrary to popular believe not to get one or two or a group of rogue people but to get a general sentiment of the population to actually react at a moment before it all starts boiling over). Now this might have already been sufficient - coupled with some distractions like wars and still enough games and mind-numbing entertainment around to keep the balance of the powers like the last 3000 years .
Only one thing they missed and I think that can be attributed that in that elite those who actually have a say are - well - too old. That in the past 3000 wasn´t a problem in itself but time has speed up considerably in the last 100 years or so. There are nice studies of how our perception of time changed with the advent of trains, airplanes and so forth - but since about 40 years a extremely disruptive technology entered the life of about anybody in this world - the internet. It supercharged our perception of time because now you didn´t have to take a long ride on a horse, a trainride or even an airplane to get to the middle east or china or to the other side of the world - you are there all the time - it only takes milliseconds to talk to somebody somewhere else. Now our poor elites just couldn´t grasp that concept as they have been growing up in a time when airplanes where all the rage so they missed the other disrupting factor in all that - limitless realtime communication. I have been on the internets for quite a while now (1996) and the limitless freedom of the early days was almost scary - nobody cared nobody was watched all was well.
I think the first real eyeopener for the powerfull came with Napster. All of the sudden an industry that is actually vital for distracting the public with meaningless shit lost complete control over their distribution channels - and that happened in less then a year. The pure panic that followed was almost a joy to watch because the net had become so indestructible by then that whenever there was a "fire" put out on one corner 200 more fires where started everywhere. Gosh they freaking build the net to be indestructible in case of a global nuclear holocaust do they think a few puppets of politians can actually make a dent - especially then that it had grown global?
So even with napster politics didn´t grasp the full extend of nets impact and resorted to 20th century scare and distract tactics. Well that worked for a big part of the population that also didn´t grasp the net yet. But there where the few and far between that saw the dangers of the laws that where forced upon all of us. Some of those where very confident in the net. While the mainstream was kept dumb with mindnumbing media 1.0 that is totally controlled - the few that grasped the full extend of what is going on started to act. Groups formed, a communication was happening outside the mainstream media totally uncontrolled. The blogs and forums started to get viewerships in the hundreds then thousands then millions - then they got noticed. Another Napster was happening while the first Napster was getting bigger and bigger. This time the controllers not only lost the venue of distraction they lost the venue of mind control. People got a second opinion and a lot started to find that refreshing - it started to make them think. On top a whole new generation was starting to disconnect from the old ways and what they got was a multitude of opinions that allowed them to form an opinion of their own that was pretty untainted (I am of the believe that if you read much opposing opinions - which the internet is full of - it actually allows us to become smarter and make more rational decisions).
Now besides lossing their distractive advantage the elite started to figure out that they also loose any opinion control - over not so long enough people are informed enough to question the system as a whole. Now it gets a bid muddy.
Because to think they are dumb is the wrong thinking - they are not and they have the tools (money) to get some brightness in their thinking. I am sure I saw an influx of "conservative" bloggers in the US around 2003 where I think that might actually have been an organized (at least in "hey we need to do something" chainletter style) counter move - the funny thing is that it only adds more opinions and makes people smarter by considering more viewpoints and finding the weaknesses.
Yet this trend has accelerated where traditional media - that by definition can only give the opinions of a few - is fast replaced by "democratic" the "anarchic" the uncontrolled - the blogs.
Now thats the point when the politicians really woke up (just eons too late) so here in Germany we all of the sudden get these laws that point to one thing: censorship - a beautifull 20th century concept that has worked when the publication of opinions was actually a hard thing to do. More surveillance extending to the net (at least they want to get a feeling of the cooking pot to see when its boiling over) and some more drastic things because they feel that the control might be lost in a mental "peacefull" way and that the only way to get the control back might be through force - I am getting there in a second.
The censorship law from our family minister (to protect the internet from watching child porn of course - what else can make an impact in this world otherwise anymore then anything that is absolutely shocking to the max) had one problem - it was dumb (stopsign coupled with dns routers) and transparent (we keep "secret lists"). I think the dumbness not necessarily comes from the fact that the people making it are actually dumb - I think they have not much choice otherwise to censor the web in any meaningfull way other then that - and at least - keep the mass of people from forming their own opinion at least a little while longer. What I think was their real dumbness was the fact that they didn´t see that they couldn´t hide the fact that it was about censorship in a big way. What they also still did not seem to have learned is the speedup of time.
That speedup of time got even a little more speedier with the advent of Twitter. I have to get into Twitter(or any other microblogging service) for a paragraph here. There is an inherent beauty in Twitter that makes it possible for our carbon based brains that need a couple of generations to actually adapt to actually process the huge amount of information on the web in near realtime. Basically making the speedup in time I talked about earlier available to us without taking away the chaotic nature of the web where you might click on something that you never intended to click on and that all of the sudden wides your horizons in ways that you never thought possible.
Twitter made it possible to spread the word about the censorship debate around the country in mere minutes. I watched it and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g how the debate was shaped in less then a week. The petition against the law garnered 120.000 signatures in mere weeks - this all the while the politicians tried to discredit the movement and stuck to their - already weak and disproven - talking points. Needless to say that this backfired.
But this is the netactivism to that point. Where the ruling had been smarter in my opinion is to get things through on a totally different level that escapes the ordinary netizen.
I am still sure the banking collapse of 2008 was fabricated to a certain extend - orchastrated starting 2001. I know until now I have to not gotten into any kind of conspiracy theory in a big way but I think looking at who actually profited from the collapse and drawing the path backward and forward it my line of thought might become a bit more clear. To keep people happy in the years after 2001 there had to be some kind of prosperity - easy credit everywhere (yes also here in germany) was the answer. Then you fabricate a collapse of a big bank and the easy credit dies up - you end up with slaves that loose anything and will be nice little slaves trying to get to status they had been before (big houses + cars + tvs for everybody). This means you have desperate people - desperate people are easily controlled as long as they don´t have the time to think and question the overall concepts of life.
What also happened - especially here in germany - is police control. I don´t know if the number of policemen actually grew massively in the last 4-6 years but sure as hell am I feeling a bit opressed already. The amount of times I personally have been randomly stopped pulled over ask for ID etc is mindboggling if you consider that there was about 10 years of my life where I had zip zero contact with the police (I am only talking about stuff not provoked totally random stuff). And not only that - they are getting more and more aggressive - kind of talk from above hand on gun etc pp. Yes they made me already a tiny bit afraid of them. The culminated in the "Freedom not Fear" demonstration that I was very closely observing (thats what I like to do best ;) - the police was aggressive, demonstrators where fearfull. The whole demonstration had been closed up totally (anybody else noticed that) and then of course the police started beating some protestors. My view is that this was a concerted effort and not a single case of mad policeman. There might have been "nice policeman" on the street that day but there was a HUGE amount of extremely aggressive provoking riot squats around.
Instilling fear - not with bad terrorists but with its own police - making people (financially) weak - its all tactics to control a crowd and I think the powers might be even happy the "active" people are distracted with net rights at the moment - meanwhile they can just employ their 20th century control strategies - the magical tipping point where a considerable mass of people can be reached through the net will not be reached for another 5-10 years (looking at the only 25.000 people at the freedom not fear demonstration). Until then there is plenty of time to disrupt this movement and attack from points where it seems very vulnerable and blind.
Vulnerable because nobody of the up coming generation wants violence - so a violent revolution will not happen in my life time - that might have to do with the peacefull fall of the wall and generally people living in a lot of comfort and are thinking they are too intelligent to actually pick up arms and fight it out.
Blind because they are missing the social aspect of it all - as long as the current system stands as it is there is a lot leverage through money - draw it away and give it only in doses where it makes you dependent has worked for a very very long time - the german Pirate Party being completely void of the social aspect makes that totally apparent that its the big blind spot - what good does it do if you have freedom of speech when you are a slave to the system? Slaves could also speak out openly among themself in their quarters - it has not gotten them anywhere. They still where surpressed by fear, violence and scarcity.
Now I am the last person who wants any violent conflict ever. But the appeasement the protest movement of the netizens with the powers that are is pissing me off. Its an opertunity to do something grand to actually overthrow a powerbalance that has enslaved human kind since close to 3000 years and has quite obviously done the planet nothing good in return bringing it to a point of total collapse - to a point where it might look like mars or venus another 100 years onward.
The Pirate Party - as the visible public formation of that protest movement - is trying everything it can not to upset the powers too much because it could be seen negatively, it pussyfoots around issues of larger impact then a censorship law (the system is broken not a couple of laws) and the only tool it can use to actively protest outside of violence - the words - are "carefully democratically drafted".
I can only respond - nice try - its not how revolutions are made. Change the system or loose the war. If you don´t give the powers a big "FUCK YOU" and actually resist them it will not work. Its sad that the movement is the master of the biggest word spreading tool in history and just fails to use it radically enough to make an impact.
Maybe it has to get a lot less worse before that thinking sets in - my only fear is that the longer it takes the further we get a way to resolve that in a peacefull way. There will be a time the control mechanisms are of the ruling are strong enough to surpress any movement - and this time arrives pretty fast (give it another 4 years of current policies).
In the meantime I think some of the concepts of the Pirate Party are good for after a revolution - like the "zukunft ministerium" and such and its probably not lost work that is done there but for the near future I don´t see any winning strategy in the way this goes.


Censorship in Germany - The Rundown

Over at Spreeblick there is a good summary in english of where the current debate over censorship in germany is headed and what childpornography has to do with it.

Since there is a current and hot debate over a new law that’s about to be passed in Germany and a highly successful online petition against that law, I thought it might be a good idea to do a summary in english for non-german bloggers and journalists.

If you live in germany I encourage you to sign the petition (some fundamental german language skills are required to do so) - it has already helped to garner almost 80.000 signees and provided the german press with a reason to report about it instead of just printing the talking points of the clueless politicians - it actually feels like it is making a difference.
This is about the freedom of speech not a call to support child pornography - there are better ways to combat this then activating ineffective filters and monitoring the whole internet population and - worst of all - give the BKA (german CIA or equivalent to former Staatssicherheit (Stasi) in east germany) the power to censor and block all websites without public oversight (if the law passes it would be a crime to posses and distribute the list of blocked internet site).

More information in english as said in the Spreeblick article.

Update: Over 100.000 people have signed the petition by now creating a media storm and shifting the debate. As some commenters pointed out - even if you are not a german citizen you still can sign the petition - still some german language skills might be required to get through the petition signup form.
Please sign and help the german internet community get a respected voice.

Commenter M.A. has the following help to offer for non german speakers:

Hey everyone, you may knowing, that there is an online petition going on in Germany against this law. I just want to point out (or try to with my bad English) that EVERYONE in the whole world is allowed to support this petition, because german constitution grands everyone to write petitions to the german parliament (or any other public institution of germany). This right has the totality of a human right in germany (some might say, because we are a nation of complainers ;-)) - Even childern, foreigner ... may. Everyone means everyone. If you can read German, in this thread of the discussion site of the online-petition, you can read exactly the laws that grand you these rights: (starts with a discussion to fill out the registration correctly - later that foreigners are allowed to sign the petition also) So - why should foreigners sign a petition - THIS petetion - in germany:
1.) Even if you are a visitor in Germany, you have the right (again granted by german constitution) to get information by every (legal) public source you like - without censoring. Of course child porn illegal. But the mechanisms to block this content can easily exended to every content - and there are no general control mechanisms - the BKA (german FBI) decides by itself which sites should be blocked - the perfect mechanism for censoring.
2.) If you are in germany, and let’s say, go to an internet cáfe or use the connection of your hotel - and you reach a blocked website with bad luck, your IP is stored by the BKA. And the BKA has then officially thinks you are searching for cild porn - and because you are using internet not from home - there is the danger that it is not possible to find you the very next day. It might be not nice, if the police awaits you in the lobby of your hotel - only because some spambot or cyber-worm “helps” you to find illegal sites.
3.) The lists of blocked sites are secret. If you are not using a german provider, you will never know if YOUR homepage, blog, commercial website, ect. is blocked.
4.) This is an infrastructure for censoring - and we all know, if its installed, it will be used and extended. Do anyone in the world wants to have the germany Nation to be uninformed, wrong informed, censored? - AGAIN. History shows - we can do this quite effective and with uncontrolable consequences. sign the e-petition to show, that even foreigners don’t want Germany to be censored again.

1.) make an account on the petition portal of the german parliament: email (repeat email), password (repeat password) And then your name and adress: Frau/Mann = Mrs./Mr. Name = sirname Vorname = first name organisation = institution, company… (optional) Titel = academic title if any (optional) Straße und Hausnummer = street and house number Postleitzahl = postual code/zip code Wohnort = place of residence/city Land = country Bundesland = federal state of germany/foreign countries - choose the last one (AUSLAND) if you are not living in germany Telefonnummer = telefon-number (optional) then activate option “Ich bin einverstanden” - which says, you are ok with the privacy-policy of the portal. At last prove, not to be a bot with: “Visuelle Verifizierung” - type in the letters you see in the picture on the bottom of the site, Then push “Registrien”-Button. Your username is generated automatically: “NutzerXXX” - XXX is a number.
2.) sign in with the username and your password.
3.) Sign the e-petition: You find the right one at:;sa=details;petition=3860 click on: “Petition mitzeichnen” - sign petition Its in the field “Anzahl Mitzeichnungen” (number of signings) - the forth blue box. Congratulations: You have signed a e-petition to the german parliament - against censoring the internet. greetings, M.A.


Internet Censorship in Germany

As a matter of silent protest I post hereby the alternative STOPP sign to protest against the censorship of the german internet by Germanys four biggest providers, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone/Arcor, Hansenet/Alice, Telefonica/O2 and Kabel Deutschland. I will also cancel my contract with Vodaphone/Arcor at the next possible date. I detest the idea that 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of East German governmental suppression this country is going along the same path again and there seems to be no big public outcry - especially since the involved politicians are susceptible of misusing such tools to push their own personal religious right-wing agenda.
For all german internet users there is now a free open DNS server run by without censorship which can be reached under: (thanks @murdelta)



PoD: Democracy is an Illusion

democryisanillusion.jpgNot much more to be said to this picture of the day that comes from the G20 summits via


Watch the Watchers Do Their Dirty Work

3-22-09-taser-axom-system.jpgTASER International teams with to create the AXON a secure police recording system that is fully portable and strapped on the head. Now there is multiple things going on here why this is noteworthy. For one it sends (streams?) the data directly to the servers of in an encrypted secure way. That means nobody (also not the cops themself) can temper the footage. That means it could be an effective tool to watch the watchers and make them accountable for "mistakes" that might happen when an arrest or house search or such is being made. That of course would mean that makes the videos available to the public at large but I think this might be even a business model for them so I actually do seem to think this is likely. Now there needs to be a law that prohibits the nice policemen from turning these things of in the heat - make it a felony punishable with a prison sentence or immediate suspension from the job to avoid the "oh I forgot to turn it back on" kind of moments that these fellow friends would likely have at times.

Now that this is covered I would like to raise a voice that this whole system needs to make it to the general market for everyone and the next best VJ to wear all day. Imagine not having to worry about how long the memory stick in your pocket has capacity but instead you can record you whole day onto a server of your choosing (probably your own home server for the more intimate moments) all wirelessly and you wear just a black blob over your ear - no fugly sunglasses or baseballcaps or fake eyes or such - yes that clearly means I WANT ONE :) but I am sure the bright people at Taser int. have figured that out already and present us a mass market version (probably sans encryption so to give back big brother what has been taken from him).

via engadget


E-Voting in germany was illegal

The Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) of Germany has made it clear that the use of electronic voting equipment currently in use is against the law. The last local election was also against the law. That means germans are going to cast their ballots on paper from here on out until e-voting machines comply with the law - which states that the transfer process of the votes and storage of the votes can be certified by EVERYONE not just an "expert" panel.

A big win for democracy and paper freedom fighters in germany - especially a big win for the Chaos Computer Club who has spearheaded the campaign and made sure that the court was well informed of the dangers e-voting poses. Thats the third judgment the court has cast in the last 12 month that is in favor of the people and showing the german government the boundaries of what they can do with their urge to overthrow the constitution and go straight to a police dictator state.

More at (de).


Austrian Right Wing Party "We fiercely condemn the undemocratic approach of the Left Web-Terrorists"

LinkerHardcoreWebBombenleger_.pngAfter a defacement of their website that came on the day of the local state elections in Austria yesterday - the right wing party that was once led by neonazi and then drunk "I kill myself while under the influence" driver Jörg Haider the BZOE - said something really dangerous thought provoking and downright scary:

“[...] Wir verurteilen diese undemokratische Vorgangsweise linker Webterroristen auf das Schärfste”

translated that means roughly whats in the headline "We fiercely condemn the approach of the Left Web-Terrorists".

Now its clear that everybody using the internet in special ways will soon be criminalized by the right wing propaganda machine that just can´t stand letting loose of the media control it has enjoyed over the past century. Now this is extremely dangerous because that means there is a shift in the thought process of the ruling right elite that the foe might not be the afghanistan suicide bomber sitting in a cave anymore but "the left webterrorist" meaning everybody who tinkers with the web and has more knowledge then a politician (well that mean everybody who is on the web I guess). It seems it is time that they come after us.

Anyway Murdelta who has brought this to my attention wanted to have some webbanners and I thought I give it a shot - not pretty and totally stolen everywhere (the RAF keyboard logo is from the 18C3 Chaos Communication Conference aptly named "Hacking is not a crime") but I had some fun. And the "hardcore" reference comes from a meme last week where some right wing fashion design label that shall be unnamed trademarked the word "hardcore" - a term that has been used extensively in about any subculture scene there is and has nothing to do with right wing propaganda.

More at Murdelta.



And the Luddites are on our site too! (its a german wordplay on the word "weben" which means weaving - Webterror could theoretically in germany also mean "weavingterror" which brings us to the luddites).



The Oamaru Declaration of Independence

Via Citizen Renaissance comes this highly thoughtful text. A redo of the Jefferson declaration of independence by Dr. Susan Krundieck of the New Zealand Transition Towns Network. It tackles everything there is wrong in a some short paragraphs - to bad its just words again.

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the economic bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, Justice, the pursuit of Happiness, a Healthy Natural Environment and Sustainability for ourselves, the Third Generation and the Seventh Generation.

— That to secure these rights, Organisations are instituted among Communities, deriving their just powers from the consent of the Members,

— That whenever any Form of Economy becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new Relationship, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Economic Relationships long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them and their environment to ruin, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Economic Constraints, and to provide new Guards for their future security and sustainability.

— Such has been the patient sufferance of this community; and such is now the necessity which constrains us to alter our former Systems of Business Growth for its own Sake and Environmental Exploitation. The history of the present Theory of Economics is a history of repeated disasters, injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over communities and the environment. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

The Growth Economy for its own Sake has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, felled our forests, polluted our water and fouled our air.

The Growth Economy for its own Sake has exploited our talents, put us into debt, degraded our culture and eroded our relationships with the members of our community.

The Growth Economy for its own Sake has exploited mineral resources which by right should belong to people in perpetuity in order to obscenely enrich a few in the short term.

The Growth Economy for its own Sake has paved our farms, sprawled our towns, and destroyed the quality of live of our people and their children and grandchildren.

The Growth Economy for its own Sake has convinced us, for more than a century, to ignore the voice of scientific knowledge and reason in order to continue the acidification of our air and oceans through Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrous Oxides and Carbon Dioxide emissions from combustion of fossil fuels.

The Growth Economy for its own Sake has exploited the labour of people and environments that have no protection from ill use, and has persecuted people who worked for economic justice and equality.

The Growth Economy for its own Sake has assaulted the morality of our youth and treated them as a target market rather than with the respect of future citizens and community members.

The Growth Economy for its own Sake has corrupted the purpose of our governance and civic institutions, it has usurped the purpose of our curiosity and research efforts, and it has shifted the motivation for the education of our young from development of their intellect and character to exploitation of their labours for further growth of the economy.

We, therefore, the Representatives of the Transition Committee of Oamaru, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of this community, solemnly publish and declare, That this Community is, and of Right ought to be Free, that we are Absolved from all unsustainable and perverse requirements of the Growth Economy for its own Sake, and that all connection between this Community and the Growth Economy, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as a Free and Sustainable Community, we have full Power to reduce fuel and electricity consumption, restore our environment, protect our culture, nurture our agricultural assets, set aside our resources, refrain from extracting minerals, stone or fossil fuels, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Local Commerce based on our own principles and theories, and to do all other Acts and Things which Sustainable Communities may of right do.

— And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

Emotional story that comes with the text can be found on


Israel you are behaving like Hitler

André Nouschi - himself a jew and combatant of the Free French Forces in WWII and a historian wrote the following letter to Israel Ambassador to France. Since my own words would be too cynical in face of the human suffering that is happening in Palestine I post his letter instead as it reflects the what I have been thinking pretty perfectly.

Tuesday the 13th, January 2009

Mr Ambassador,

For you it's shabat, it should be a day of peace but it's one of war. For me, and for a few years already, colonisation and the theft of Palestinian land by Israel is exasperating. I'm therefore writing to you as a French citizen, as a Jew and as someone who worked for the agreement between the Univerity of Nice and that of Haiffa ...

It is not possible anymore to remain silent with respect to the Israeli policy of assassination and imperialist expansionism. You are behaving exactly like Hitler behaved in Europe with Austria and Czechoslovakia.

You are in contempt of UN resolutions like he of those the SDN and you are assassinating women and children; do not invoke terrorism, the Intifada. This is a direct result of ILLEGAL and ILLEGITIMATE colonisation. IT IS THEFT. You are behaving like land thieves and you are turning your back to the rules of jewish morality.

Shame on you! Shame on Israel! You are digging your grave without realizing it. Because you are condamned to live with Palestinians and the Arab states. If you're lacking this political ingenuity, then you are unfit to be in politics and your leaders should retire. A country that assassinates Rabin and glorifies his assassin is a country without moral and without honor.

May the heavens and your God kill Sharon the assassin. You were defeated in Lebanon in 2006. You will be defeated again, I hope, and you will send to their death many young Israelis because you did not have the courage for peace.

How can jews, who have suffered so much, imitate their hitlerian tormentor? As far as I'm concerned, since 1975, colonisation brings back old memories, those of hitlerism. I cannot tell the difference between your leaders and those of Nazi Germany!

Personally, I will fight you with all I can just like I did between 1938 and 1945, until the justice of man destroys hitlerism which is at the heart of your country. Shame on Israel. I hope your God will launch against its leaders the vengeance they deserve. I am ashamed as a jew, as a WW2 veteran, for you. May your God curse you until the end of times! I hope you will be punished.


So much for change

I wasn´t aware of the fact that Obama has choosen secretary of agriculture already, but what I just read about Tom Vilsack - the person who will be responsible for the path of feeding of the american people in the next 4 years - is making me shiver. Pro Genetical Modified Food, Pro Big Agriculture - totally against any sustainable agriculture, pro chemical companies very close to Monsanto. I suggest you feed Roundup Ready directly to the American People - maybe then they don´t have to suffer year long cancer pain.

Fixing the food supply chain would have been such a positive signal throughout the world as it implicates use of oil, poisoning the environment and poisoning peoples bodies - you know the all around solution for 3 out of 5 of the most stemming problems in the world. Someone must see the relationship of cancer rates where you have an 33% chance of getting cancer in your life with an upward trend and the use of chemicals in agriculture - not even to speak of habitats becoming uninhabitable deserts and bees dying en mass. This chance seems to be given away to corporate lobbying and black suitcases changing hands at Monsantos compounds.

All things considered - Obama is a neat package to the same old - all "charme" aside - there is still "all option on the table" for attacking Iran - there is no stance against aggression of Israel to the Palestinians (heck the incoming administration does not even have the balls to say anything - at least with Bush you knew which site they where on).
I know some of you have been saying it all along (fRED I am looking at you) but I do give people the benefit of the doubt until prooven guilty - for me now proofed guilty.

That means for all average american out there living in their beloved country, admiring their advanced culture - you standing around these parts of the world has not improved. Better put more pressure on your leaders by forming a 3rd party and overthrow the thugs that are your government past present and future.

It seems in america there are only two kinds of politicians - those who have guts but are ultra right wing corporistas and want to nuke the world around them and enslave all people or those who have no spine whatsoever and play the ultra right wing corporistas symphony along.

I guess that also means the organic garden on the white house lawn will not happen either - I feel bad for the guys driving around the US on their own dime to raise awareness of the food issue from The WHO farm now that they garnered a lot of international attention.


I am starting to get scared

Ok I have my feelers out for a while to see how long the ruling elite can surpress the boiling feeling of the masses and for the last months I was amazed at how great the distraction with bailouts and carcompany dramas has worked to put the focus away from the real underlying problem that is the system itself. In a way I was quite happy because the longer its dragged out while still correcting itself somehow the more chance there is that the transition to any kind of new system might be a smooth one. The worst possible scenario that I can see is a sudden world wide collapse as this will be mayhem.
Now then came Greece with its street protests which were quelled but then flared up again and still do not seem under control - yet these were still not portraing the message of system change as for the mass media the "culprit" of the problem was easely found in the corrupt politicians. Yet some reports from there were already a bit discouraging - like neo nazis helping the government retain control (and if you look at the riot photos you see "police" without uniform beating protestors.) Still the media was very very successful to quell any and all underlying system critique and did everything in their might to make it a local problem - which after all might have been not the worst thing for the world.
But I do sense a great great dissatisfaction among the netizens and its growing and people - normal people with family and older and not radical - are definately starting to wonder if those riots in greece are just the beginning and are starting to feel they should take their feet to the streets en masse. What had been comments I rarely came across over the last years - mostly on ultra leftist website with a know anarchist undertone is slowly but surely spreading out like a fungus to the mainstream. The more people loose their job their home their future the more people wake up from the dystopian capitalistic dream of endless resources and energy and toys and distraction and find themself in a reality that is much more gruesome then they ever expected. These are people who lived in comfort for most of their live being completely disengaged from the real problems of the world and suddenly find themself in the same situation as the somali pirate - trying to survive after being robbed of land and humility by multimillion dollar companies trying to make the fastest buck and passing it on to the superrich.
Over the last couple of days this dissatisfaction is rising quickly and what has been a little match that was reignited only by a few carers has already become a campfire that is slowly spilling its deadly flames over the boundary here and there.
I am deeply worried that this might become an uncontrollable and - most sadly - violent wildfire that might spread around the whole world not very distant in the future. I think they still "hope" that the new president of the center of the capitalistic universe might be able to pull out a miracle but judging from the people he choosed to help him pulling off that miracle I would say there will be more "politics as usual" then anything else - there might be some short sighted painkillers but when they wear off it will be even worse then before. There is no time for bickering and discussion and making compromises - if the system will gradually change to a more sustainable future the departure from bussiness as usual will have to be drastic - it will still be much less drastic then what would happen if those people with the last bit of hope loose their spirit alltogether - in a sense everyday passing will accelerate the feeling and the voices do grow louder - slowly but if you have your feelers out you might start to sense that this is happening - I do and I am trembling with fear of a world in total mayhem - yet I do not see much ways out of it other then somebody somewhere with enough power wake the fuck up - kill big companies alltogether get back into organic small farming - on a big scale, push clean energy - even putting to rest all and each coal, oil and gas production that is not needed to pull us out of the mess (meaning everything that is not essential to survival and to make the switch to sustainable clean environmental friendly energy). I am afraid - very afraid.

the comment that tipped me over the top with my fear:

Thank God we still have guns in America,
because Americans may unfortunately need them to take their county back, and statments like this energy shipping company owner made are just more evidence that it may be sooner rather than later.

Of course he is right and there must be real deep change coming - I was really hoping that the other side wakes up before the general consensus is that it will never wake up and grab the next best weapon of choice and start civil war - not between nations but on economic lines.


City to implode eventually

Bank Implode O Meter has some serious "fun" these days as everything they ever predicted is happening exactly as they predicted. Its by now a safe bet to look at the website and see what financial woes coming next. First of all the bailouts ain´t working other then to maintain the status quo just a tiny bit longer. First 700 billion now another 7 trillion and all it does it throwing it to the monsters.

Just as Mish long ago predicted this behemoth will not survive with it’s current high risk, over leveraged business model, the model which took it from the biggest bank on the planet to one on the brink, on life support. Which means that leveraged reckless speculation can build bad assets faster than all the bailouts put together can bail it out which means that and any new fangled, derived short term credit crack fix will transfer the patient from intensive care to the morgue, which means that it would better to shoot the patient yourself than prescribe any those measures that served to put the bank in its condition.

More crank is a waste of time and money, but in the sociopathy of the elites driving the train wreck it is exactly what will be prescribed.

Who is footing the bill? American taxpayers and the frenzy can´t go on much longer because at one point the USofA will be bankrupt and there won´t be anyone bailing them out.
Thats just Citygroup but there is now word on the street that Prime mortgages - you know those mortgages that had been token up by people who could actually afford a mortgage - are now going bust - the subprime market was just a tiny tiny percentage point of all mortgages the biggest chunk is the prime mortgages and its just a matter of time until that market completely collapses - then everything we have seen at the moment will look like a joke. Oh and credit card companies are starting to get worried too. The thing is that you can bailout banks as long as you want - if the people feeding the bank or take up credit are not able to feed the banks anymore because they have not even enough to feed themself then it might be that you put the money into the wrong site of the equation.

Oh and by the way a nice documentary where does the money come from"? Do you know it? I didn´t.


Why the media around the world loves bailouts

You know you can sense a kind of cheering in the media for more and bigger bailouts and rarely do you hear voices of concern in the deceasing matter. If you look deep and have read my previous article on why the media might need its own bailout its quite clear that they might not need their own bailout - a bailout of other failing industries is enough to sustain this failing industry as well. Here is a chart to think about if you want to trust the mass media with any information on any bailout - and let me say the US is just an example the list is pretty much the same (just switch us car makers and banks with local car makers and banks). So here is the list of the top advertisers of the american mass media market. There should be a light going on in your head - if not you might be living in a cave.

2007 Advertising Expenditures By Bailout Targets
CompanyAmount (000's)
General Motors3,010
Bank of America1,491
Nissan Motor1,407
JPMorgan Chase1,074
American Express1,050
Capital One757
Fidelity 499
Washington Mutual445
State Farm Mutual431
Wells Fargo356

Hmm 21 billion of advertisment revenues - the top 20 - and all thats in it is cars and banks. Empty words like "too big to fail" and "5 million jobs" and "end of world" take on a whole new meaning if you look at it from the perspective of the media industry. They might be just talking about them self instead of the banks and the cars.

From the excellent media death watch blog newscorpse.


Heavy Day for Freedom and Big Brother

Seldom has there been a day with so many headlines about laws and lawcases and policy submissions and calls for boykott that all have to do with our Big Brother and Freedom of Culture. Just a short overview for you:

Danish Internet Provider has to cut off its customers from Pirate Bay Bit Torrent Tracker

The german Bundesrat (the federal assembly) has ruled AGAINST the new law that would allow video surveilliance in homes without court order and putting spy software on anybody also without court order - that is after the Bundestag (state assembly) has ruled in favor of the law. If until Christmas the law is not passed it will have failed - a BIG BIG hurray for civil liberties - lets see what our evil minister for interior Mr. Schäuble will cook up to force it through until then. (

Some internet providers in Germany are not adhering to the one year old "Vorratsdatenspeicherung" (data retention) law in germany despite the threat of hefty fines - guess it might be cheaper for them to pay the fines then to invest in the massive infrastructure that would be needed to make the data rentention possible - or maybe they do value their customers wishes in the end. This puts a lot of pressure on Mr. Schäuble to react - especially since there will be a final ruling on the legality of such law from the "Bundesgerichtshof" (federal court of justice) - the first round of the ruling already hinted that the law might be in breach with the german constitution. Manifest of Internet Providers Calling for Boykott of the law.

The Free Software Foundation has called for 35 days against DRM boykott - the first day marks an issue close to my heart - Apple. They are calling out Steve wonder Jobs on his statement claiming he does not like DRM and then only shortly after removing DRM from music he introduces drastic messearues on its prestigious macbook line that basically cripple the functionality of said computers just to include DRM. I fully support the boykott and will not buy a new Apple computer until that issue is resolved (good thing my current lappy and standalone machine are plenty good for a while). That means I will rock the current lappy again until it falls apart but its unacceptable for Apple to make such a move and I would really really like to see them bleed badly. I am very glad the issue has not died the media short attention span death yet. (Defective By Design 35 days against DRM)

Interesting developments for sure.


Economy worth then great depression.

Its week of fALks favorites reapearing. My favorite mathematician - yes I have such a thing - is Benoit Mandelbrot since the day he coined the butterfly effect and made me play endlessly with mandelbrot "Apfelmänchen" on my Commodore Amiga 2000 endlessly applying new formula alterations and watching the 12 MHz 7,09 MHz processor due its duty (yes it was slow). Said man is the mentor of Nicholas Taleb - an author whos book "The Black Swan" I almost got once but then didn´t and since then regret not having read said book as it was forecasting the current and all future financial collapses. Good thing for boingboing for linking an interview with the two men explaining in a bit too little but good enough detail why the current crisis is so scary - yes maybe the sack of rice falling over in China had to do with it in the end. Oh yes the greatest mathematician of modern times says that its quite possible that we are in a worse position then in the Great Depression.

Some info from Wikipedia about the book (linked above):

Why do people tend to neglect rare events? Partly because humans underestimate their ignorance in most situations—the effect of unexpected events is far more significant than people often imagine. Taleb argues that the proposition "we know" is in many cases an illusion—the human mind tends to think it knows, but it does not always have a solid basis for this delusion of "I know".

Taleb also questions the authority of experts. The "truth" behind science is limited to certain areas and methods, and in many areas having an academic degree and presenting oneself as a scientist is irrelevant. Indeed, authority can stifle empirical experience which, so many times, has proven to have a sounder base for accuracy.

Extreme events do happen and have a big effect. Examples abound, including September 11th. The Internet with its various effects was scarcely anticipated, and it is a development that has had a significant effect. The effects of extreme events are even higher due to the fact that they are unexpected.

"Das Kapital" by Karl Marx as a Manga

daskapitalmanga.jpgThe comic is expected to sell tens of thousands of copies in its first weeks on sale, but is up against stiff competition: anti-capitalist books are the hottest sellers in capitalist Japan at the moment, and it will take something extraordinary to beat the sales of Hideki Mitani’s “Greedy Capitalism and the Self Destructiveness of Wall Street.”

Kapitalism is going away and to speed its departure the Japanese have drawn "Das Kapital" as a manga book to be sold 10.000 times to japanese comic lovers and capitalism haters. Funny dat hope they put it online at one point. I love mangas and I would have nothing against this very book to be in a more digestable form.

The UK Times has more juice to the story

New Conservative London Mayor: High Culture for the Young instead of HipHop

Meninplaid.jpgSometimes you stumble over articles where you need to rub your eyes slap your hand against your head take a couple of deep deep breath and try to wave the little birdie coming out of your screen goodbye. Today was such a day again. The newly appointed London mayor - the first conservative London mayor since generations - has said that media companies should stop "underestimating" young people and stop "target" them with "cheap" hiphop and instead educate them to "higher" art like classical music and operas.
No I am absolutely not kidding. He wants to spent money so parents can send their kids to learn classical instruments.
Now - nothing against funding of letting people learn classical instruments - but who the fuck does he think to suggest hiphop or any other youth culture is "cheap art" and why does he think he can define what "high culture" is?

In a report outlining his strategy, his chief of arts and culture strategy, Munira Mirza, argues that too much emphasis has been placed on making events "user-friendly".

ugh? make parties user unfriendly so nobody goes to them anymore? See classical concert halls are empty for a fucking reason and that is that young people are BORED TO DEATH hearing songs that have been written 200 years ago and have not evolved since then. It might be an artform where rich kids are pressed into and then can behave as if they are something special - but the innovation in musical art comes from the street the dark warehouses the garages all over the world not some on multimillion dollar live support hanging concert houses that are playing Beethoven the 9th for the 2 millions' time. You rich conservative mummies you need to get out more - especially when you are the mayor of a city that used to be trendsetting when it comes to music.

Give Young People High Culture Not HipHop - Johnson. The Guardian

Picture from the Muppets Wiki


China more "democratic" then Germany?

Two incidents - very unlike one another - intermingled at their core idea. Citizens discontent spoken out loud and clear one heard one damned - one embraced one ignored one solved one clashing.

One for the right to work in China one for the right to party in Germany.

Unlikely role reversed? Or propaganda failing to work?


Baltic Dry Index tanks - Thailand and Iran bartering Rice for Oil

bdi.gifThere is again a superb analysis from gjohnsit of the "current" economic crisis over on DailyKos. Its staggering. Lets start with the charts left - thats the Baltic Dry Index. An index like the Dow Jones or Dax that is based on the money it costs to ship raw materials over sea. Its been in existence since 1744. That index has collapsed completely (98%) over the last two month. Compared to indices which hold mostly bank stocks this one has real implication in the real world.

The price of the daily rental of a Capesize bulk carrier has collapsed from $234,000 to $5,611. I'm no expert on shipping, but I bet that the cost of fuel, insurance, maintenance, and crew salaries on a ship that large is about $5,600 a day. If there is no profit from moving these ships, then goods will not move.

Thats right. Remember me talking about the tooth of the clockword wheels coming of? Global trade is likely the first big chunk thats flying down the pit as with prices like these ships don´t make a profit which means they have no reason to operate which means you don´t have goods shipping around, which means total collapse of the current "global" economy.

How will this counteracted? BARTERING. Yes you heard it right. The thing we are talking about in our podcast since over a year - that we are heading into a bartering moneyless society - its freaking already happening - on a much bigger scale then I ever thought possible:

Thailand on Monday said it planned to barter rice for oil with Iran in the clearest example to date of how the triple financial, fuel and food crisis is reshaping global trade as countries struggle with high commodity prices and a lack of credit.

Right right! Thailand barters with Iran - rice for oil. That is a transaction without money changing hands. You know the thing everyone we ever talked to about made them laughed at us, ridiculed it or tried to debate it. Yes its happening on a grand scale. Now will it trickle down the scale to reach normal people? Interesting times for sure.

From today on we germans are a whole deal less free

They did it. What? THEY FUCKING DID IT! They passed the fucking law that allows them to install cameras in my room, and install viruses on my computer without a court order! Who? THE FUCKING GOVERNMENT. You know the stupid CDU and SPD with 14 people voicing concern but voting for it anyway. WHAT? Yes! You know first they told us socialism is a bad thing - it kills babies and all. And yes they where right - it might not have killed babies but it killed freedom for a lot of people, encaged them with force spied on people and occasionally killed people wanting to break free. But you know what? What? Former East Germany had a budget deficit of a mere 150 Mio. German Marks - thats a deficit of 75 Mio. Euros - our current oh so effective capitalistic germany has a budget deficit which's number is so high that I don´t know how many zeros that are. So now that we are in such dire financial crisis all of the sudden there come these socialistic ideas from the drawers - you know buy out banks and make them state controlled, buy out car companies and make them state controlled, buy out music industries and make them state controlled - you know socialism at its best - nothing to say against that I guess - it must have worked better then they tried to imprint into our small little gray goo. Yet there is no need to also copy the bad things - you know take our freedom away, lock us up, put us under supervision of our neighbors and friends, close the borders spy kill fuck with our life. Nevertheless they do exactly that - copy the whole thing over - bring it to the 21st century and make it all a bit worse. This is going to take a real bad ending if people on all walks of life don´t WAKE THE FUCK UP.

peak oil again...

Financial Times Germany reports in their really detailed "financial crisis live ticker" of today:

Die amerikanische Energy Information Administration EIA hat ihre Produktionserwartungen für die Opec-Staaten nach unten korrigiert: Im vierten Quartal rechnet die Behörde nur noch mit einem täglichen Öl-Output von 31,93 Mio. Barrel nach zuvor 32,44 Mio. Barrel. 2009 werden die Opec-Staaten demnach durchschnittlich 31,13 Mio. Barrel Öl am Tag fördern. Zuvor war die EIA für das kommende Jahr von 31,59 Mio. Barrel ausgegangen. Die Nicht-Opec-Staaten sollen 2009 49,2 Mio. Barrel produzieren nach zuvor 49,51 Mio. Barrel. Für die Sorte West Texas Intermediate erwartet die EIA 2009 einen durchschnittlichen Fasspreis von 63,50 $.

For anyone not speaking german this is the official Oil watchdog agency of the USofA that says that we are beyond peak oil now with heavily declining oil output for the first time ever next year. Opec countries will reduce oil output from 31,93 Mio Barrel after this year producing 32,44 Mio. Barrel - non Opec countries go from 49,51 Mio. to 49,2 Mio. Barrel. The reduction does not seem much but remember - Peak oil means a bell curved shape and the top of the slope is almost straight until the abyss comes closer. Interesting is that the agency dropped their estimate for next year from 31,59 to 31,13 for the Opec countries - knowing that the current vice president has some stake in that business I wonder if the numbers where made to look a bit better before the election. All that means is that even so demand is rising (yes demand is rising even so there is a financial crisis but the SUVs need to be refilled you know) there just is not enough oil redealy available and tapping "new" reserves is highly expensive, takes about 10-15 years to get an oilfield on the line and there is just not much new to tap anyway. The only stuff left is tarsands - have a look at pictures on google on how pretty that is. So no matter what we are going to get with the financial crisis - be assured that we hear something about oil not being enough for even a short time horizon.

PS: On a side note - the Financial Times ticker linked above has been running for quite a while now (about 4-5 month I think) - this is likely to become a historic document to see how a system collapses in slomotion - I wish they would have a better RSS feed for it so that you can do remix things with it.


fALks election prediction

So this is the day when there is the decision if the human capitalistic world will either die fast or slow. The day when the americans will for once not disappoint, or when the machines rise and take matters into their shadowy masters hands. Its just the day the world has been waiting for the last eight years, they day when everything might change or nothing. has an election prediction game going on for those that want to win a MacBook - I was inclined to take part, after closing about 10.000 people took part in the gamble. Here is my ridiculous prediction:

57 Democratic Senate seats
41 Republican Senate seats
260 Democratic House seats
175 Republican House seats
384 Obama Electoral Votes
154 McCain Electoral Votes
55.4 Obama Popular Vote Percentage
43.3 McCain Popular Vote Percentage

I think this election will be a blowout - if it isn´t its because their are dirty tricks - but since the margins in the trackers are so overwhelmingly Obama across the line even in states that have never voted for a democrat in over 20 years and the voter turnout machine of Obama seems to be on a scale never seen before too I would think that the republicans are not so inclined to alter the vote considerably as this would quite certainly mean civil war and I tend to believe that even a lot of Republicans won´t want that as that would nullify their assets over night - and money is all they think of when they go into an election. So I predict this blowout scenario above. I call Florida and Ohio for Obama and I don´t give McCain the slightest chance that he takes Pennsylvania (that is were the fraud would happen if it happens by the way). I give Obama another 1-2 states because of the cellphone problem of most polls (polls including cellphone users tend to poll be 2% higher for Obama) and because of his ground forces organization.
I am a bit sad that South Dakota is not as close as North Dakota - that would have been my favorite pickup for a Democrat.
But in the end there is not much change going to happen in the US of A with either presidential candidate. With McCain the fall would go really fast, Obama might be able to prolong the fall for another 1-2 years, but with the massive debt currently in the country, the two biggest car companies failing and with the whole country on the credit syringe anybodies hand trying to run the country are tight - except if this person attempts to switch to another political system - which no mainstream US candidate will ever try.
We will continue a tradition tonight watching the polls coming in and discussion politics, current and future ones - and todays topic is more a future political system then the current US election. If you know me or mogreens and want to have a fruitful talk come over to mogreens house tonight after 21 CET.


When the wheels loose their teeth...

Since I get my last wisdom teeth pulled in about 20 minutes I thought I share the last bit of wisdom in me - no actually I am in a gloomy doomy mood and want to spread that around - no in fact I think topic is too important to be pulled out with my wisdom teeth - anyway...
I have talked to a lot of people about the "financial crisis" in the last weeks and to everyone I talked to it seemed a bit distant to affect them personally (with the few exceptions of the persons who are in the doom camp already). They all had to endure my preaching - if one bit of the capitalistic market comes to a proper grind the whole system collapses. Why do I think that? Look at the world out there. This whole system is like a house of cards, carefully stacked on top of each other of the last 100 years. One layer of cards made the next layer possible and then the next and the next. The bottom layer is comprised of the oil chain and the food chain, next one is housing, then transport, then consumer goods, then luxury goods (its much more fine grained but you get the idea). Now the thing with house of cards is that any part can topple the whole deck - even those on top - but the ones underneath definitely topple everything. Another analogy I am using is clockworks. If just one of the tiny teeth (ha you thought I would get around the post without mentioning teeth again he ;) is being pulled out the result is that the whole clockwork consisting of millions of teeth is coming to a halt. So same with modern day capitalism with a global supply and demand scheme. One part of the whole system stands still the rest will follow very very soon. Now the thing with the "financial crisis" is that at first it doesn´t look like it will affect you personally (not unless a savings bank is bankrupt and people flock to the ATMs to get their nonexistent money out - its all virtual - there is no money because it has all been lend out and then some). I have been watching with open eyes because I believed that pulling that much money from under the market out there must have an affect somewhere in the "real" market (not the virtual "we trade empty numbers" money market) rather sooner then later. Well it seems that food is actually the one thing that might be affected first.
Yes food the thing everyone needs for living. Why? Because our food system at the moment depends on proper fertilization and since everyone just wanted to make profit in the last years they ignored any natural fertilization cycle (crop rotation for example) and instead poisened the field by overloading it with industrial NPK (Nitrogen Phosphorous, Potassium) fertilization techniques. To switch a field from that to a natural cycle takes about 5 years minimum. Now why is that important? NPK fertilizers are freakishly expensive (big part of it is made from natural gas f.e.) and since the banks are extremely nervous they do not give the farmers any loans to get fertilizers - which had been the norm up till this year. No fertilizers mean that on bad fields you can loose up to 70% of your crop. Thats 70% less food on the market - that means skyrocking prices in the supermarket that means a lot of people will be hungry - what this means I don´t want to think about.
This is one scenario of how the system might collapse - one that is already in the making (means its already happening to some extend). There are more paths to doom but happily also some paths out so not all is lost. Then again looking at the world politics I have not that much hope for a instant enlightening of the ruling caste.

Millions will starve (on

Recent rains have improved seeding conditions, allowing farmers to begin planting soybeans in parts of Mato Grosso, Brazil. Farmers now face another problem, the lack of fertilizer. Even farmers with access to credit have not received their fertilizer due to a distribution delay. A Cuiaba newspaper reports that one producer who normally plants about 15,000 acres of soybeans will plant 10,000 this year because he did not receive enough fertilizer


With food and energy prices soaring around the world, a constant supply of high-quality, affordable food is no longer guaranteed, the officials are warning Britons. That could mean an era of scarcity like Britain's 1940-54 food rationing, during the war and its aftermath


ReConstitution - Live Remixing of Presidential Debates

I must have missed this but these guys are doing a cool thing. They take video audio and text streems of the presidential debates while they are happening and remixing them live on stage in a "news commentator" like setting - only that they are just talking with pictures. Without music its bound to be not so energetic as the ReVolution08 movie from Coldcut a couple of days ago - but their approach is at least as relevant. Its like a live audiovisual commentary that puts the spotlight of the event to subtleties that you wouldn´t see if you just saw the TV version. And what I also love about them is that they stress the live character of their event not even attempting to make a recorded version available - some things are just better live I guess.

Here is their trailer:

ReConstitution 2008 - Live Presidential Debates Remix by Sosolimited from Sosolimited on Vimeo.


revolution08 best video - ever

I looked over it when it appeared on mogreens blog, but then clicked on the play link and was blown away. This must rank as one of the best mash up videos of all times. And its more - this has the possibility to be played live. If you are a vj and you are using samples - take notice of this video. Its would be Live Cinema at its best: Message, Story Line, Style, Energy. Did I say it fucking rocks?


Electronic Voting rigged by Diebold


    A couple of fake adverts for the Diebold Voting machines that are to rig the presidential election in one week. I love them all. I have no idea where they came from - just found them on some forums somewhere on the web someday.


Panic on Wallstreet and beyond.

The fundamentals of capitalism are breaking down
former labour MP in England this morning on BBC worldwide.

The US government is as of this evening in official panic mode. Not that they will admit to it, just watch for their statements later tonight. The gravity of the issue is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that the politicians' staff members were ordered out of the meeting. That staff, of course, ironically (or should we say cynically) form the one and only barrier between their leaders and utter ignorance on what is happening.

At the Automatic Earth, two principles have always been unshakable and unmoveable.

The first is that all the virtual money, the casino toilet paper, created in the past two decades through the introduction of the "innovative and creative" financial -debt- instruments so lauded by the capo di tutti capi, Alan Greenspan, will have to disappear, never to be seen again.

The second is that this will lead to the mother-fcuker of all deflations. The only possible outcome left in its wake will be individual and societal debt burdens so high that the Great Depression and the wars it engendered will seem and feel like a sun-drenched dreamy all-the-icecream-you-can-eat kindergarten birthday bash in Disneyland.

from the highly respected financial blog "Automatic Earth" the blog that has been spot on with every prediction of the financial market since two years.

Official prediction is btw that Citibank/Citigroup is next - that would be the first bank where you then can see lines of people demanding their money - but no we are not in a financial crises at all - all is totally fine, you know its just a ripple and we are already on the upturn and the worst has been over since 12 month - you got to love politicians their distorted reality and the mass media amplifying and sucking in some poor sucker into their bubbled up view on the world - the elite is so out of touch that they do not even see their own house falling. If I would have time I would love to dig out all the comments from big Financial Institution, Politicians and MassMedia that said in the last 3 month that we are over the worst and the future looks rosy - I guess I would find hundrets of those, meanwhile there are tons and tons of bloggers activists etc that have been saying all along that this gets even more messy - you know ordinary people without business law politics study - people with common sense. Anyway back to work.


Lehman Bros failed alright but Merill Lynch?

Waking up this morning not expecting big news as it was the weekend and all and then the first headline I read is that Merill Lynch is beeing sold? Holy freak. While I am not a bank person and only understand half of what is written about the economy I do understand that Merill Lynch is in the top five of american investment banks - if not even in the top three. While there was lots of noise about Lehman Bros failure there was not even a chirp about Merill Lynch going down. Lets recap - Bear Stearns, Meril Lynch, Fanny and Freddy, Lehman Brothers - that is a hell of a list of failure for just 6 month! And it seems the failure rate is accelerating because after Bear Stearns there where 2-3 month of silence then comes Fanny and Freddy and only a month later the Lehman Brother and only three four days later Meril Lynch (still can´t believe that). Someone on some other blog wrote "Wallstreet is sinking faster then the Titanic" and I tend to agree. Investment Banks and Creditors are already victims - next up are the savings banks - if only one of those big ones collapses you have the super GAU. Interesting times indeed.

A good site too watch the banks implode is the bank implode-o-meter


How dangerous is the junior governor from Alaska? Matt Damon answers.

I let him speak because he does a damn good job of explaining how dangerous american politics might become for the world...

Oh and I like the reference to a bad disney movie - I can just see the plot in front of me - hockey mom is captured - her seven kids (representing the seven sins of course) are freeing her with hockey sticks and the bad russian emporer gets a hockey puck onto his forehead (without any blood of course) - happy end.
It could be funny if it wouldn´t be so serious.


Free Press in America

Amy Goodman is the host for Democracy Now! - a free independent Internet, Radio and TV news organization (12 years in existence). At the day she wanted to cover the protest against the Republican convention she and some senior producers were arrested by police with freaking baseball bats. Goodman one of the producers also arrested has been officially charged with obstruction of a legal process and interference with a “peace officer" (no joke!) - or officer "I bring peace with my baseball bat". (Democracy Now Article about the arrest here.)
America is officially a police state. There is no free press and the country is not free anymore - forget about a free election as well. Hail Reichspresident McCain and his creationist running mate cheerleader Palin.


The Ossetian war - connect the oilpipeline dots

dW_GAS_MAP.gifYou know you hear a lot about the recent war in Georgia and South Ossetia. A war that even has the potential to spin out of control with another cold war era dawning on us. Well you hear its all about ethnicity in the region and democracy and independence - well there is evidence to suggest that its about the same thing that killed 100.000 Iraqies and poses hardship and more war on Afghanistan - its oil - and further more its about the transport of oil. You can connect the dots when you look at the map to the left. You can clearly see the red Nabucco pipeline passing through so many trouble spots (and it even links to Theran - but thats another story I guess). Its the pipeline that US companies have planned for decades and that Europe is longing for to get away from Russian dependence. Its likely the pipeline that put another Region into turmoil and hardship. The thing is so - this time its not some poor undeveloped country that you can carpet bomb with high-tech fire and poisen their land so that there will never be resistance from there again - this time you have worthy enemy who has their own plans to plant some oil transporting tubes through the same region to expand their lock on the westeuropes energy demands.
The sooner there is true energy dependence in this world - that means clean energy for every inividual without anyone controlling the flow of it - the sooner this world sees a peaceful advancement of civilization.

map from the energy tribune


Bagdhad: City of Walls

Growing up in eyesight of a wall that was insurmountable - the end of the world basically I have the deepest aversion to all things that cage you, trap you imprison you limit you to move through this world that is so mine then it is yours then it is theirs. Watching this video documentary made me feel sad and angry. "Tell the world to see" the Iraqi man says showing a lake of sewage in front of the wall where his house is. Only thugs, thieves and misguided people who's feelings have been amputated can allow such human monstrosity to happen. Yes the surge is surely working to turn this beautiful world into an imprisoned hell. I encourage everyone to watch all three parts of this documentary by the guy who was friend to salam pax the first iraqi blogger who has been on my short blogroll since the beginning. He deserves a huge amount of respect trying to report the truth from a place where any misstep any spoken word come out wrong can mean the end of his life. This is something you will not see on any mainstream media - because it is the truth they don´t want the happy western shoppers to see.

Part 1: City of Walls

Part 2: Killing fields

Part 3: Iraqis Lost Generation


License für Internet TV in Germany - the dead is trying to kill the interwebs

It had to come at one point. When a huge company, media or anything else in a capitalistic system is dying it tries to bring down anything around it. So the TV lobby in germany is pushing hard for an extension to the "rundfunkstaatsvertrag" that would make any and all internet tv that has some kind of programming structure in it (read a website that just hosts programms on a webpage under the same name with a "similar kind of program") and more then a lousy 500 viewer (thats nothing really everyone can get 500 viewers in less then two month constant running anything) a pain in the butt to run because you would be considered a tv station with all its limitations and scrunity by regulators. Not that I see any way they would be able to enforce that but if you happen to have a hit and it generates publicity they are going to get you. It can´t be that you could dethrone mighty old dying TV you know then the ruling class would not have any leverage on the population and no way to brainwash them.
The freedom of the internet gets lots and lots of hits lately and if the people who love the webs don´t watch out we will have an overregulated castrated censored commercial push medium in the not so distant future - or some "rogue" state gets an atomic bomb and build huge server farms and then hosts all those freedom loving peoples web endeavors.

More about the Rundfunkstaatsvertrag @ Heise Online.


Vote for Telekom Package II is postponed

In what accounts a very small victory for the netizens word comes that the vote for the Telekom Package II has been postponed til September the 2nd. And it seems the office holders in the EU parliament are starting to see the light on the issue and are siding with their voters (it seems - but nothing taking for granted around here). A lot of the "compromises" have been thrown out but there is still one backdoor left for the "three strikes out" rule that is the biggest concern in the package. Amendment Nr. 6 is talking about a "cooperation between the netproviders and the (mass) media industry" and if that passes this could still form the loophole that makes netproviders sniff all traffic and report it to the media industry who then demands cancelation of the internet service after found "guilty" three times. Now interestingly enough this would go without any government interference - no courts no oversight. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Great thing is that the netizens have a couple more month to protest about this. Contact your local EU parliamentary representative and tell them how you feel about the Telekom Package II and the amendment in question.


Five years in prison if you use wrong name on myspace

You think things can´t get more weird or more bad, but my hatred for myspace has just found a new root cause. If you sign up on the Rupert Murdoch network under a wrong name - and all privacy advocates would probably say that you should do that to escape datamining by one of the biggest media companies in the world - then you can be charged with hacking because their terms of service agreement (you know the fine print nobody ever reads) is specifically prohibiting the use of fake names for sign up. Well you know why that is? Because they earn their money with datamining and also the government needs to have an overview whats happening right?
The fellow Lori Drew has been charged with a felony and faces up to 5 years in prison for hacking myspace by signing up under a wrong name. What about you? Have you signed up on myspace with your right name - stupid you... Better is not to sign up on myspace at all - but you know then you don´t get karma from people you never knew.

Via /.


Attention: 3Strikes without internet bill to be voted on tomorrow in the EU parlament!

Ugh... We heard it all: France wanted to implement a rule that if you are caught downloading copyrighted material and got caught three times in a row they cancel your internet once and for all lifetime.
Now what most didn´t know is that France has sneaked this bill into the European parlament and it set to become an EU wide rule.
Whats best they are voting on it tomorrow just so we don´t have time to make a public outcry on it or might even stage demonstrations or the like.
Let me note that this is not about copyright infringment per se its about the right to use the internet. Given the less then clear copyright laws in this world its bound to happen to EVERYONE to infringe on somebodies copyright at one or three points in their life. And hey if you happen to be on this lists because you said something wrong it might be you who will be without the net for the rest of your life (or at least without your own connection).
Oh and the copyright industry doesn´t have to prove anything its a "3 accusations" and not a "3 convictions" rule! So somebody thinks your band is a threat to the pop culture and they want to inhibit you for the rest of your life they just claim three times in a row that you might have downloaded something and bingo - profit.

There is a wiki where you can find informations on how to take action to stop this bill. The page is in english and french and german and gives detailed instructions on what to do to stop this bill.

also there is a much better writup at laquadrature in english or on in german. The laquadrature wiki has now also a german translation of the summary and commentary of the bills and amendments in question. also links to a website with a list and contact data of german MEPs called
There you can find the persons for your Bundesland and call them - write them - be nice tell them to read the bill in full, tell them your objections and in the end tell them that you are highly aware that they are up for reelection next year and you will have a close eye on their behavior in this regard.

If you have a blog PLEASE spread the word.. If not then call your MEPs office tomorrow latest.

You could be first - last or next affected by this bill and not have internet for the rest of your life.

Again its not about if you are infringing on some dubious copyright claim - its copyright law itself that is dubious and this law will give the government a tool to quell any dissent on the internet at will at any time without courts without truth - its a full out affront to the very foundations of a free society and with a free internet and stands against anything the internet is known for.

John McCain: I hate the bloggers

You know when a presidential candidates hates something and becomes president he will very probably do everything to ease his hate. This is no joke folks this is dead serious and expect a McCain presidency to do everything in their might to stop the bloggers.


Attack on Iran in the next days?

Its seldom that I link to a blog called "The American Conservative" but the headline and the text made me worry and if a large conservative blog is writing the following you would think this is something not of a "conspiracy theory" right? If the person writing the blog post - Phil Giraldi - is a former CIA man you get more worried:

There is considerable speculation and buzz in Washington today suggesting that the National Security Council has agreed in principle to proceed with plans to attack an Iranian al-Qods-run camp that is believed to be training Iraqi militants.

The US demanded that Iran admit that it has been interfering in Iraq and also commit itself to taking steps to end the support of various militant groups.

The perceived Iranian intransigence coupled with the Lebanese situation convinced the White House that some sort of unambiguous signal has to be sent to the Iranian leadership, presumably in the form of cruise missiles.

The President will still have to give the order to launch after all preparations are made.

I leave it standing as it is. There are no other sources that I could find that write about this and I remain skeptical that the US would do such a foolish thing at this point in time but you never know with that insane government over there which has its back against the wall (financial crisis, oil at all time high, president has worst rating then ever, all local elections recently have gone squarely to the democrats). Hillary Clinton and John McCain both fully support a war in Iran with their vote for the Kyl-Lieberman bill that makes the al-Qod forces a "terrorist organization" and authorizes the president to go into combat against Iran.


The Generation War

The politcial commentator for "The Atlantic" Andrew Sullivan posts a comment one of his reader made to his blog. That comment is so on the spot and reflects the feelings of so many youth not only in the US but also elsewhere in the world that I would want to question: Are we heading to a generational war?

What The Old Farts Don't Get

A reader writes:
Your old farts really do miss the point completely, don't they? These younger people were convinced that political involvement was useless because the the system was so broken. They came of age anywhere from the second Clinton term (Lewinsky) through the disaster of the Bush years. They have no reason to believe that politics can work, or that it is possible to effect any large scale change, so they work locally or just opt out.
This is what Obama has tapped into. The reason all those thousands of young Dems registered for the first time and voted in a primary was because he made them believe honorable politics was possible. And if someone like Obama gets chewed up by the system because the forces arrayed against him are too strong -- just look at the sworn enemies who are teaming up to bring him down, united by nothing more than a vested interest in the status quo -- then they will conclude that the system is as broken as they thought it was.
The mistake is reading this as an Obama personality cult, in which case "grow up" would be appropriate. But the Obamaniacs I meet are nothing like that...
they don't sing his praises, they sing their own. They are intoxicated by the idea of a politics where things they thought were not possible become possible, and people talk to each other like adults. They don't think he's going to fix things, they think they are.
What the old farts might want to consider is that these young people who have no particular vested interest in the current system might be seeing the rot much more clearly than the fogeys who have been entangled in it for decades. And the mature folk might want to accept that the burden of proof is on them to show why such a viscerally disgusting political game is worth playing.
Opting out of that is not immaturity, it's intelligence.


The financial crisis more severe then thought

George Soros has published a book about the current financial crisis and explains in a lengthy interview what we all face in the coming year. Its a must read but everyone who has money or property at stake - because soon enough you won´t have any. He says how deep the general population is affected depends on how the government - especially the US government - acknowledges the grave danger.

Woodruff: So how long will this last?

Soros: Well, it depends on when the authorities wake up, because you need to reduce the number of foreclosures. You need to keep as many people as possible in their houses so that they don't come onto the market. You need to arrest the decline in house prices, but you also need to prevent human suffering and social disruption because it's going to be very, very severe. Certain communities are already hurting and it's going to get a lot worse. So action will have to be taken, but I don't think it's going to happen during this administration.

Woodruff: You write, "We are at the end of an era." When this current credit crisis ends, will the US still be, no doubt about it, the world superpower when it comes to the economy?

Soros: Not at all. This is now in question. And you now have entered a period of really considerable uncertainty and turmoil because of the general flight from currencies, which manifests itself in the commodities bubble that has developed. The price of gold hasn't yet gone as high as it might. So what comes out of this turmoil is very open to question. I think that you will have to somehow reconstruct the global financial architecture because you have recognized that, in effect, the economic weight has changed considerably among the different countries. China has become much more important and also India, and so on. What kind of system will evolve from this is, I think, a very open question.

Well for more indepth info read the interview at

People tend to accuse me of only seeing the negative news - well I can not see any positive ones about financial markets or oil or our nature - so if you find any send them along and I post them - I am not a doom advocate I just say what I see and I only say it when I am sure that I have checked all logical options and I see a society in turmoil - a society that is rapidly changing without much of its population noticing it and I fear that the enduring culture shock afterwards might lead to more destruction which I do not advocate - I think humans a certainly capable of living peacefully in synch with their planet and I think we are smarter then the sum would seem - its just an information deficit - confronting people with real facts - not opinions - is going a long way towards a more beautiful living all around. So I actually welcome change if it can be used to make things better for ALL humans and nature - I just don´t see it happening when everyone is closing their eyes and heading straight to the jump only realizing too late that there is a parachute that could have enabled us a safe landing...


Threaten to Nuke Iran -> become US president

Well you may say the poor american people are not for the war in Iraq they are all peacefull loving people and its just Bush and Co. that want to obliterate the planet for their own personal gains - well if you think like this you have just been proofed wrong. Hillary Clinton goes on message in an ad and in last minute interviews shortly before voters go their booth saying that "if Iran attacked Israel (even in defendence of the Palestinians) the US under her reign would obliterate them with nukes - something on the same lines as Mr. Bush and McCain and Rumsfeld and Cheney and and and...
Now this would have been a prime moment for the US electorate to get inside themself and figure out if that is such a good idea and decide that nuking a country is not good for the region of the middle east (outright full scale attack of all arabs against the US no matter of former loyalty), the world - an iminent split that could lead to a culture war with weapons all over the world and themself - as a recent study says that even a local small scall nuclear war with only 10 warheads would kill 80% of the ozone layer - means lots of americans with skin cancer.
Now in the wake of this the uneducated american electorate (yes I am elitist here) has chooses Billary Clinton overwhelmingly. For an outsider it seems there is no educated american electorate that is capable of thinking and big enough to convince their country that nuking another country is a bad idea.
Oh well... The american electorate has fallen to a new low point on my own very personal scale - I wish them hell.


The total collapse of the traditional media in the USA

I was wanting to wait for our podcast tomorrow to speak about the issue of the total collapse of the soundbite media but since it makes such a huge splash today I will comment already and make it more clear tomorrow.
Yesterday was another "primary debate" in the US - meaning the two remaining candidates from the democratic party Barrack Obama and Hillarry Clinton sparred it out with words on TV. It was the 20th debate of the election season (no I am not kidding). I have been following closely whats going on because I was just waiting for this moment to happen (all along and I expected it much earlier). Normally the primary season should be over by now but since Hillary Clinton is loosing by all means even so she was the clear front runner before this all started it gets dragged out and Clinton is throwing the mud around ( I have been watching closely and as said before I could care less who is winning - so Obama is probably the better choice for the whole world in the end seeing the real Clinton) Anyway not get dragged into the issue of who will win the nomination - that is not the reason for this blog post - the real reason is that in the debate last night the ABC news network overdid what turns people off network television and the big media in general - it tried hard to produce sound bites and controversy over absolutely nothing but left out real politics in the meantime - the debate was light entertainment for the right wing. This wouldn´t be interesting in itself but the media has overplayed the 10 second soundbite that say nothing about a candidate for the last weeks or so so to keep the race close and higher their ratings - and quite obviously it has been to much even for the average tv watching couch potato. The outrage is HUGE and comes from all sides - left wing right wing bloggers and even some big media journalist. The talk of the day is that people feel personally offended for beeing treated like they are totally dumb.

Thats the framing. With big media in general decline this event could end the pop culture of the 90s and early 2000s and take down all of big media in one go. Its a significant event that when a huge electorate swallows the blue pill in one evening. There is huge consensus that this was a historical milestone for alternative media to rise to the top for people powered media for media fact checking and for big media to loose its grip on the big swath of the people who have been left behind the information age - at least in the US of A (hey and since trends do come over here to europe with a 5 year delay expect the same thing to happen here too very soon :) I am eager to see how this plays out in the coming days but I think a lot of media moguls will scratch their heads at why their ratings are dropping into the bottomless hell of nonexistence. I truly believe there is nothing these tv network newspaper networks and radio networks can do to turn this around now because they would have to change their whole corporate culture and even if they would start doing that now it would just seem false for those that have been lied to those that have feel they lost half their lifes by being dumbed with britney spears and co. This is a true revolution unfolding in front of us and it will be like the banking crisis - hidden for a couple more month/years but then the graveness of the situation will come to light and people powered media - as chaotic as it is today - will be the only information tool left. The only true Free Press and it balances itself....


Econonmy 101

"Well to be honest, when I was at a meeting of the IMF (international monetary funds - the world wide banking consortium) last week where all international banks where present. It was notable that there was a lot of uncertainty and yes ... that´s .... I have to admit that nobody really had a clue and thats quite frightening because normally the banks know these things"

Cees Mass Head of ING Bank in an interview for the "Dollars collapse"

And I read more articles yesterday about how clueless the banks are at the moment when it comes to the current crisis and the collapse of the dollar and the collapse of the North American Market.
It is going to become very very very ugly in the not so distant future - there is not much buffer for the financial markets any more and the domino effect has already started - watch it accelerate and see long lines of people in front of western world banks trying to get what is left of their money. Its all too clear there is no way out its inevitable and I recon in the end its good for the planet (less over-consumption, back to the roots approach to live, value of the limited resources we have, no oil).

Tibet an update

TibetFrauenamHang.jpgAs it looked it worked out exactly as I have predicted - the sleeping dragon awoke and without mercy broke down the violence and peacefull protests inside Lhasa. I saw a picture of the Johkang temple in Lhasa with lots of rubble and thrown over cars - I know that every day there are hundreds of people crowded at the place in front of the Johkang praying and if the pictures where any indication this was likely bloody. The people praying in front of the Johkang are mostly people from rural areas making their spiritual journals - and likely also those that are easy to manipulate into violence - I don´t know but what happened was not good from either side.
BUT it seems there might be a happy ending after all - which does surprise me and it shows that China might not be the evil country everyone believes anymore - because the Chinese government agreed to talk with the Dalai Lama - who offered to resign if his plea for NON violence aren´t heard inside Tibet - about a resolution to the current past and future problems. Apparently the chinese government has understood that the Dalai Lama is ready for a "instate" solution and if there is any rationale in a government they should agree to his proposal (that he has been making the last 15 years at least). Tibet as part of China with cultural spiritual and religious independence - just not political. I would love to see nothing more in my lifetime and it would show that China can learn out of mistakes - something that can not be said about other powers on this planet (USA, Israel, Columbia to just name a few that on some level seem interlinked somewhere).
If it works out like proposed expect to see the Dalai Lama return to Tibet - what a triumph for peace on earth that would be I can´t exaggerate enough - its like the wall falling all over again.

China ready to hold talks with Dalai Lama: British PM


Tibet, the holiest of holy lands

RedMonk.JPGI was waiting and hoping and hoping that what I saw and heard would not be true that it was an exageration by the media. I believed firmly that this could not happen - not now anymore. As some of you know I was in that holiest of holy lands in the year 2000. Its one of the places on earth where you go and come back as a changed person if you look beyond the golden roofs, into the spirituality into the people into the high treeless land. Yet what changed me most was a multiple days talk with a young tibetan monk about buddhism, about tibet, about politics about Tibets past and its future - and for me in the end one thing was clear - there is no Tibet without China anymore, the occupation has been made permanent and the Tibetans slowly started to realise this and tried to adjust their lives accordingly tried to save their culture nonetheless. But it was also clear that there are still warriors among the Tibetans - those who would want to fight - those who wait for a chance to blow up the next bridge - but these people have been by far far the minority. Back then even the Dalai Lama admitted that the goal for Tibetans should be cultural sovereignty - politically they stand no chance at the sleeping giant dragon.
Now I don´t know exactly what happened but I do actually believe the Chinese media account because that is exactly what I saw when I was there 8 years ago.

Peaceful march in India joined by prayer ceremonies in Lhasa - organised by the Dalai Lama. Extreme World Wide Media attention - those who still want to fight stir up trouble, poor Tibetans living in Lhasa take opertunity to go against some Han-Chinese controlled shops - sleeping dragon awakes, sees no difference between the friendly protestors, monks and the raving mob - especially since the main monestaries involved are right inside Lhasas Tibetan district - kills them all (and I truly believe the 300 dead number floated around is understimating the real toll of what happened). More restrictions in Lhasa (which have always been there but where not enforced heavily btw) complete news blackout, closing of monestaries (making them pure tourist attractions in return) and the only dream left for the Tibetans - to save their culture, religion and spirituality - might be lost forever.

Who to blame? Western media arrogance in thinking they are helping by giving the protests such a huge feedback without talking about the dangers of a Tibetan uprising that stands no chance and therefore giving the violent groups of both sides a good reason to exploit the peacefull presentation of their original goals. And yes I do not only blame mainstream media but also some mainstream blogs like boingboing who should have known better then just spread a meme.


Good Bye USofA

Its been a long time since I have been doing poitical blogging because - well - I reached a point where I think it all ain´t matter and time is against politics in general. The whole world political arena is so virtual and artificial that at one point it will not be regarded as real anymore and not have any impact on humans. Only a real movement a real change that grabs the world at large could turn this around. I thought that Mr. Obama - so I do not like his policies at all - could have brought in that breeze of change into world politics that could have changed the way we look at the system and adjust it to a world that is living in a complete different century then most politicians. But that is no more because - once again the tide has turned and the fear card has been played, the race card, the last minute accusation card and that gave Hillary Clinton the strategic advantage as the candidate of the past and McCain as the candidate of the past past. Now its clear how this will play out as it has been done before. The rising star will fall (the big media loves this more then any policy assessment) - that is Mr Obama - the comeback "kid" of the past will rise and win the nomination for the democrats but then has nothing to run on in the general election against McCain and what does america get? Another four to eight years of the same Bush policies across the board - military presence in Iraq for 1000 years (to quote Mr. McCain) and further dependence on fossil fuels (because that would need a change candidate to overcome) further plummeting economy - you know just more of the same - until the USofA are out of the picture globally - and that will only take four years. And while we are at it - with a McCain presidency comes war with Iran - guaranteed. Isn´t it lovely prospects? And you know what? This time I blame the WHOLE of the american nation with all its citizens for it - because they had the chance to make change happen twice now and failed miserably to get against their last century totalitarian establishment. They will share the faith with the other totalitarian states of the past.


Th ChallengeOfTheSuperDuperFriends

Even so I am not blogging about it I am highly interested in the current american primaries, because in the end the results don´t matter but its still fun to see human kind destroy its own dignity and call it sophisticated politics. Bush has done enough damage that any president left or right won´t change the countries direction for the next 100 years to come. Of course it can either get really ugly (repugs with highly christian "We have been put on earth 6000 years ago by a godly hand" - Hug-a-Bee or maverick McIhaveNoBrainLeftAndWeStayInIraqTheNext100Years) or less ugly but unable to move (with the dems and Mrs HilariousIneedToCryToGetPeopleToVoteForMe or the empty messaged Obamorama) but generally it won´t get much better as long as they think they are Gods own nation that is above all others (and no single candidate will ever change that). But the blogosphere reporting about the pimaries and caucuses and the general election are full of hilarious funny stuff I especially liked the following comic strip...

found originally in a comment thread on DailyKos with the original website for it here.


The iCableCutters - its up to eight undersea cable cuts now

If you are to believe in a well researched and referenced article called Connecting the Dots there are a total of EIGHT undersea cables cut - all around the middle east. Save for an old rusty anchor in one of the cable instances near Quatar all the other cuts have occured to unknown circumstances. The whole last year had ONE cable cut now in less then four weeks we are at eight. Strategically they harm Egypt and Iran and the general middle east as well as India and Pakistan. The article goes on with speculation some quite sound. Iran is opening its Oil Bourse very soon, Egypt has upset Israel by not doing anything about the Palestinian tearing down the wall, Quatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE and Saudi Arabia want to introduce their own Middle East Currency akin to the Euro - and likely want to trade Oil with it rather then with the dollar. And generally a cut fibre optics cable allows you to install an interceptor (so that is harder then it sounds because of the masses of traffic that would need to be intercepted and rerouted). All these are of course conspiracy theories and can´t be true. Its a total coincident that 8 cables in the same region are cut - not one cut has been identified why it happens and the world is flat.


The four cable internet outage and Iran

When I heard about the two major internet backbone carrying cables cut on the coast of Egypt I was already a bit on alert. It has not happened before that two cables were severed in one accident ever before. Since I have no clue how close the cables are layed together on the ocean ground I thought it could have been an accident. When there was reporting on a 3rd cable cut on the coast of France I believed nothing anymore. It has never happened before that three major internet backbone cables have been cut at the same time by an accident - nonetheless by the same type of accident (an anchor of a boat drags through the cables and cuts them in half). When there was report that a fourth backbone had been taken off the grid and the affected region was again similar (middle east) I thought to myself that there is something more at play here. First reports had the fourth cable also cut by an anchor - in the Persian Gulf on the coast of Quatar.
Then yesterday there came in reports of internet outages numbers. And while all the mainstream media reported that India had a 40% network loss, Egypt a 50% not a single news organisation actually reported that the only country with a 100% network loss is Iran. Thats right after the fourth cut cable Iran is now an internet island with not outside connection to the world until the cables are fixed.
Now today come i n reports that the Quatar cable is actually intact but that a power outage caused the trouble there - now isn´t Quatar the command center for the US of As army operation in the middle east?
What about the cables in Egypt? Well the radar records of the region at the time of the cutting show not a single ship in the area and the Egypt authorities say that the area is a nautical no go area - mainly because of its important infrastructure. So no ship equals no anchors equals something has cut them that was undersea not visible to radar.

This all comes at the same time the US of A is conducting an Cyber Attack exercise that is also geared against all evil bloggers trying to tell the truth.
So now I find it strange that exactly the four cables had accidents that connected Iran with the rest of the world. Don´t you?


Lakota Indians break free of the US - form their own state

2007_sept6_nite_blast.jpgIn my former times I lived in the US midwest for almost a year - namely South Dakota. The town I lived in was named "Custer" after the general who murdered about 80% of the local indigenous population. This town is also near Mount Rushmore the memorial of US presidents inside the heart of the holy land of the Lakota Indians called the Black Hills - even nearer is the much bigger monument of Crazy Horse - the last leader of the Dakota - who led them Canada to flee from the white murderers (the memorial has a very interesting story read at the link above). Forced to come back because of an unusual cold winter they had to sign treaties with the white giving up most of their land or face total eradication - by that time the US had already killed more native Americans then Germany ever killed Jews.

Now about 150 years later the descendants of the former great leaders of the Dakota Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse have unilateral withdrawn from the forced treaty and declared their land free from US rule. The claimed land spans parts of Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana. They are already vying for diplomatic ties with other countries.

The new country would issue its own passports and driving licences, and living there would be tax-free -- provided residents renounce their US citizenship, Means said.

That doesn´t mean that the US is just allowing it to happen - of course they have not ratified a UN treaty on indigenous right because it clashes with their own "laws" or better interest but nonetheless the Lakota territory in my experience was already a no go area for americans when I was there 13 years ago basically making it independent (most drove around the area - making 600 mile detour). The native Americans never really integrated themselves nor where they integrated by the US. The school I went to back then had not a single native American in its row and it was situated basically 20 miles outside of the territories.

I wish the the very charismatic people of the Lakota tribes big luck in their endeavor to become free after all that has been done to them in the past.

google<->AFP News


War Is Over - if you want it

WIOt.jpg27 years after the death of John Lennon people seem still not want it. Yoko Ono has a very lovely letter on the Imagine Peace website together with a great moving impacting video. Do you want war to be over? Boykott Companies that produce weapons, don´t vote for leaders that are into militirization and fear mongering, be positive.

Imagine Peace


Fight of immigrants in France - fight of generations in Germany?

Our lovely interior minister Herr Wolfgang Schäuble is on it again. While condemning the violence in France he warns that something similar can happen anytime anywhere in Germany. So much for the usual fear mongering that we got used to already and most intelligent people just overlook. Instead of leaving it like that he basically started a war of generation in a "dilomatic" side sentence. He said that people do not get adjusted fast enough to the new societal reality and that this does not only involve immigrants but youth everywhere. Uhm...
First of all what is he talking about when he talks about the transformation of society? All I can see is stagnation, because mostly old over-conservative power-hungry people without a sense for this planet running us into the ground - Mr. Schaeuble on the forefront. Rreasons for the young ones to fight are plenty especially with the little media attention they are getting if they have something to say. But its not only the young ones Mr. Schaeuble its a LOT of dissatisfied people who do not want to be searched by the police, who do not want to be watched all day long, who think that the wealth pyramid should be reshuffled.
Yet there is not even any reason to have any fear that the couch potatoes in germany go to a mass riot just yet. So dear Mr. Schaeuble sleep well during you daydream of every german citizen becoming a terrorist.


Watch the watchers.

cofee.jpg We have a big struggle in Germany at the moment that goes by most mainstream media. Its a fight that drew a huge crowd on to the streets of berlin two month ago. Its a fight that the people are fighting against their government. Its a fight for freedom in the pure sense of just wanting to be left alone.
Our interior minister Schaeuble and our justice department Zypris are doing together everything they can to make the biggest cut in personal freedoms in Germany happen since 1933. Not only is it about RFID, Fingerprints on passports its also about logging of all and every information every and all citizens have electronically - including cellphone, IRC chat, websurfing, emailing. The so called "onlinedurchsuchung" is supposed to pass the Bundestag next week - after that life in Germany is watched - intensely and recorded and datamined and no company no individual - nobody is safe. The media is saying nothing about the topic - the forementioned demonstration in Berlin with 15.000 people had two small news blurbs in only two mainstream print publications - no tv, no radio nothing.
Now besides doing a demonstration again next week on thuesday in most major cities in germany there will be lawsuit against the law - on the grounds that a similar law was already struck down as unconstitutional 1984 for the big "Volkszählung" or people count.
Since I believe that corruption in this country goes so deep I expect the law not helping this time but I do believe that only one thing can save us from this madness - WATCH THE WATCHERS.
ow since I am blogging some critical politically charged leftist articles here from time to times - wouldn´t it be fun to know if there is any awenforcement or government entity reading this blog and post that information with IP adress, time and date onto a public blog for everyone to see? I think it is - for own sanity and for showing how rediculus watching normal citizens is.
So from now on there is a "Überwacht" icon on the right hand side of the page. If it is RED then you are a german government entity on a blacklist and everything you do on these pages will be watched and recorded. If it is GREEN then you are a normal citizen and the watching does NOT take place.
Next up: Realtime tracking data of each and all secret police cars, government cars. Puplic accessible sureillance cameras in elected persons offices, cars and homes and tough questioning of every police officer and government official when they are out of there house after 20.00 oclock.

More information on watching the watchers:


Police State in Action (that is Kleinmachnow/germany)

Last night Steffen and me thought that it would be nice to have a stroll through the neighborhood. Just because the weather was better then expected (for an Oktober night unusally warm). You know just walk down streets and talk and chill. I have done this a lot in my youth as everyone else I know in Kleinmachnow. I do not think walking on streets is anything unusual - yes it was quite late but hey not everyone goes to bed at 9 o clock and not everyone wants to sit in front of the boob TV all night.
Yet it seems walking on the street is nowadays illegal or at least subject to intense questioning and background checking - it seems walking on the street is abnormal and you must be a terrorist or something if you are not in bed by 10 oclock.
Why you might ask? Well during the 3 hours walk/bikeride we had been chased first by a blue car (definatly chasing us because the followed us a bit into a small patch of wood before stopping when we went onto a too small road to follow us with car).
We found it strange but forgot about it fast. A six pack of police in a side street didn´t see us. What it was doing there escapes us because we were litarally the only people on the street and we haven´t seen a car for on hour.
Then a bit later around the next corner the doors opened from a silver VW Passat (license plate somewhat P-A something), two dodgy looking people got out (yes you get a bit of an adrenalin rush) and stood in front of us. At this point we had been walking - pushing the bikes, so we were not even members of driving population in any way.
The older guy showed us a some kind of silver coin to identify himself as police.
Then the questioning began. Where are we going, what are we doing there, why are we not home(? why should I - there is no law prohibiting me beeing outside right? Or is there a curfew in Kleinmachnow nowaday?)
Since I never take an ID with me because you do not have too and Steffen also didn´t have any that seemed to make us suspicious. The younger guy who had strangely red small eyes took down our names and adresses and either he was born nervous as hell or had such an adrenalin rush or took some powder (I still think the latter) because he was shaking so bad when writing that I was almost laughing.
But why the fuck did I have to tell my half life story to some cops when all I did was walking down the street? Well it gets better - wait a bit.
So they made a background check and I asked the older cop a couple of questions, specifically what they are looking for. He didn´t want to say trying to get out of the question telling me that there is some bike theft going on in town - well as long as I can remember there is bike theft in this town but I was still allowed to roam my home city without beeing subjected to intense questioning - why the fuck do they need to know where I am coming from or where I am going to?!
After telling us that there is nothing against us in the police files (always good to know, these days there could be so much you have done wrong right?) they let us go.
Steffen went home right afterwards and so I too headed home. But just about 500 meter further down the doors of another car opened (I suspect this to be the car that chased us earlier as it was also a blue opel combi) and two young shaved headed people stepped outside and in my way telling me to stop. I instantly started laughing, and before they even could identify themselves I told them that I really just going home what my name is my birthday adress and that I had just been subjected to intense questioning by their peer. There eyes opened in shock that I was so offensive but they really didn´t know what to do. The one told the other to keep an eye on me while he was getting back into his car to check with the other cops. He came out of the car looking almost sad and told me I could go.

I mean NOT EVEN IN THE GDR has anyone EVER asked me what I am doing on the street and I lived 10 meters away from the wall!

I would say the police state is already enacted and its worse then even my paranoid self thought. Expect regular roadblocks at night by this time next year.

So if you are in Kleinmachnow at night expect to be searched, questioned and humiliated.


Staging Nukes for Iran

I haven´t written for a long time as work got in the way and I am without an Internet office computer (namely a laptop). A laptop will arrive soon so I will post more but in the meantime I can not be quiet over an incident that happened on August 30th, came to light yesterday and that the world might overlook as there are headlines in germany over another (fake?) foiled terrror plot and some celebrity in the US entering the presidental race.

Because I think the story is much bigger then any other headline at the moment. It is been confirmed that a B52 bomber has been flying armed nuclear cruise missles from North Dakota - the area with the least population in the US and the area with the most nuclear weapons in the world - to Barksdale, Louisiana.

Now an uninformed mind would think thats a normal procedure in a country that posses about 50.000 nuclear warheads - its not. Normally nuclear warheads are transported with cargo aircraft in safety boxes since the 1960 when there were actually multiple B52s with armed nuclear warheads crashing (one in Portugal (or was it Spain i can´t remember)) and distributing highly toxic fission material over vast stretches of land. As reported there was no B52 since 1968 flying with an armed nuclear warhead.

In times of terrorism threats you also would think that alll nuclear warheads in the US are under special special "red alert" safeguard as some rogue terrorist group might snatch them.

Not so on August 30 2007. All these safeguards from top to bottom allegedly failed to work and an B52 was allegedly unintentionally armed with them and flew to Louisiana.

How unlikely an error is you can read in this comment on a post n on the incident from an marine veteran that was working for 20 years on a nuclear submarine:

Comment by hoosierhoops | 2007-09-05 22:05:58

I worked on nuclear submarines for the Navy at Mare Island Naval shipyard for 20 years. As a Nuc worker I handled nuclear material and weapons for 15 of those years. The controls on weapons and nuclear fuel is insanely tight.. This story just CAN’T happen. The amount of people involved in logistics..Code 105 radcon, Engineers, Nuclear riggers, Code 1390 Engineers..Gawd the paperwork involved for anyone of the groups to sign off on.
This story is impossible.. Something else is afoot..
Who signed off and who told them too?
AND WHY do we need to be moving nuclear weapons unless a logistics operation is underway?
IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN…They don’t just move weapons from Minot for the hell of it..
hey..we are a little low on thermonuclear tipped weapons this week..
OK, we’ll send you a few..
Make it 6

So why are they shipped to Barksdale? Well funnily enough Barksdale is the main logistic airport for the Middle East. It is here were all long range bomber mission to Bagdhdad started. Now Bagdhad doesn´t need a nuke anymore - there is barely any damage that can still be done there. But with the renewed talk by Vice President Cheney to bomb Iran its very very hard to try to overlook a connection. Especially since there was already so much talk about using nukes to "liberate" Iran instantly - even so they were talking about "Bunker Buster nukes" with a fallout radius of "only 40 kilomters" . These weapons are no bunker busters they are precision guided cruise missiles. They explpode on impact and can hold up to 150 kiloton nuclear warheads. Drop 6 of them on Iran and there is no Iran and half the middle east will live in a nuclear holocaust for the next 10.000 years and very likely we have nuclear winter for the next 100 years all over the world.

But then this could be Bushs plan to curb global warming by using nuclear power as he noted yesterday at a press conference?

World this is no "random mistake" incident. This is part of a carefully staged plan emanating from the vice presidency and its there to prolong the emperors power beyond the democratic rules.

And then there is this interview with a marine officer absolutely worth reading:

I asked her about the attack, how limited and so forth.

"I don’t think it’s limited at all. We are shipping in and assigning every damn Tomahawk we have in inventory. I think this is going to be massive and sudden, like thousands of targets. I believe that no American will know when it happens until after it happens. And whatever the consequences, whatever the consequences, they will have to be lived with. I am sure if my father knew I was telling someone in a news organization that we were about to launch a supposedly secret attack that it would be treason. But something inside me tells me to tell it anyway."


"Yes. We're gong to hit Iran, bigtime. Whatever political discussion that are going in is window dressing and perhaps even a red herring. I see what's going on below deck here in the hangars and weapons bays. And I have a sick feeling about how it's all going to turn out."

Oh and then there is the $4.5billion stock option for a market crash before September 21st 2007 by a mystery trader that is similar to the stock option - so much much higher - against airlines shortly before September 11 2001.


"I have nothing to hide" counter arguments

With todays surveillance mania by our oh so beloved governments there is this one big argument cropping up everywhere in favor of surveillance. Its the "I have got nothing to hide" one that uninformed mom and pop spout out in repetition to propaganda mass media brainwash.
I personally usually just say "not at the moment", because what you do today might be illegal tomorrow with a neonaziconservative regime ruling earth.
But since that convinces only some smart people there is more ammunition needed.

Some of that come in a form of a PDF from Professor Daniel Solove.

My favorite is still the the "You have curtains? Yes? Well then it seems you have something to hide!"

There is also a nice slashdot thread about it.

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G8 Sumit: Left Terrorism, Ziviler Ungehorsam & German Nazi 2.0 Police State

There is a G8 Summit coming and with it there will surely be a lot of protests from anti globalizing groups. This year the G8 summit is held in Germany - on a half island in the baltic sea called Heiligen Damm.
In the runup to the summit there is something going on that shows the police emporer without clothes as they are doing massive police actions in Berlin and Hamburg against what they call (are you seated) "Left Wing Terrorist Cells" . They went to most protest groups scattered in germany searched their offices (leaving big messes) and tried to find "23 left terrorist suspects" (Bildung einer terroristischen Vereinigung) and material that would show that the groups are involved in "terrorist activities".
Yes if you are against any official neocon politics in this country you are now officially regarded a terrorist - exactly what all those "anti terrorist laws" have been made for in the last five years. Its not the arab suicide bomber anymore its the left leaning protestors now, tomorrow the last raver, hacker and artist, dissident filmmakers, free media journalists in next year we have NaziGermany 2.0.
Thank you Minister Schäuble for taking off your cloth.


How to breed terrorists

On my way to good old england I witnessed a couple of things that I think are worth mentioning. Haven´t been in the country for less then a year but things seem to change radically. First off was the flight.
Boarding a plane in Berlin was actually easier then the last time I was flying. I did notice two guys wearing traditional islamic hats, beards, white robes normal pants and some Nike(heavy tm) sneakers. I also witnessed a orthodox jew black robe, black hat, black locks, black shoes. All three where about 25-30 years old. At the security check in in germany I could also witness that all three had a german passport and funnily enough all three got to board the plane without any hassle neither at the security nor at the plane nor nothing. I would even say people absolutely didn´t care about any of them. They all seemed nice easygoing fellas who did not harras or annoy anyone. Then we landed in London Gatwick. While getting ON the plane in Berlin took us about 15 minutes (including security check) there was a HUGE line in London getting OUT the airport. The EU citizens where probably waiting about 40 minutes to get through the passport check the non EU citizens line was about 10 times as long filling a huge hall. Poor people there probably waited about 3 hours to get OUT of the airport into the country of the free. Now as said the three "test" persons had german passport and luckily all three where right in front of me. While everyone got through the passport check just fine without any annoying questions something happened AFTER the passport check that I would call blatant harassment. The orthodox jew was, like everyone else, walking away towards the place where you get your luggage. The two muslims where also starting to walk in this direction but just at a point where EVERYone trying to get through the passport check (probably about 1000 people) could see them two men in black (I am not kidding) approached them showed them some identity card and took their passports away telling them to wait right on the spot and not move. Now my friends thats an embarrassing situation and if I would have been in their Nike shoes I would start to build up some serious hatred against the english government. They where traveling light had been through two passport checks and one serious security check in Berlin, where german citizens and someone from a different religion had just been walking through without a problem. That is what I call breeding terrorists and to any wanna be terrorist I would suggest dressing up as an orthodox jew because these people are never stopped or harassed at all.
But it wasn´t all that I could witness. Besides Britain having one security camera operational for every five inhabitants this country is militarizing heavily. On the way from London to Bristol I saw SIX tanks on the streets about 15 other military vehicles and eight fully armed assault helicopters. Anyone ever saying anything about east germany having been militarized needs to get a grip, at no time in my live have a seen such a military amassment in a non combat zone in one day and I grew up with the Berlin wall in eyesight.
Now I am in beautiful Devon where nature and farms rule the landscape and everything is so absolutely peacefull and quite if it weren´t for the two to three assault helicopters flying low above every day since I arrived.
Naturally with my background growing up in a suppressing communist state I am hyper aware of these things, people around here don´t seem to notice them too much. I do think that is deliberate. I do think they are training the english population slowly to accept the fact that the military rules the country and any dissent is not welcome. And they are using the evil islamic terrorist to give them an enemy that unites the english population in fear to then in return repress them.
Sadly with our current nazi loving interior minister Mr. Schäuble germany will have the same faith in the not too distant future. Free England is almost lost already I would say, this is about as much 1984 as it needs to get for the government (or megacorporation or whoever is in power) to completely suppress any dissenting voice for eternity. Its brutal and it makes me sad and feel helpless and powerless.

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How Controllable is the Mass? Hitler and Göring give a clear answer

Too lazy to translate this but its so absolutely fittingly obvious when you compare these words from 80 and 60 years ago with what is happening today.

First from Hitler himself:

"Die Aufnahmefähigkeit der großen Masse ist nur sehr beschränkt,
das Verständnis klein, dafür jede Vergesslichkeit groß. Aus
diesen Tatsachen heraus hat sich jede wirkungsvolle Propaganda
auf nur sehr wenige Punkte zu beschränken und diese
schlagwortartig so lange zu verwerten, bis auch bestimmt der
letzte unter einem solchen Worte das Gewollte sich vorzustellen

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, 6. Kapitel

and from a psychologist observing the Nürnberg trials writing down the account of Göring (these where done in public with lot of publicity so people in the future would learn):

"Nun, natürlich, das Volk will keinen Krieg", sagte Göring
achselzuckend. "Warum sollte irgendein armer Landarbeiter im
Krieg sein Leben aufs Spiel setzen wollen, wenn das Beste ist,
was er dabei herausholen kann, dass er mit heilen Knochen
zurückkommt. Natürlich, das einfache Volk will keinen Krieg;
weder in Russland, noch in England, noch in Amerika, und ebenso
wenig in Deutschland. Das ist klar. Aber schließlich sind es die
Führer eines Landes, die die Politik bestimmen, und es ist immer
leicht, das Volk zum Mitmachen zu bringen, ob es sich nun um
eine Demokratie, eine faschistische Diktatur, um ein Parlament
oder eine kommunistische Diktatur handelt. Das Volk kann mit
oder ohne Stimmrecht immer dazu gebracht werden, den Befehlen
der Führer zu folgen. Das ist ganz einfach. Man braucht nichts
zu tun, als dem Volk zu sagen, es würde angegriffen, und den
Pazifisten ihren Mangel an Patriotismus vorzuwerfen und zu
behaupten, sie brächten das Land in Gefahr. Diese Methode
funktioniert in jedem Land."
(S. 270)

Aus: Nürnberger Tagebuch von G.M. Gilbert. Ehemaliger
Gerichts-Psychologe beim Nürnberger Prozess gegen die
Hauptkriegsverbrecher. Aus dem Amerikanischen übertragen von
Margaret Carroux - Fischer: Frankfurt a.M., 1962

all found in a heise forum posting. fom Werner Zuther.


Demonstration against the Orwellian Society

Tomorrow 3.00 pm in Frankfurt/Main Germany will be a (hopefully) big demonstration against the Orwellian tactics of our government especially against the Vorratsdatenspeicherung (recording all internet traffic at the ISP for five years or longer). If you are a concerned citizen - even non german - please get over there and help make a statement against the destruction of our freedoms.

More Information on the official website.

Never Trust a (neonazicon) Politician - EVER

Two years ago we got biometric password in germany nicely with a RFID card. The Chaos Computer Club, Artists in Germany, personal rights activists, myself and many more have warned that the implication of such a move are problematic for a free society because of various problems. Our interior minister who is developing into a totalitarian neonazi lately (even attending convicted nazis funeral) promised back then that the new data garnered to feed the new passport chips will "only be used to speed up border control and will only be on the passport". Intelligent people back then didn´t believe a word of what he and his supporters said and got a passport before the switch over (jey mine is still valid for another 8 years or so). The mass of the population did not and paid more for an insecure passport system that saved their photo, now also fingerprints, all important personal data such as birthplace and the like not only on the outside readable and already hacked RFID chip but also in a massive Orwellian database.
Now only two years later our new Führer in all things 1984 Mr. Schäuble the same guy that just two years ago told the brainwashed population that "its just for your convinienve at the border and we would never use that data for anything else" is pushing for a law that would make exactly that data available to the GestapoStasi ähm I mean BND and the regular bored german police forces.
At the moment cold wind is blowing in the new Führers face as some dissenters are preparing to challange such a move in court but I am sure the plan for new concentration camps is already in the drawer and such dissenting voices will land there soon - latest after a new Al Quaida terrorist attack in Europe - it badly needed for the new Führers policy. And our chancellor? She is dead silent but what could you expect from a Wendehals (to dig up a once popular word again) who headed the Freie Deutsche Jugend - the kommunist youth organization in former East Germany.
It gets soooo ugly here. Vorratsdatenspeicherung (forcing ISPs to save all internet traffic), massive fusion of all databases at the BND and the police, giving out all bank tranfer data (internally und externally) to the US, going into a senseless war in Afghanistan, Bundestrojaner (to spy on individual computers). Now just imagine a real NeoNazi fraction getting into power in germany and all the tools they have at their disposal and you see that 1933 is 1984 is 2007.


American Politicians call for Concentration Camps

Well well. It was just a matter of time if you ask me, looking at the development of politics in the US there is a clear parallel to what happened 70 years ago in Germany. Now slowly the true evils of humans society are starting to show face having lost any fear that they might cause an uprising.
The gubernautical candidate for Arizona Don Goldwater was quoted by the Mexican News Service EFE as saying that he wants to hold undocumented immigrants in camps and use them "as labor in the construction of a wall and to clean the areas of the Arizona desert that they're polluting."
Basically excactly what the Nazis did with Polish and Jews and other prisoners of war - build bombs to destroy their own kind. I suggest putting up a sign over the wall that reads "Arbeit macht frei".
Its slowly but surely getting out of hand over on the other side of the pond.


Steward, DailyKos, TruthOut.Org: The right wing media onslaught

Isn´t it funny that just a week ago I wrote a couple of entries about the organisational skills of the right wing in the US and it just unfolds in front of everyone eyes and yet nobody seems to sense a connection? Now that Karl Rove is back in bussiness the media onslaught against dissenting voices is in full swing, it seems coordinated and timed.
First was - a webblog/aggregator that is trying to promote an honest peacefull world and other liberal thoughts. About a month ago they posted a story that Karl Rove would be indicted and offered eyewitness accounts to some meetings between Firtzgerald and Roves lawyers - they were the only ones reporting this - no mainstream media outlet picked the story up. Interestingly now that it is out that Rove won´t be indicted its the first outlet that gets a massive mainstream media treating about spreading only fud and that the name is the tip of hypocrism - interestingly there is no proof that the original claim truthout made was really false - in the contrary there are "sealed" court orders with "secret names" on them dating to that date that truthout made the story public. It seems a distraction story away from Rove as a person and retailored to be an attack on a media outlet that dared to mess with Rove. While noone really knows what is true or not, truthout has been forthcoming with every single bit they know and admit themself that there are uncertain facts in the original reporting that they regret having written - yet the mainstream media is not stopping to smear them in every way possible - convicting the writer to be a drug addict and other lame ass assults.
Well if that story was strange in timing and execution just three days afterwards the DailyKos - the biggest most influential independent Democrat blog gets accused that its founder is taking bribes from Democratic contenders and then uses his influence on other bloggers to write positively about those people. Well everyone reading DailyKos occasionally knows that this blog is made by its users, there is an open thread hanging there all day which has most prominence and each and every attempt to change public reception by Kos staff would be sensed by the highly knowledgable people on the board and would be challanged - yet alone that any independant blogger would take the word of one blog and reprocess it without further thinking - let alone a whole army of bloggers. This attack is step two and hit mainstream press right away as well - consider that most major news from the terrorist battlefront that are showing a negative picture of the war either never make it or only when such a huge amount of public pressure is growing - now the little democratic youth blog is making headlines on day one. This time the attack is not only targeted at the blog in general. By trying to make it look like that this blog is corrupt, the picture painted is that nobody can trust nobody and so the power of a global blogosphere could be deminished when mistrust is ruling - divide and conquer.
Now this could still all be and would not pose a problem (other then these are the two MOST influential alternative "lefti" blogs in the US at the moment with some real power to change political talk) and everyone would say that the two incidents are related call me a conspiracy theorist today then there was a third attack - the attack is on Comedy Centrals John Steward. The article cites a study that asked college student what they thought about politics and those who watch the left leaning comedy central that hosts commedy stars such as "Mr. Press Dinner" Colbert and Steward. Those who watch Commedy Central apparently don´t like politics and refrain from voting more often then those who do not watch this show. Yes of course it is totally unlogical that those drawn towards Commedy that makes fun of the shadowy political elite would also like how politics beeing played out. And of course its only the commedians fault that those young dissenting people opose politics in general. Two way attack again - one personal towards the left commedians - one that makes those who dissaprove politics look bad. Or to see it from the other side: A PR campaign to strengthen bad politics.
Its just too coincidental that three of the most influential media voices of the left in the US get attacked so closely together just at a time when Karl Rove can focus on daily politics again and is not distracted by some proscecutor. I think the timing and execution are brilliant and I have lost faith in the democratic movement in the US to counter that might. My guess for the US election -> Republicans keep both - House and Senate - and might even gain seats. There is nothing coming from the other party that would make you think otherwise and every trap that is opened they fall into - the only hope that I see is that at least the last attack will just bite back at the next Colbert Report - but this will not change the overall outcome a bit.

PS: Yes I read "Colbert" instead of "Steward" before I had to correct this. sorry - sometimes its better to read articles twice if one would have time. The point still stands.

Sledgehammer to Nuke:
"I bring peace to the world"

silo-E8-gate-1.jpgSome real stories are better then everything you could make up. Three honorable people - one a priest - put on a clown outfit painted their faces white stuck a red ball on their nose and broke open a door - to a missle silo that holds a ready to launch armed and targeted 300kt nuclear warhead (27 times the destructive power of the hiroshima bomb). Once inside they used sledgehammers to break the silo lid that covers the warhead as to disable it - then they painted 'It's a sin to build a nuclear weapon' on it and sprinkled it with their own blood. The people are from a group called nukewatch in Wisconsins and the event was staged in protest against nuclear power and weapons on the anniversary year of Hiroshima. Needless to say that eventually they got them and they are charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief - no terrorist charges yet.
Makes you think if spying on peoples bank account makes your country that much safer if people can walk up to one of the biggest weapons you posses and work it with a sledgehammer during the daytime.

Pressrelease here.


Anti War Art Gallery

stopwar.jpgMoGreens pointed me to a webpage today that is dedicated to host anti-war art from around the globe specifically targeting US war mongers. has stunning stinging biting beautiful art with an impact. You can send them your anti war art if you have some laying around that you want to share too.


Seperation of State and Church

stoiberKreuz.jpgBeing someone who does not believe in the ultimate god in whatever form or shape I am a strong supporter of the fundamental thought about the seperation of church and state - something that has been implemented into western society because humans tend to learn from past mistakes - one would think. The current reversal in that direction all over the world is something I strongly oppose as it has enabled humanity to make some of the worst atrocities in its history - much worse then anything in the last century. Religion - as clearly visible at the moment - still inherits this destructive force. I really do not care if people practice religion on any level - as long as they leave me alone with their believes and that I am able to say that I think its bullshit. Exactly that - saying that I don´t believe in anyones god and that I have deep objections about gods in general - will be a political sin soon in Germany if a new law passes parliament that was proposed by our Bavarian overlord Stoiber. Heck I could even go to prison for three years if I tell someone I don´t believe in their god and have a long heated discussion about it. Welcome in the Modern Dark Ages (tm).

Related article in german over at Spiegel Online.


Peace is what humanity should crave for


Artist chics6 crew
via Eyebeam


Psyops, Desinformation and Controlling the Facts

You ought to admire the people architecting the media campaigns for the NeoCons. No matter how embattled they still give the direction of the talk of the day. The slogan is: "It does not matter how the public opinion is about a certain topic - as long as they talk about the topic we have given them and they are only reacting and not come up with their own topics".
This works extremely well. I guess they care shit about people refusing to believe them as long as those people are occupied with trying to uncover the truth and not accidently tripping over a much more important topic that could derail their agenda. They are fast - as soon as something creeps up that could pose a threat a lesser problem is elevated to the headlines - even things that are unfavorable of themselves - just not that unfavorable as the topic just about to be revealed. The critics barely have time to make a short statement and there we go on to the next topic - overinformation used for desinformation. The strategy is well thought out and there must be a lot of coordination going on on what to present how through who at what time. Its something the critics need to watch out for - not forget about past incidents and hold the people responsible accountable even if the topic is not on the massmedia radar at the moment. The critics need to set their own topics - refusing to even acknowledge the topics that seem utterly important on the day because chances are they are not important - just over-hyped side notes in the broader context of history.

Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt, the U.S. military's chief spokesman in 2004:

"The Zarqawi PSYOP program is the most successful information campaign to date."


The Amazing Body of Sarkawi

While you get branded as conspircy theorist whenever there is something that seems not so right, there are still things that seem so strange that not reporting about them - while most of the media just copies press releases from the white house - is ignoring your right as citizen to speak up. Especially with news for the White House as bad as they were last week - the skandal of Haditha and top military commanders saying the war is lost. So while conspiracy theories of the following event of course making the rounds on the internet already and mutiple people have spoken out in distrust about the latest publicity stunt of the US government there are hard facts that deface this is a one big lie.
For short the "news": Abu Musab al-Zarqawi - terrorist and enemy number two to the United States (no. 1 being the phantom Bin Laden) has been killed by TWO 500 pound bomb in his hideout in the northern erea of Bagdhad.
Only minutes after the airstrike - that killed nine collaborators and a woman with her child - the US Army declared that:

"We had absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Zarqawi was in the house," U.S. Major-General William Caldwell said.

Okay... Then three hours later the world is presented with photos of the dead al-Zarqawi that look like this:

Okay.... all well and fine - a mass murderer dead can not be a bad thing for a peacefull world I thought. Then I started thinking. Did they say they dropped TWO 500 pound bombs on the guy? And it took them only three hours to evacuate him from a classical brick build Iraqi two story building without any reinforcements? Hmmm... It takes them sometimes days to get people out of a crumbled house that has "only" collapsed due to earth quakes. How did they manage to get someone out of a completely leveled house that has been hit by two of the biggest portable bomb the US Army posseses (there are bigger bombs of course but these are the biggest dangling on a F-Type fighter plane on a normal support mission). Here is a picture of a house hit by ONE 500 pound bomb in Falluja - also a two story building - also Iraqi made.


So now please someone explain me how they can find a corpse in a house that is already leveled by bomb ONE and then spread into dust by a second equally big explosion. And not only find the corpse within three hour but also find a corpse that is virtually unscathed (judging from the fotos). No matter in what floor of the house he would have been he would either be shredded to pieces by the bomb itself on the upper floors or totally crushed by the first bomb on the lower floors - but for sure he would have vaporized after the second bomb struck. In no way would a face be as intact as the one shown in the photo - except that they hit a house three blocks away and he fall off the stairs from the shock of the loud bang. I suspect he had some kind of secret DNA mixed to make his skin super strong (I mean he has regrown his bombed of leg before as can be seen in his last video appearance) and then he killed himself to worship the american precision bombs.

Update: There has been more information on the web now and pictures and such that are supposed to underline the clear victory but make my statement and distrust above even more true.
Pictures of the Bombed House and more Pictures show the devestation caused by the bomb - there is not a single piece of the concrete house that is bigger then a head - yet the soft human head of Sarkawi is unscathed. Then there is a video about the bombing that shows the first bomb ripping through the area of the house with a radius of about half a kilometer at least - so if he was just outside the house it would still have shred him to pieces seeing the hard structured house looks like it was fed into a concrete shredder. Reading a post from a rightwing blogger trying to compare this incident with the bombing of Japanese in the second world war showing people virtually unscathed doesn´t work as the people shown have been either deeply underground or far away from the explosion - Zarqawi was right underneath two 500 lbs explosions - no burnmarks and not ripped of flesh and no crushed bones - heck he was even alive when they found him and had a blue eye - only caused while his blood circulation was still running for at least 10 minutes.

What this incident achieved is manyfold - it directed attention away from a lot of unpleasing facts that the US administration was and still is facing. It has diverted the attention of the left who are writing about conspiracy theories that are easy to defuse by just calling them conspiracy theories. So enough of helping the propaganda spread the message and back to the real problems (Haditha, Afghanistan, Slave Labour in Iraq by the Coalition Forces etc etc.)


Total football madness

a harsh critique on media society

There is a topic that everyone seems to be talking about at the moment and that is the soccer/football world cup starting on Friday in Germany. First of all I am not a fan of football in general, while I do watch a game here or there at times when there is nothing else to do - so hardly never - I never really enjoy it and feel its an utter waste of time watching people running behind a black and white ball. With that out of the way people probably accusing me of bias now with the following statements - but it could be anything other then football if it would enter the dimension of consolidating masses of people.
Now you hear read and see in the media that our nation of great germany is absolutely exited about this World Cup - like everyone from the hardcore Punk to the old Granny from the Skinhead to the Turk everyone seems to love of what is going to happen - but how come they all are so feverish about the event?
"Give them Games and Bread and they will be happy" some old age phillosopher has said 2000 years ago (whoever I am too lazy too look it up) and its exactly what is going on - in a media bombardment that I have never seen or heard before you can not escape the topic - nowhere. Internet Radio, Magazines, Newspaper every thing and all is talking about football and all and every outlet it seems puts it in a positive light - when you tell someone you are not a big fan of the happening you get lynched and be told that you would talk bad about anything. Its one of the most dangerous viral marketing campaigns this earth has ever seen - and everyone who publishes is guilty (just like me with this article probably too). Nine out of ten television commercials are about football. Ten out of ten program commercials are about football seven out of ten sentences of the radio commenter this morning where about football (yes I counted) five out of ten statements regarding politics are about football (or the security surrounding it). Now if this would be a national event helping some poor and devastated country (like earthquake regions in Indonesia or Pakistan, war torn countries in middle Africa or East-Asia) I would totally understand it - but no we are talking about an event by a private company - the FIFA. They get unprecedented support from our - oh so poor - government and have to pay zip zero for security and most of the logistic and they get even paid when someone does advertising for them and on top they are a cartel with 100% market share in their bussiness of selling football.
Did I say that each and every media outlet helps them? I mean EVERY ONE is reporting about football since two three four month now. Every angle, every history every joke that can be made about football is on german media now. Now people tell me probably "hey just ignore it and chill". I don´t even have TV hear only Internet Radio that is not from Germany and read two to three very alternative german websites at most and still I seem to know everything about this event just from sitting in front of a TV at friends houses for an hour or two (arbitrary) or listening to the radio inside some car that happens to be on.
Still you could say "just ignore it won´t do harm". And this is the point where I am not so sure. We are having a country now where 95% think favorable about something - they form a group so to say. Lets say something disrupts this something - something bad - all of the sudden you have 95% of a huge country against something. Get where I am getting to?
To make it more precise - a terrorist plot in this environment would kill each and all rational thought it would put ALL of germany on the street and support just about any and all measures without further thinking. We hear too many hints in the last weeks that something big is going to happen (scare tacticts are on the rise - london police raids house because of "chemical bomb" - canadian police raids house with 19 terror suspects - you know that hints and scary things that just about now reach a climax again?). On top there are midterm election in the US where the republicans don´t look good and the war with Iran is not so on track and one big reason is Germanies pacifist movement which seems to be stronger then visible (according to our Bundeskanzlerin Merkel there is no war possible with the Germans "at the moment"). Now a terrorist plot big enough to create headlines would suit all of them all too well - just connect it to the Iranies and the biggest missing ally of Washington is on the boat to Mesopotamia carrying with it the hate of a whole nation.
Well that is a conspiracy theory. So to make it less dramatic then this - and it might be all to obvious and transparent - there is still that 95% of people who over the course of six month (minus three month from now and probably plus three month from now) will not be interested in much else then football - our politicians can probably push through laws that are "uncomfortable" with the general population and society at whole will not move one inch further in their evolution - just because one profit making cartel company is raking in billions of Euros.

Brave New World we live in now where was my Soma again?


Ahmadinejad toasts the Spiegel

First of all - and you ought to say that in germany if you don´t want to land in prison - I was bombarded with holocaust pictures and information in my youth so much that denying it seems impossible and irresponsible - two opposing regimes made use of the killing of jews for their own propagandistic views and it seems both fooling so many people would seem impossible - so with that out of the way I need to say that for my part I draw a clear line between the victims of nazi germany and the current Israeli government - I also draw a clear line between religious jews and political zionists - I also draw a clear line between the political powerelite in Israel and the young generation that is forced to obey orders from their supriors in their two year military enslavement that guys and girls have to get into when they just turn 18.
Now you might ask what this has to do with the interview that Ahmadinejad and the Spiegel did (and you can´t really tell who interviewed who but more on that later). Most see him as the tyrant of the modern age - comparing him to Hitler and such - and if you are exposed to the western translation of his speeches then this is mighty understandable - sadly most of what has been repeated over and over has not been said this clearly and directly as the western media wants people to believe and the interview with the Spiegel is a proof of that. Rather then an unintelligent maniac he answers the questions that he is given thoughtful he has point in half of them and he defuses lots of his earlier misrepresented statement. His ideas do make sense - I just which he would leave the Holocaust out of the game as this just draws the masses against him (and its slippery ground to argue - but read closely he says that if the holocaust happened - and he has not been exposed to the 10 years of school bombardment german kids get about it - then Europe and especially germany should do something to help the current conflict because they are responsible for it) - because his other statements are clear and that he turns around the interview and the highly acclaimed Spiegel needs to back down and defend its own propaganda is very hilarious. Yes Iran is cooperating with the IAEA - they do not seem to have an A-Bomb yet, Israel is not a member of the IAEA but has multiple atomic bombs - submarines from germany that carry those - and atomic power, the US is also not a member of the IAEA and threatening to use A-Bombs on Iran and developing "small" A-Bombs that have only a small area of influence (10 km eradication of everything and a 100km radius fallout) and yes Palistine has a democratic elected government and the west who supported the democracy is now withdrawing support because a party that is not to their liking is in power. And the cause of the highly educated intelligent first world Palestinians is after a 60 year rule of Israel in the region worse then ever - I personally have never understood why they could not rule this tiny small land where you can go by public bus from north to south in 6 hours together - just like there is consense in South Africa between the white and black and they rule succesfully together a country of diverse heritage. But when an Iranian president makes such remarks - especially when he is in the spotlight of American agression he accused of the worst crimes, he is blackmailed and put on mock trial - yet as he states Iran has NEVER attacked a country and probably never will - they are big enough they have enough resources to support their people. To see the propagandistic Spiegel crumble under their own questions that are basically just asked backward is a relieve to see.
I think a lot of european and western politicians could learn one thing from this guy: Say what you think without being afraid what the others would say about you - thats what makes a true politician and thats whats utterly missing from EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN IN GERMANY EUROPE AND THE US. They are slimeballs going where the wind seems right and where the biggest petro-dollar bill is buried - the truth of their own personal feelings and thinking is forgotten in the glove compartment of their SUVs that drive on Iranian Oil.


The 911 Pentagon conspiracy.

A those conspiracy theories don´t stop and the voices questioning the official version of what happened on the day the freedom fries died. Yet a nicely put flashy "documenacy" has been published and shows in short for the last couch potato that something just isn´t right in the official version on the Pentagon attack. The plane is missing and punched an almost perfect round hole through 10 walls. Videos have been put under lock that could show the plane on its flight path towards the pentagon and all eyewitnesses said they heard a rocket and smelled explosives. Well well.... watch it to disbelieve (flash warning!).


Indy Media, Food Not Bombs on FBI Terror watch list

What can be seen as a development that was foreseeable but noone believed it would come this far the FBI has put and the peaceful protesting group "Food Not Bombs" on its terrorist organization watch list. Interestingly enough this causes no outcry what so ever in the american society, no big media is reporting about it and no demonstrations are staged. To remember: is an independent - so leftist - media outlet letting everyone have a word about current politics - Food Not Bombs serving food in protest of the war.
I recommend reading Arthur Millers "The Crucible" if you want to know where this goes. And I wonder who else is on this watch list - bloggers, individuals who spoke out against the military or the war or about peace on earth or against gene manipulation or about peak oil or about corporate fascism. We are diving into the worst case scenario fast here.


Propaganda is legal - in the US and its enclaves

When an American Military Commander puts a public relation firm to work to fabricate stories and paint a picture of his mission mostly with pink and then pay newsoulets that struggle with survival (I guess the advertising market for print publication in Bagdad is more then shitty at the moment) this is perfectly legal and ethical a new finding says. The finding also suggests that this is legal everywhere in the world - even in its homeland - as there is no rule against such action. Now the question is: How much news is NOT propaganda from the american military? What kind of news can be trusted? What articles are planted all over the world? What publications did ever recieve money from America to paint the pink american dream into their black and white media.

Failure of Warplans

In a recent press meeting President Bush said something that is so insightful that it should be an admission against all and every war:

"Listen, every war plan looks good on paper until you meet the enemy, not just the war plan we executed in Iraq, but the war plans that we have been executed throughout the history of warfare."

So i would say we look at the history of warfare and say warfare in itself is a failure. Let there be peace then.


Biometric Passport in Germany a failure

As heise online reports today the campaign against Biometric Passports in Germany has been a success! There have been much fewer applications of Biometric Passports then in the years before for the normal Passport. The officials say that most people got an old Passport "because it was cheaper" while that was definitely a reason to get the old Passport there have been so many people that I know of getting the old passport because of the Biometric debate in Germany has gotten very widespread and information has created the kind of fear of a big government that normally only terrorism produces.
The outcome for now is that your application office will get a Biometric Passport reader that allegedly displays all information stored on your Biometric Passport - if you happen to need to get one. Even so I don´t buy into the offer as it is provided by the very same governmental sources that want that database filled with your fingerprints, irisscans , 3d model and soon probably also your DNA its still a success of the campaign against the Biometric Passport. Now if we could convince the government to roll back the Biometrics and RFID capability or at least give applicants the option to get the old passport then this would be complete victory - sadly this won´t happen. I for one don´t need a new Passport until the year 2012 - by then so my hope the world might have awaken.


Civil Liberties vs. National Security

In a recent overview of a panel discussion hosted by the Chicago Friends of Israel there was two panelists Richard Posner and Andrew McCarthy speaking for National Security and Geoffrey Stone holding a voice for Civil Liberties. Well arguments on both sides manifested and all as to be read in the corresponding Ars Technica Article that summarizes the panel discussion quite nice. What is interesting so is the last commend by Andrew McCarthy an outspoken National Security fetishist:

"we have to grow up and accept the fact that we have to accept some intrusion on our liberties if we're going to save the system that is the guarantor of our liberties."

Great... Give up Civil Liberties to save them? Who else finds that statement the most stupid idea ever? Who else thinks that this aint making any sense whatsoever? And there seem to be people out there - yes even the majority of people - following that bullshit ideas - talk about descending of civilisation.


Sweden to be first Oil Free Country?

Besides all the bad news that everyone hears about each and every day good news are rare - very rare. So it came in as quite a surprise when I read an article on telepolis (german) about Swedens plan to be the first oil free country. The goal is to reduce the energy generated through oil and other fossil fuel to zero in 14 years. Sweden to this day already is one of the least oil and fossil fuel dependend countries. With only 34.2% oil is still the largest energy producer but renewable energies are not far behind with about 26% and a 33.5% coming from nuclear energy. Swedisch automobile producers are working together with the government to develop Ethanol and Bio fuel cars until the country turns off the oil tap.
Now if Bush is invading Sweden for a loss of profit and fear that the first interesting proposal of a western country in more then a century is spreading through the world will remain to be seen.


Ex-UN Inspector - Speech for an Attack on Iran already written

The blatancy of the US administration is scary - they seem to have so much power and so little resistence that they fear nothing. Ex - UN Weapons Inspector Ritter says Iran does not have the bomb nor is it close to a bomb - Washington does not want to hear that and is in full attack mode. He is even telling us how this goes through in an article on the information clearinghouse:

He predicted the matter will wind up before the U.N. Security Council, which will determine there is no evidence of a weapons program. Then, he said, John Bolton, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, "will deliver a speech that has already been written. It says America cannot allow Iran to threaten the United States and we must unilaterally defend ourselves."

"How do I know this? I've talked to Bolton's speechwriter," Ritter said.

So yes NeoCon Bolton is holding a speech that is already written (and probably was already written a year ago). Everything you see from now until March is an escalation without return. Ritter even predicts that the US will drop one or two A-Bombs on Iran to make it end quickly - leaving 20 Million people at risk of dying and a whole nation with a contaminated country. Hitler and Göbbels could not have done better. One can only hope that after an A-Bomb is dropped the world suddenly wakes up - drags the president out of his ranch and ties him to a horse and let the horse run from coast to coast.
BTW - there is absolutely nothing anyone can do. There is no "stopping" power in the US representative system other then lengthy probes that take six month or longer and only if both parties agree on them. There are enough "anti-terror-laws" that give the president the right to push the red button and there is enough distraction on American TV to entertain the nation through the war - probably portraying the A-Bomb as new technological masterpiece that "US citizens need to be proud of or they are unpatriotic". History repeats itself - again and again and each time it gets worse.


Lab officials excited by new H-bomb project

is the title of an Oakland Tribune article - and no its not something they reprinted from the cold war 70s - its a modern day article citing a "war" between laboratory officials of two different american labs that work on "next generation nuclear bombs" that are easier to maintain and bigger better stronger. So if the 5700 active and 4800 backup nukes are not enough to destroy the earth completely 500 times and more then there will be an easier to build armada of new nukes be flashed out - that all in addition to the new "tactical" nukes with the exploding power of 6 times the hiroshima bomb - I have the scary feeling that I see a nuke deployed by the US in my livetime ahead and I really can´t describe the feeling I have with this thought in mind. What the fuck happened - all was being ok after the end of the cold war - everyone was in a peace mood and things where going nicely wars were getting less people cleared up mine fields all over the world. Now the only superpower left threatens to nuke "rouge states" which it has become one itself - ignoring bans on anti-person mines and laying new minefields throughout the middle east and in addition creating new H-Bombs - while they already have so many that its beyond being ridiculous. I hope this world will wake up and puts modern day politicians of all coloure into Guantanamo and starts over with a people revolution for peacefull life.


Bush the puppet


found at telepolis. No further comment...

Irans smoking gun and a tame US president

When I wrote in November that US spies had confiscated a Notebook with the blueprint for an atomic weapon and that it would be the "smoking gun" for a war with Iran I didn´t really believe that such a bold move would really be successful in the civilized western world. Yet The emergency meeting of security counsel foreign ministers I was talking about yesterday was revolving around exactly this smoking gun - this is what I wrote here:

Apperently it has come to the netizens attention that the Iran "smoking gun" was delivered to Americas traditional allies last year - in form of a "found" notebook from some "unnamed source" inside the Iranian government. On the notebook the american intelligence (we remember those are the once who called the Yellow Cake Report truthful) found the complete blueprints of the Iranian Nuclear Bomb Project - everything they had researched from 2001 until 2004. In fact that report is still classified - maybe they are fearful the "public" might find it forged again before they could make the case for their new war.

Now two month later everyone sees the issue as urgent and says that Iran might even already have Nuclear Weapons. What now they are in the planning stages? They have them already? Who knows - but in a different development the al Sadr with his army that successfully fought off American forces in Iraqs south two years ago for three month is pledging military support for Iran should the US attack - exactly what everyone is saying - and there comes the US president and says things like "the US should end their addiction to oil" coincidence? Hardly - it seems reality is settling even in the most hardcore circles of the US administration - a war with Iran is a loosing game and maybe the hawks are feeling that as well - time will tell I guess.


Iran is referred to the UN Security Counsel - let the wargames begin then

The step that will go into history as the turning point for a new war of the worlds has been successfully accomplished last night in a nightly hush hush meeting of the ambassadors of the veto nations +germany. Iran will be referred to the UN Security Counsel for breaking the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. The funny thing is that Iran has even signed that treaty in a form of respect for the international community - a step that Israel and India - both US backed nuclear powers - have not done at all and are free to make use of their nuclear ambitions however they like.
Now this step is exactly what Iran - rightly - sees as illegal because it just bridges over the next normal step - a discussion in the International Atomic Energy Agency. Now with India NOT backing a referral and opposing the US - the "emergency" meeting had been called in to stall any effort by Americas unreliable friends to thwart the referral.
Iran has repeatatly said that it will use all mean necessary to defend itself as an independent self ruled country - and they have a lot of things that could disrupt the western world.
With a warchest - mainly because of the high oil price - of around 41 billion dollars they can easily afford to cut off oil supply to any nation for the next year. Keeping in mind that they are the fourth biggest oil producer in the world and the second largest in the price setting OPEC - the oil price would double in the scope of one two month as there would surely be a supply issue arising very soon - non of the other OPEC members can raise their pumping output -they are all maxed out already. In addition the Iraniens have a big say in the new Iraqi government with Sistani "a born and die Iranien" as the spiritual leader of the Shiite majority in Iraq. Its easy to see how the Shiites could just join the Sunnis in their fight against the US.
Any and all messure by Iran will probably be seen as an act of aggression and bombing sessions from a US-Israeli (and maybe even Nato or EU support isn´t out of the question this time) would soon follow. That would mean nuklear bombs because there is a consense that otherwise the Iraniens would just strike back with a lot of force and there is no possibility for a ground invasion.

Now the big question: Why the urgency?
First there are midterm elections in the US and the war president needs a new war to justify spying on their own citizens and altering electronic voting records. Secondly Iran poses a threat to the Petro Dollar with its plan to install an Oil bourse that will trade oil in Euro which would lead to a massive currency change while all countries (China Japan Russia) just waiting to get rid of the highly overvalued Dollar that is backed by nothing else then oil and a US national debt of quadrillions multiplying over time.

Time has come and a new war is imminent - everyone still believing the slimy politicians (including our own corrupt government with the slimeball and former head of the intelligence agency of a foreign minister and our "be not intelligent - thats what people like - just follow our big brother america" chancellor) telling us that "war is just the last option" need to be booked into a hotel in Theran for the next year and chained to the room watching the beautiful looking mushroom clouds rising to the sky next to them.


All your Base belong to Big Brother?

The german government is about to sign a law that would make it necessary for every ISP to save all and every connection data you are doing from your home/bussiness computer - putting 450 Mio. users in the european union into the crosshair of criminal investigations - total surveillance. "Tell me were you surf to and I tell you what kind of crime you will do in the future" seems to be the Minority Report rivaling motto of todays governments.
Now that I am not very keen on the idea that the government sees what kind of websites I am visiting - especially since there are websites that I visit to get a greater understanding of the world that could be used as evidence that I am a member of a terroristic organization - I am thinking about how to swarth this effort.
One idea that came to my mind is that if every netactivist would create an email account somewhere and then a net of mailbot is using like 112kpbs of the participants bandwidth bandwidth (like 5% with a 2k connection) to constantly send mails to those accounts. Would that successfully spam their database out of usability? I do believe there are technical counter measures to that law.
Then there are the anonymizer projects that were never really successful - maybe they get a rivival with such laws.
Pure encryption is not a solution as it doesn´t hide WHO you communicate with just WHAT you communicate. They want to find out where your emails go - the content is not so important as of yet.
Id say spam de hell out of those bases. Use bandwidth to create erroneous connections - like half a million a day for each participating user - that should keep any ISP busy for the next time buying new data-centers to store all that data.

Majority of US citizens want Nuklear War

What seems like a bad joke in the light of a failing Iraq war and terrorism threats popping up like corn in a microwave the majority of the US population is supporting a war between the US and Iran under any circumstances (because a cause has not been made yet that would be sufficient to declare a war on the state). 57% of Americans want the US to nuke out the bunkers under Theran with millions of people suffering the consequences - just so they can continue to drive their SUVs for another two years.
Now I always believed that its mostly the american government getting into the wars and hoped that the majority of the population would want peace. Now even before any rationale has been made and the war propaganda of the administration has just started the US population is already liking the idea of a war with nuklear consequences - it seems "finally a good time to test out those nukes" is something "they, the people" would like to see happen. This war is likely a war that will inflame the world - I for one know which side I would be taking if it comes to that - and I for one do not support our own government in any actions that lead toward a war (like referring Iran to the Security Counsel so it gets an ultimatum it can under no circumstances hold and then gets sanctions which would be seen as an act of aggression in the Iranian government which would lead to attacks on american forces in Iraq through Iraqi factions, the closure of the Persion gulf, an infinite increase in Oil prices an attack on Israel through Hizzbollah, actions from the US like Nuklear Bunker Buster Bombs that are 6 times as big as the Hiroshima Bomb and the whole arab region rightfully getting out of control in an eyeblink. Pakistanis government overthrown nuklear missles on Israel - Israel nuclear missiles on Iran and Pakistan and some on Syria, Saudi Arabia getting out of control, Oil Price going over the top, western civilization going under, eastern civilization blanketed with atomic dust.
Well that is one scenario that the majority of citizens of the US would like to see happen. Don´t say afterwards you didn´t want it.
And towards the other 47% -> Get your ass to Washington and get the puppet president with his shadow cabinet back into the black pages of the history book - or you are silently supporting an exodus of this otherwise wonderful world.

Pentagon says: Fight the Net

What do you do if you are a totalitarian regime and can not control the media enough to change world opinion? Fight it - kill it by all means.
A recently declassified document on "information operations" from the inner circles of the US government reveals how much a threat the evil bloggers are to the godly empire. Not only can the "psyoped" altered truth meant to influence opinions outside the land of god filter back into local media and create a backlash. No the new participatory medium called "the internet" can create credibility problems for altered news and shines difficult lights onto topics a certain big government wanted to hide.
Now the quintessence of this is easy to guess: Fight the Net. This slogan is scattered across the document multiple times. How do you fight the net? Take out all and every means of communication infrastructure that could enable the net to function - basically nuke the net out of existence. The plans are clear inside that document and the pentagon takes this paper as a serious guide to the future of the one and only nation with the one and only ruler.

"Strategy should be based on the premise that the Department [of Defense] will 'fight the net' as it would an enemy weapons system,"

is an excerpt from that document and it throws a bleak future on net activism - as soon as netactivists gain a strong momentum the US government will do everything to disrupt the communication of the net as a whole.

More information on the BBC newssite


The surveillance as a mistake

plakat1.jpgShoot some blurry photos of protesters, make a poster, put out a 500 Euro fine for identification of each person shown on the photo and put every one to trial that gets identified by someone who thinks that he knows who the person in question is. Thats the ritual the german police is doing at the moment to "identify leftist protesters that made illegal things at a demonstration against NeoNazis in Potsdam". The problem? Mogreens got wrongly identified (he is supposed to be Nr.20) - even though he was in town and is a little lefti he did not take part in the demonstration and the photo they are referring to is so surely not him thats ridiculous to even think it might be him - yet he has to appear before court and defend himself.
What gives? Surveillance of any kind is shit and surveillance with help of greedy ordinary people is absolutely unreliable. I would think about a litigation process against the wrongful "witness" claiming the money for the lost time - but I guess you wouldn´t stand a chance against bigo brother and his little helpers.


Export Oil in Euros and get bombed

Some experts say an attack on Iran is less then ten weeks away and the question remains what kind of gain would that bring the US. Surely they are not planning a ground invasion - as Iran unlike Iraq has lots of mountains and a pretty intact millitary and a population that voted for the current president and is said to be very nationalistic. So other then the non existing nuclear weapons program - what exactly is the gain the US will get? Its about the black gold again - but this times its not about securing wast amount of untouched oilfields but Irans thread that they want to install their own Petrolium market that will be based on the Euro instead on the Dollar - a world wide first if it comes to fruition. The thing is so that Saddam Hussein had exactly the same plan in mind shortly before the invasion of Iraq. A trade market for oil that would have all transactions based on the Euro would be a disaster for the US who pays for their wars and their expensive live style with the backup that all the world needs dollars to pay for oil. A shift to the Euro in that field would be absolutely devastating for the Dollars value and the US economy.
Now the EU would gain tremendously from such a shift in the world market - why we are supporting the US is a myth to me - there must be big bribes involved for individuals or the like unless someone can give me a clear idea of what exactly is going on here.

MMN on the Petrodollar Warfare:

Indeed, there are good reasons for U.S. military commanders to be 'horrified' at the prospects of attacking Iran. In the December 2004 issue of the Atlantic Monthly, James Fallows reported that numerous high-level war-gaming sessions had recently been completed by Sam Gardiner, a retired Air Force colonel who has run war games at the National War College for the past two decades.[9] Col. Gardiner summarized the outcome of these war games with this statement, "After all this effort, I am left with two simple sentences for policymakers: You have no military solution for the issues of Iran. And you have to make diplomacy work."


The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq, the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States. Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing – that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack – but no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections.

Now see that in the light of the recent warning from Osama that a new terrorist attack in the US is imminent and look ahead that the US has midterm elections coming up and you know well how all this will pan out - they don´t even need a fog screen anymore - they have collected so much power - political and media - that they can just fabricate anything and won´t be questioned.

and also more news here:Israeli National News on the imminent attack on Iran

USA after Bush - would it get any better?

A article in the New York Times catched my attention today. It titled Hillary Clinton Says White House Has Mishandled Iran. Now everyone seems to be dissing the Bush administration and most sane people in the world would like him step down (or better be forced to step down) as president. What would be the options for a post Bush era? Hillary Clinton comes into play. At the moment she is the Senator for the state of New York but everyone agrees that she will probably run for the presidents office in three years time.
Now you think back at the day of Mrs. Clintons husband and think "oh its much better". Think again. In that article Mrs. Clinton is cited that she would not rule out military action against Iran - and therefore use the new nuclear bombs. She is not alone - other democrats have also voiced that a military options against Iran is entirely justified - it must be the American Nation that wants that war then when both political parties who speak for the nation want to nuke out another independent state somewhere else in the world. The credibility of the United States as a whole is rapidly on a downfall.


Diplomatic Body Language.

You have to love modern day politicians and the journalist who recite their nonsense. After one of the most important meetings of the decade where in a group consisting of those countries representing the UN security counsil with veto powers + germany a high ranking diplomat is quoted by the New York Times:

Everyone agrees we must agree; the question now is what will we agree on.

Indeed. How about agree on that the people of this world do not want another war. How about trying to pursue a diplomatic approach - maybe even offering Iran help with their future energy needs beyond peakoil - giving them blueprints for solar power plants delivering them some windmills or some other forward looking step other then discuss a whole day long that you need to agree to agree on something. Its so sad its not even funny anymore....


The path to a nuclear war

As the standoff between the the western leaders and Iran deepens more and more details become available at how advanced the plans for a military intervention towards Iran already are. Even so Iran tries to put itself in a non evil light by reassuring the people of the world that its only ambitions are in civil use of nuclear energy - in compliance with the nuclear non-profilation treaty - the west is flexing is muscles while it seems more and more obvious that Israel is the driving force behind the demand of a total destruction of Iran - one of its last remaining enemy in the region.
The Kölner Stadtanzeiger reports (google translation) that Israelies are inside Iran with forged german passports (of living germans that probably will never leave germany according to the article) to mark targets for Israeli bombers. The former President of Israel has adviced the Israeli military to be ready for an attack in March and the current leadership stays course. The US ambassador to the UN - John Bolton - is threatening Kofi Annan and the UN to stop "anti-Israli actions" or get all US funding for the UN scraped. And the US wants to eagerly try out their new "mini"nukes that have the power of SIX TIMES the hiroshima bomb. Generally everything point to a nuclear standoff in the scope of three month.

Making War Illegal

So you complain and bitch about the sad state of the world with all its killings and grasp for every little hope that things would take a positive spin at any time. Then you stumble over an article and think "hey this it it" "this could change everything" until you recognize the huge propaganda machine behind current day politics and economics. Yet its my place here to at least put one little grain of gold to the counterbalance propaganda. The Kuala Lumpur Initiative To Criminalise War was a peace forum in early december 2005 and they have put out a very notable declaration that is worth bringing to the world attention. Those brave people want to simply outlaw any and all warfare - west east red blue. Whoever kills innocent civilians in whatever name is put on a war trial. Is human kind ready for a step like this? Are we ready to leave our bloody past behind and descent into a new era of prosperous peace? One can hope and dream - but as long as blood and oil stained dollars rule this world I see not much hope. Nevertheless here is the declaration for a world without war:

THE Kuala Lumpur Global Peace Forum of concerned peoples from all five continents

UNITED in the belief that peace is the essential condition for the survival and well-being of the human race,
DETERMINED to promote peace and save succeeding generations from the scourge of war,
OUTRAGED over the frequent resort to war in the settlement of disputes between nations,
DISTURBED that militarists are preparing for more wars,
TROUBLED that use of armed force increases insecurity for all,
TERRIFIED that the possession of nuclear weapons and the imminent risk of nuclear war will lead to the annihilation of life on earth.

To achieve peace we now declare that:

1. Wars increasingly involve the killing of innocent people and are, therefore, abhorrent and criminal.

2. Killings in war are as criminal as the killings within societies in times of peace.

3. Since killings in peace time are subject to the domestic law of crime, killings in war must likewise be subject to the international law of crimes. This should be so irrespective of whether these killings in war are authorized or permitted by domestic law.

4. All commercial, financial, industrial and scientific activities that aid and abet war should be criminalised.

5. All national leaders who initiate aggression must be subjected to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

6. All nations must strengthen the resolve to accept the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter and institute methods to settle international disputes by peaceful means and to renounce war.

7. Armed force shall not be used except when authorised by a Resolution passed by two-thirds majority of the total membership of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

8. All legislators and all members of Government must affirm their belief in peace and pledge to strive for peace.

9. Political parties all over the world must include peace as one of their principal objectives.

10. Non-Governmental Organisations committed to the promotion of peace should be set up in all nations.

11. Public servants and professionals, in particular in the medical, legal, educational and scientific fields, must promote peace and campaign actively against war.

12. The media must actively oppose war and the incitement to war and consciously promote the peaceful settlement of international disputes.

13. Entertainment media must cease to glorify war and violence and should instead cultivate the ethos of peace.

14. All religious leaders must condemn war and promote peace.

To these ends the Forum resolves to establish a permanent Secretariat in Kuala Lumpur to –

IMPLEMENT this Initiative.
OPPOSE policies and programmes that incite war.
SEEK the cooperation of NGOs worldwide to achieve the goals of this Initiative.

Signed by:
Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Prof. Francis A. Boyle, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Mr. Matthias Chang, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Prof Shad Saleem Faruqi, Mr Denis J. Halliday, Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir, Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, Dato’ Michael O.K. Yeoh, Mr. Hans-Christof Von Sponeck


The witch hunt: Spying on their fellow citizens

Just as the 1950s witch hunt that was geared toward all "communists" - or basically people differing in opinion from the then president - we are witnessing history repeating itself - without any checks and balances that should be in place after people died and people got in prisons for their believes and desires. As MSNBC reports that the National Security Agency of the USA has set up a database of anti-war protesters and student organizations that are against war - no word of what they would do with it - but there has been evidence that some of those organizations had "spies" inside them to ensure that no "terrorism" would be tolerated by those organizations. Now who finds evidence that this is an act of an emperor who grabs for full executive power without dissent might be added to that database - so be aware...


German government openly supports torture

In what seems like not awakening from a bad dream our new Interior Minister Mr. Schäuble (CDU) is openly telling the german public thats he fully supports german courts using information obtained under torture. He also thinks its fully ok if some people rod in Guantanamo and other torture prisons without trial or hope because

"A couple month in prison have moved some to talk before....."

"Ein paar Monate Haft haben schon manchen bewegt auszupacken...."

Then he states that some german interrogators have been visiting two germans in torture prisons in Syria and Guantanamo/USA and because there is nothing written down in the papers about torture torture didn´t happen.
All bigger german newspaper report about it - positively or "neutrally". Looks like our new government is closer to the US path then most think. I would say indict Mr. Schäuble for conspiracy in a terror plot - fly him to Egypt or Syria or Afghanistan and have some of the fine treatments done to him and then use the evidence from that to lock him up until the end of time - and I am sure he will talk - he probably will even admit he is Osama with a long enough interrogation.
Its not acceptable I am not part of this shit. Everyone asked how it came to WWII and how Hitler had so much support - when I see what is happening right now its not far fetched to see it go further - and yes I openly support the view that a lot of the actions in our government closely resemble what had been happening in East-Germany (interrogation under torture, full surveillance of the population, travel restrictions (oh these will come for sure - just wait for the next airplanes being blown up)) and Nazi - Germany (torture prisons, people being deported for their race, the whole nation sitting at home listening to radio (now watching tv) and doing exactly nothing - a lot even supporting it. Its frightening especially since there is no real alternative out there.


War with Iran: Israel is preparing for "Surgical Strikes" in March

The UK Times (that big news outlet thingy) is reporting that apparently Arial Sharon - current Prime Minister of Israel - is preparing the Israeli Army for a surgical strike against all of Irans secret and public nuclear development sites. They cite the successful strike against Iraqs first nuclear powerplant "Osirak" in 1981 and how that prevented Iraq getting nuclear weapons.
Now there are some problems with that easy thinking. First of all Iraq had one single site of nuclear development - Iran is said to have over one hundred. Iraqs site was somewhere in the desert - Irans sites are deeply underground - mostly in highly populated areas. Iraq had only old defensive system - Iran is recieving modern airdefense equipment from russia probably before the "surgical" strike from Israel would happen.
Needless to say that any action from Israel that is not the "100% successful" the article claims it will be will inflame the whole middle east and will turn any arab personality into an enemy of the west - The Palestinensian - who arguably get financial and military aid from Iran would intensify their fighting. I can not imagine Syria standing still and along the way turning Lebanon into the warzone that it was in the past (and this part seems to have already started if you look at the news). Iraqis Shiites will likely support Iran in some way or another and might even unite Sunnis and Shiites again against a common enemy - and if you look at how vast Iran is with its mountain ranges and huge land mass - it seems impossible to get a grip on it militarily and will probably amplify the insurgent struggle of the region and might export that struggle to other parts of the world. I do not think its a smart idea and seeing the Iranien president given absolute shit about the world opinion he seems to think along the same lines. And yes I do agree partially with him - germany seemed to have killed millions of jews and they are having a big responsibility to resolve the issue without blind guilty support for Israel - they should rather try to hinder any regime regardless of nationality, belief or politic direction of killing or torturing or humiliating a single person - Israel, Iran, America, Syria, China.


Faces of War

pict40.jpgStumbling over a very disturbing collection of photos that show the cruelty of war on all sides. Children with turn of heads, families of once laughing soldiers crying, a president in his big black limousine, a vice president still smiling, crying mans over killed relatives more once smiling soldiers. The american public is financing this stragedy with more 200 billion US$ this year and about 300 billion next year.


Serious doubts about the official 9/11 version

presents a Dutch documentary hosted on the Information clearing house. Michael Meacher Former UK Government Minister under Blair and Andreas von Bülow - Former German Secretary of Defense seriously doubt the official American version on why and how 9/11 happened. Michael Meacher tells us that "I don´t believe in conspiracy theories - conspiracies do sometimes occur if you look at history." The documentary pulls out all the well know contradictions from before at and after the event. It goes into the strategies of psychological warfare and accepting victims in their own rows to go to the final goal as outlined in the document "For A New American Century". The 9/11 was the catalytic event outlined in that document to rally behind their own nation to go into full warfare mode without much questioning. "Its the mother of all fog screens" to quote mister Galloway.


Germany´s little little 9/11?

I condemn the hostage taken of a peace activist who was in Iraq to help people. I do understand some Iraqis have the right to armed struggle against the occupation but I do not see the hostage taking of someone coming from a country that openly opposed the war as beneficial. What I see as even more disturbing then the hostage taking in a country that seems to be in total chaos and under no special control is how a certain new Interior Ministers (Yes you Mr. Schäuble) takes the opportunity to tell the country that because a german was taken hostage in a chaotic country that is in a state of war that a terrorist plot is about to happen in germany and that we are not safe and probably die some unknown death in a u-bahn and tomorrow you will introduce some more legislature to curb our privacy and freedom. And I condemn even more the german mainstream press (spiegel, focus, faz and and and) for picking up this story and hyping it to the extreme - firstly giving the abductors the voice they want and secondly giving Mr. Schäuble the fear in the population that he needs to get rid of the free society. I did not elect this government and I do not stand behind their action - just in case things get totally messed up I am not responsible.


German "Mautsystem" to be used against "Terrorists"

We all knew it would happen sooner or later and that was a reason for big protests from the "liberal" side. The German Autobahnse have been entrenched in a system to track truck drivers to make them paying a duty to use the highways. Now this system is supposed to be used to "track serious crimes such as terrorism". Means - you are driving on the Autobahn the system knows where you are where you stopped where you exited - truck driver or not (license plate scanning as far as I know). It gets worse trust me - a recent "study" showed that more and more truck drivers are taking normal roads to circumvent the duty - the proposal is now to install the system on normal roads as well - basically making the way clear for an all out surveillance system whenever you us your car. Extremely scary - especially in the light that you are scrutinized already by the police when you are driving later then midnight (me at least have been pulled over 4 times in a year) you could be a terrorist you know.... bad thing its not 1984 anymore - brave new world here we come.


The Falluja Massacre

liberatediraqi_jpg.jpgWay back when the US invaded the Iraqi town of Falluja I was reading some Arab News Media that were heavily propagandistic and not the most trustful resource - or so I thought and didn´t write much about it. These website reported on "Chemical Weapon" usage of the US in Falluja and had images of mutilated bodies. I was very concerned about the whole "erasing a city" which seemed like blanked bombing by US Aircrafts and for a while it seemed the US forces really had a tough standing in Falluja and were about to loose - an incident not reported on any western news media but lots of different Arab websites (which seemed to come from different sources) said that insurgents even gained ground after the first couple of days. Then all of the sudden Arab News media and western News media alike said the Falluja offensive is almost over - we are talking about a matter of two maybe three days. I called the Arab News Propaganda lying in the first place thought well the overwhelming firepower had put the whole city to rubble with everything within. Now a year later an Italien TV Channel is reporting that the Americans indeed used chemical weapons that turned out to be White Phosphorous - normally used for marking positions with its multicolored smoke. When used in larger quantities and dropped from bombs it is about the worst burning chemical on earth eating through about everything and melting flesh on the spot. So it seems the "propagandistic" Arab News have told more truth all along between their Koran lines then ANY western media - mainstream or left wing or independant. Back then no one was asking any questions except a few who died got captured or robbed of their material - the only exception beeing the photoblog from Falluja back then.
The shocking documentary is on the net have a look and be concerned and think again if the US and the west with their governments should be stopped from operating and if Bush should be put on the same court next to Saddam. Its as ugly as it gets - war pictures or not - this is not your usual lost limb shot half rodden soldier from World War II this is molten meatballs that used to be living humans, children with a beating heart a mind that could fear and love - people that would be still alive would the US have not invaded Iraq in the first place.


Serious World Wide Raver Discrimination

raverbustPic.jpgIts interesting that after the "Utah raver bash" were the police raided a legal rave party with riot gear teargas and dogs everyone was claiming "oh this only happens in the US" - you wish. As an article in the Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten (PNN) from last month claims there was such a raid on the German - Czech boarder in Mlynec last summer. Czech police in riot gear invading the legal CzechTel party leaving 45 policeman and 35 ravers injured as most ravers refused to leave the party. Some members of the audience said that the majority didn´t want to loose their right to party so they put up a fight ....


Liberal American trying to explain the behaivior of their Nation

The Information Clearinghouse has an opinion from Charles Sullivan - a furniture maker, photographer, and free lance writer living in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia - about the state of the American Nation and a simple person trying to explain to the world why the american population acts as it acts and how corporate big money is ruling what the US and ultimately the world should look like. Its a very honest and interesting summary of lots of things I wrote here in the past. If more people wake up and start to think like this guy I guess we are in for a "Peoples Revolution of America" which would likely spread to the whole "Western Hemisphere".

From North Korea, Viet Nam, Guatemala, Panama, Columbia, Cuba, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, the Philippines, Cambodia, the former Soviet Union, Iran, Syria, Eastern Europe, Haiti, and Jamaica—I could go on indefinitely—America’s military might has always opposed and snuffed out fledgling democracies. Every U.S. military intervention during the past fifty years and longer acted to put down insurrections of popular movements of the people. A thoughtful examination of the evidence makes it clear that the obvious and only possible conclusion is that our military might is used not to promote liberation, democracy, and freedom. It serves as the iron fist of capitalism to smash the face of people’s movements for social justice and autonomy. U.S. militarism is the arm of corporatism that invades and plunders sovereign nations to rob them of treasure and resources. Its purpose is to open new markets to capitalism; to create pools of slave labor and a constant stream of cheap goods for American consumption. It is Wal-Mart amplified a hundred thousand times and projected across the globe.


WTC Conspiracy, Iraq and Iran

After the american media has admitted that its only portraying the view of the american government I said that you have to question everything that happened in the last 5 years under the Bush administration. Well the "mother of all fog screens" started with an event that most people would like to call 9/11 and it has started Americas "War on Terrorism". As with every war in world history the starting point was an event that outraged the masses against an enemy. Here in 2001 the enemy was some militant muslims from the middle east in earlier wars it was the polish, the serbian the north vietnamese. Well to reiterate the last "big wars" in history and there starting point there is a pattern that is not to be overlooked - most of the times the aggressors staged an apperently devestating attack to justify their motives to wage and aggressional war. World War One it was the "Black Hand" that killed the Hungarian - Austrian prince Franz Ferdinand - the figure that was supposed to rule the Hungarian Austrian empire. That event was possibly not staged and a real act of the "Black Hand" sponsored by the Entente - the Allied alliance. Then came World War Two and things changed - with the look back that a good reason to start a war and win over the population of your Empire you would have to have an aggression event from the outside that would initiate rage and fear. So on August 31st 1939 a group from the german intelligence SS is capturing the - back then german - radio transmitter station in Gleiwitz - today Poland and playing the "civilians for a free Poland" they broadcast a message that "poland will be free" followed by a "war declaration" of Poland against Germany. There were more events that lead to the declaration of war from Germany against Poland, Russia, France etc. but this seems to be the main event to win the "hearts and minds" of the german population for a war that cost 55 million people their life. Then there was a long period of cold war and "only" small wars here and there until in August 1964 the US Government openly calls an attack from Nord Vietnamese Boats on their Marines an act of aggression and declares war. Now today we know that this "act of aggression" was - just like the Gleiwitz Radio Station incident - a fake - a staged attack to make the population fear a new enemy and support sending their own sons into a combat that would in the following years cost more then 1.5 Million dead Vietnamese and about 60.000 dead Americans. The population of America was even 2 years after the war broke out supportive of that war and only when the dead Americans reached about 100 a week they started to wake up.
Now fast forward and jump over a couple of millions of dead people we reach the year 2000 when a president comes to office that seems only to be in office because he comes from one of the most powerful family backgrounds in world history and his dad had the position before him. In the first month he seems to do everything wrong that you can do wrong and the public opinion is everything else then favorable. Looking back now there had been plans from even before he came to be the "judical elect" president to finish invading Iraq - something his father started eight years ago - and while they are at it - controlling all oil reserves and pathways for that oil to reach America within two terms. Now out of nowhere come two passenger planes and crash into the world trade center and bringing both towers to collaps - on top there are two more planes - one crashing into the pentagon and one crashing somewhere outside washington. The whole world stood by the American when they - on the same day - accused the muslim militant Osama Bin Laden of staging the attacks. I might add that besides two wars and the biggest public intelligence operation in Americas history a person that looks like Mr. Bin Laden has not surfaced yet.
Now long article and all what is my implication - noone in the massmedia has asked the obvious question - was the world population misled to believe in Islam Militants attacking the world trade center? Was there ever an outsider investigation into that event? Why was it cleaned up so fast and now its so hard to rebuild something? What happened with all the photos and videos shot of the collapse? Steven E. Jones is coming from a different side. He observed the collapse of the two towers on video and is sure thats the idea that both towers collapse 100% vertical and not tipping over and molten steel are highly suspicious that there have been bombs planted inside the building that brought them to collapse. He has multiple ideas that all lead to that observation which all seems very credible. He is not saying the US government did the job - but he implies that this clean fall of the buildings must have been planned and perfectly executed - who could have done such a thing? Your speculation. As I already stated before I do not believe in any official explanations for things like that especially when they are extremely amplified through media power that says of itself "we have been misled by that administration" - only this was the second staging and this time the event got public while the war is even going on - the second war with Iraq. The "smoking" gun" was the forged document suggesting Saddam was buying Yellow Cake material in Niger - already defused by the guy who went to Niger looking for it. The "smoking gun yellow cake theory" did hold long enough to rally around the massmedia consumption masses of america, italy, poland, uk, australia, ukrainian and japan to believe in the evilness of Saddam and give the new American Empire enough backing to invade - 100.000 Iraqis at least have fallen and 2100 american soldiers and lots of contractors foreign aid workers, journalist and whatnot.
Now I make the bow to Iran. Apperently it has come to the netizens attention that the Iran "smoking gun" was delivered to Americas traditional allies last year - in form of a "found" notebook from some "unnamed source" inside the Iranian government. On the notebook the american intelligence (we remember those are the once who called the Yellow Cake Report truthful) found the complete blueprints of the Iranian Nuclear Bomb Project - everything they had researched from 2001 until 2004. In fact that report is still classified - maybe they are fearful the "public" might find it forged again before they could make the case for their new war. They have convinced enough governments to put through a resolution that would make it "legal" for the US for a nuclear attack on Iran - because under a 1995 resolution nuclear powers are not allowed to attack non nuclear powers with nuclear weapons - but if the non nuclear power is in breach of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty this resolution is not in effect - and exactly this is the wording of the nonbinding resolution against Iran from two weeks ago - so basically everything the US needed. Now I just wait for the "public smoking gun" that we get presented to rally the united tv watchers of the world behind the American Empire starting a nuclear war.
History repeats itself in an endless loop generation after generation forgets about their past and forgets to map the past to the present, critical voices of few are feared - loved is the mass collaboration of brainwashed people who live in fear of death - provoking death in its most massive form thats called war trying to protect them self from every days death in form of nature and uncertainty.


Iraqi War - the real reasons

What reads like Hitlers "Mein Kampf" is a kind of manifesto written by the "Project for a New America" and before anyone holds up the "conspiracy theory flag" - this group of people officially exists and they openly call for an American Pax - or an "american peace" where America has troops stationed on every part and country of the world and basically does what is necessary to make peace under their terms. This strategy is laid the groundwork for the Iraq invasion (in the year 2000) and Iran and Syria - even Russia and China are on the map - through military or economic means - it seems to work in Russia already - with China I am not so sure - it rather looks like China has the US on the economic hook and a military option for China is absolutely out of the question. So just by reading the quotes from that document reminds anyone who has browsed through "Mein Kampf" of a failing ideology that tries to persue the majority of the world of a "true vision". Sadly the masses are following in hordes as they always do and seem to turn of their brain in the wake of the colorful plastic toys in the local superstore at which they arrived in their "I am bigger then you are" SUV.

Website of the "Project for the New American Century" just read the list of names to run shudders down your spine.
The Sunday Herald from 2002 about the PNAC and the imminent Iraqi war as a nice retroperspective on how many people had been right at the time.
Indepth look at the Information clearinghouse about the PNAC and the strategies ahead
Desection of the PNAC manifesto by the information clearinghouse for more in depth and lots of links.


Bush is NOT impeachable

Ted Rall - a writer to the Yahoo News wrote an highly interesting article explaining why - no matter what Bush does - he will never get impeached. Anyone in hope for the president to be lifted from his post before the next elections in three years should read this. It explains in detail that originally the founding fathers of the US constitution did not anticipate a two party system where one party rules both the congress and senate and that all representative would stick to a party line. There have been many instances when Bush could have been impeached already and none have even started an investigation. Even worse: Bush and his cabinet is ignoring what has been ruled - as an example Rall shows the case for Guantánamo where the Supreme Court has ruled that all 600 Muslim inmates get legal court hearing. That was about a year ago - until now nothing has happened - it gets just ignored what the highest legal instance in the US says. So either their is an insurgency brewing inside the US or the world will get another three years of destructive US politics.


Mr. Galloway, the second act.

Mr. Galloway who spoke out in front of a US Senate Committee about his enrollment in the "oil for food" program back in May 2005 where he was indicted by the US Senate that he got bribes from Saddams regime. The hearing back then was a backlash to the Senate. Mr. Galloway in turn spoke of the "mother of all fogscreens" that is cast by the current US administration and turned his indictment into a public smashing of US politics. I for one admire him for his courage back then. Mr Coleman - the chairman of the Senate sub committee that was indicting Mr. Galloway back then is at it again to discredit one of the most vocal critics of US politics in international politics. Now Mr. Galloway is indicted of lying under oath and there is "new proof in form of witnesses" that Mr. Galloway was indeed part of the oil for food fraud. Those witnesses were rehearsed in Iraqi prisons - I am leaving it with the fellow readers how those statements came to happen but generally putting the talk of "murder regime" as a witness for truth against a person that is for peace on earth and apparently has refuted all claims against him once before is just short of hilarious.
Mr. Galloway wouldn´t be Mr. Galloway if he wouldn´t turn this into a spear rammed into the infidels back. He is so inclined that he speaks the truth that he wants to involve the American Public in the new hearing. According to the Guardian he booked a big venue in Minnesota - one of the reddest red republican states of the US and wants to turn this senate hearing again into a big backlash for the administration that itself is indicted of lying under oath (the other case). He wants to make this a media spectacle. Seeing him the last time one can be sure that this will be the greatest of all dissection of the "mother of all fogscreens" as this time not only the senate committee but also Mr. Galloway will be much more prepared.


War with Syria?

or how one mans word can change public reception

Next to Iran there is another "rogue state" on the "axis of evil" that the world needs to get rid of - or so the Bush administrations and their various poodles want you to believe - the independend state is Syria and is already in long conflict with the US over "making sure insurgents are getting into Iraq" - even so about 98% of all Insurgents captured are Iraqies and not "foreign terrorists fighting in the name of Allah". Still Syria is a threat to Israel and is a nice boardering country to Iran - so a stop in between before getting all over Iran would be to assimilate Syria with its weak military and sparsely populated deserts. Apperently there have been already multiple boarder incidents where also at least 5 Syrian soldiers lost their lifes to American firepower. Now since we all know that Mr. Bush with all its power still needs to make a case for the public to go to war he is using a highly controversial incident from last year to just go invade the sovereign country. The incident is the murder of the former prime minister of Lebanon - Mr. Hariri. Now this death was a mystery in itself - as the US supported prime minister of Lebanon not really posed a urgend threat to Syria in the first place and that the only side that could win in such a crime would be the PR department of the US and Israel. Now an independend german special prosecutor was send to Syria and Lebanon to investigate the case. His findings sound like they were written by the US department for misinformation as they cater about any allegation the US has made in the case. All mass media of the world is now reporting that the Mehlis report is final and that the US will push a UN Security Counsel meeting to make Syria face consequences or as John Bolton - US ambassador to the UN - said: "All option are on the table now that Syria has been convicted for this crime". Now what? There are so many false statements in the mainstream press that you might think that the whole world wide independent media outlets are completely infiltrated by the Bush administration - rarely is there any newspaper asking questions and most just give out the words from Bush and and his shadowy cabinet. Some blogs are even say "Syria is screwed".
The most interesting thing is in the end that the search for evidence is not even over - its was a progress report by Mr. Mehlis to the UN with the wish to continue his search for another month because there where difficulties researching the case and problems with the witnesses.
Now very interesting lets see who the witnesses are: One person - already convicted by a court before of fraud and lying. reports the witness was even pointed to by the uncle of the current leader of Syria and this uncle wanting to topple Assad for a long time.
So a former dissident with strong ties to Israel and the US is pointing to ONE witness that claims that he has provided the apartment for the conspiracy meetings and that top level individuals up to the current president of Lebanon and the interior minister of Syria where planning the attack them self. And the witness is a convicted criminal which was tried to spreading FUD before.
The case seems to have been made now - no matter what Mehlis will present on November 15th the world will have moved on and a charge in the Security Counsel will be imminent with Russia and China vetoing a move against Syria (Russia just sold Syria brand new Surface to Air and Surface to Surface Missles) and the US telling the world "then we have to act alone".
Deception of media and the public at its best again. Just count the times the Media picked up the words of Assad in defence and the times they picked up John Bolton in offense - just go to google news and count - its interesting.


War with Iran: An objective analyses

The guardian has an objective analysis if a war with Iran would be possible considering the strained US army and the low approval ratings of Mr. Bush. The article is surprising as it shows that for a Bush presidency nothing could be more beneficial then a war with Iran - especially when he is with his back against the wall. The US can target 5.000 points with 120 B52 bombers in just one mission - enough to take out the complete command and control of Iran (much of that in highly populated areas - some of it underneath Theran - collateral damage of millions of people imminent). About 30.000 US soldiers that are on standby could then move in and start controlling the most important assets (oil fields and pipelines?) and the Kurdish (again) and the Sunnis in the South could then be used to form a new government. Internally Bush has nothing to fear - the democrats would likely not vote against a war with Iran as Iran has cost them a president (Carter) before and would be seen as siding with the evil side. Now on top of all that it is that the US will just tell the UN security counsel that if it won´t vote in favor of sanction with Iran the US will make it absolute and just go ahead anyways - with support of the UK and Irans biggest enemy - Israel.
That this will likely result in a nuklear explosion of the whole middle east and that any peace in the region will likely never be found again seems not to cross anyones mind. Its likely that at the first day a B52 drops one bomb on Iran, Syria will go back into Lebanon and onward to Israel, the Shiites in Iraq will arm up and go against the US and Saudi Arabia will become highly unstable. Pakistan might not be able to control its inner foes and then you have the nuclear conflict looming. The writing is on the wall and if Mr. Bush is not ousted in the short future then this scenario will happen - all things points toward this new war.


Forming Public Opinions

With a Bush administration plummeting in approval ratings and a majority of US citizens favoring an impeachment process the rats in the white house are repainting public opinion again. How subtle but still blunt this going is outright amazing. A New York Times article is now at the forefront again of this (as they were wrongly before with the Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq) and reciting Mr. Bush:

Mr. Bush's own way of talking about the future, in Iraq and beyond, has undergone a subtle but significant change in recent weeks. In several speeches, he has begun warning that the insurgency is already metastasizing into a far broader struggle to "establish a radical Islamic empire that spans from Spain to Indonesia." While he still predicts victory, he appears to be preparing the country for a struggle of cold war proportions.

So say what? Its not about Iraq anymore? Not about Weapons of Massdestruction? Not about Terrorism? Its now war of civilization - the good west against Islam?
This adds credibility that the administration is trying to reshape public opinion to go to war with Syria and Iran soon and they prepare for that epic struggle that will make the cold war look like happy wonderland in comparison. So I will be on the lookout from the US government (and our own German New Neoncon Overlords) for more pitches in these direction and I think I will find plenty soon as the new Media Offensive of the White House gets into full swing.

No stupid its not about WMD, Terrorism or Democracy in the Middle East - its about Islam wanting to end the world... We have to stop them in any way possible even if it mean nuking the shit out of them...


Majority of US citizens want Bush´s impeachment - a grassroots organization trying to unveil the lies of the Bush administration has asked the Ipsos Public Affairs polling company - nonpartisan and highly regarded as they claim - to do a poll on how american citizens feel about an impeachment of Mr. Bush. The surprising outcome was that the majority across all regions and incomes wants the US Senate to pursue a hearing that could lead to impeachment if he lied about the threats that lead to the Iraq war. Now everyone in the know about the Downingstreet Memo and the senate hearing of Mr. Galloway knows that the outcome of such an investigation can only be one: Yes the administration under Mr. Bush lied and has fabricated facts to support its goal to go to war with Iraq and in consequence Mr. Bush needs to leave office (and may be even tried for crimes against humanity). The reality in Bushs US is different - not a single big press institution in the whole country is conducting such polls or asking normal citizens if they favor an impeachment process and all Senate members are afraid of the administration if they launch such a process. So while impeachment is not imminent and war trials are probably never happen we might see a shift in mentality in the American public that could lead to a protest across - one can hope...


How feasable is a war on Iran?

With Germany just getting a neo-con supportive chancellor who will do anything to get power (like beeing the voice for the "Freie Deutsche Jugend" - the East German equivalent to the "Hitler Jugend"(oh yes far stretch but how do you explain what it is to the international readers - a paramilitary force of young people under 20)) we have to worry once again if we are now siding with a US hegemonic world or are the peaceful representatives who learned from our bad past and try to avoid global conflict. That this will be put to test sooner then most think seems to be not the street talk but everything pointing to an imminent war with Iran - maybe even before the midterm elections in the US next year. How can the US - seemingly already overstretched in Iraq do this? Expert Scott Ritter - former UN Weapons Inspector and ex US Army Corps general is telling the world the dirty secrets of the US - the complete strategy of an invasion of Iran and the falsified ideas - or some may call it neo-con fantasies - behind such an strategy. He is certain - the war on Iran is planned and even carried out in small already. Read the full text of his analysis. And yes Nuclear weapons are on the table for that new war.


War pimp alert: Bush is accusing Syria and Iran of sponsoring terrorism

The highly pro Israelian website is reporting that Mr. Bush ruler of the one world is accusing the leftovers of his axis of evil - Syria and Iran - to sponsor terrorism. As this is nothing new it still seems that the accusations and threats towards Iran get more intense and Bushs poodle Mr. Blair stands by his side and accuses Iran of bombing mission ( in Basra.
Who wants to bet that a war with Iran is about to happen in the next 2-3 years no matter what the public thinks right now?


Fascism in America: Fighting the Clubscene with Helicopters, Assult Rifles and Tear Gas

Now there are still people in the club scene that I see in forums from time to time who seem to support the current Bush administration and their doing. If the reports from a Utah rave are true - and the video is some good proof to that - those people need to get a new job soon or get used to be beaten up just for the right to legally party.
This report is absolutely shocking but not a bit of a surprise - everything is pointing in the direction of corporate America going the fascist route with full denial of having fun, develop an own identity or an own opinion on how the world should work. I expect to be seeing more of this in the near future and I fully expect this to be a rebirth of a political active clubscene - because if you deny the youth the right to party you are actually doing them a favor - finally waking up from their drugged escapes into the active real world. The youth in America seems to be the only true power able to fight the things to come - they just need to be awaken - so as sad as this seems to be it could also mean big things for an active awakening of a whole generation.
Check out the Articel with Video on how the police in America nowadays shuts down 100% legal professionally organized (with insurance and security that checks for drugs and all permits etc etc.) open air parties. Its 1984 on the way to the Brave New World....


America killed more Iraqis then Saddam

The number one reason for going to war for Mr. Bush and his clan has been the toppling of Saddam Hussein - after they had to admit that their were no weapons of mass destruction. This case has been build to not admit to the fact that the war was about oil more then anything else. Now two years down the road it becomes more and more clear that the Americans are doing more harm in Iraq then Saddam did throughout all the years of his ruling. The World Tribunal on Iraq and 200 non goverment organisations convict the US government of war crimes far greater then anything one ruler alone could have done. Meanwhile the voices comparing Iraq to Vietnam are getting louder each month. Now even the inside Washington right wing hawk Richard Perle admits that the war was/is illegal under international law (just to say later that the laws should be adjusted to modern time needs). All this under a still escaliting violence that gets more and more sofisticated - not only against Americans but more and more against the Iraqi government who seems unable to act on the multiple hotspots opening up all around the country - at least it seems the US is backing away from the "Falludscha option" of leveling complete cities to root out insurgents - as this seemed to be uneffective - the city is still not save even there is not a house undamaged and the area around it became much more unsave and still sees scores of american dead even after one year bombardment by the american. Overall - looking at the statistics it looks like the US is slowly loosing its grip on the situation as it tries not to get more casulties and bucks down in their bases. The "new Iraqi Army" seems still like a joke and other then they posing better targets for the insurgents then the Americans it seems they have not helped out in a single part of the country to make it safer. Overall very bleak situation with less and less ways out.


US already at war with Iran?

The Information Clearinghouse is reporting that the US is already on the roadmap to a war with Iran. It seems that the american military is not streched enough in Iraq as the mainstream media wants us to believe but instead focusing their efforts on how to wage a victorious war with Iran. Azerbaijan seems to be the "kurdistan" for Iran - a starting point for a ground based assault on Theran. As well as the CIA operated Mujahadeen el-Khalq (MEK) that is already carring out terrorist missions in the name of freedom inside Iran - killing already 100 person in a blast that disrupted a newly build Iranian petrol plant. So with all eyes still fixed on Iraq will the Bush administration get through with their plans to wipe out Iran and its population with newly build nuclear bunker buster bombs reducing the country to a radioactive wasteland or will the public of this world wake up before things like this happen? What will the Iranians do? Are they really so oppressed by their regime that they hate it so much that they will applaud the Americans attacking their home-turf or will they really behind the Theocracy and fight off the american occupation leaving America with a two front war? Time to be very concerned especially as I think that the further the Bush administration is pressured in Iraq the harder they will force a war with Iran so they have the distraction until the next election. "Look Iran has a Nuclear Bomb to have an insurance that America is not attacking them - now we have a reason to flatten their whole country".


Impeachment Fever to oust Bush

The Information Clearinghouse has an article that sheds light on the impeachment movement that is slowly forming in the US right now. This movement faces a huge obstacles of succeeding:

Five months into 2005, the movement to impeach Bush is very small. And three enormous factors weigh against it: 1) Republicans control Congress. 2) Most congressional Democrats are routinely gutless. 3) Big media outlets shun the idea that the president might really be a war criminal.

Still the movements has high hopes to at least spark a debate in the media about this president and its shadowy cabinet. The article sheds some light on past attempts to get rid of US presidents on charge of warcrimes - examples are Nixon bombing of Cambodia and Reagons Iran-Contra scandal and even the old Bush faced an impeachment charge from Rep. Henry Gonzalez in the days before the first Iraqi war.

In the past, attempts to impeach presidents for war crimes have sunk like a stone in the Potomac. If this time is going to be different, we need to get to work -- organizing around the country -- making the case for a thorough public inquiry and creating a groundswell that emerges as a powerful force from the grassroots. Only a massive movement will be strong enough to push over the media obstacles and drag politicians into a real debate about presidential war crimes and the appropriate constitutional punishment.

The European No

A lot seems to go around the press these days about the double "no" from french and dutch citizens against the European Constitution. The first shrug was met with a shrug by most of the people I know around here - the second went with a kind of enlightenment not only for the ordinary people but also for the ruling class. It seems that the "no" was not against the constitution - which I guess only 1% of the voters understand or even have read (a 500 page political/legal document) the "no" is a clear sign of rejection of a ruling class detached from the normal people. The media push to make the comeout a "yes" was suspicious - all the rulers of this Europe tried to persuade the ordinary citizen that it is a step forward and that it is a good thing to vote for. That just raised the suspicion even more and since noone really understood why this constitution should make life better in a Europe that got more expensive since the introduction of the Euro and that has seen millions of jobs vanish. The "no" seems now more a warning to the rulers that the citizens are alive and that they are thinking different and that they have a voice that once it gets some decision making power will be used against the "elected" in the parliaments. Its an early sign of the power struggles - not only in Europe - to come between the rich, the powerful and the people who just happen to live here on this earth. Its a sign of problems far greater then "globalization" its a sign of class warfare right now inside the bounds of democracy - if the "democratic" rights of the masses will be eradicated even more - a thing we see with the "war on terror" already - then this will surely be the single biggest threat to our future but maybe also the biggest hope to our future.


Copyright Infringement is a sign of Terrorist Activity!

If you steal software, music, movies or any other copyrighted material its an indication that you might be a member of a militant terrorist like Hezbollah.
This "joke" running around in the internet for some time know just became a reality yesterday with John Stedman - a lieutenant in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department - testified before the US Senate that associates of terrorist groups may be involved in copyright violations. Heck no I am not kidding... I mean I would probably put this guy in mental detention facility if I would meet him on the open street. He did this in a hearing just before the US Sentate is considering new copyright legislation this year.
Its a witch hunt, its generating fear, its beneficial for the mega micky mouse corporations oh and its easy to understand for Mr. Joe A. & B.
Next Up - prosecution without trial - gunpoint death if you download Britney Spears - or whistle a song of her in public - especially if you are a guy because that would mean you are gay on top of beeing a copyright infringer...
What lovely times we are in - looks a lot like the dark ages to me. Misuse of religion for personal power. Controlling half the world with fear. Torture left and right.
Now I just wait to be labeled terrorist - not for copyright infringement but for writing stuff like this, taking part in an uncontrolled media artform, beeing member of the underground society called the "club szene" and beeing in contact with the terroristic hacker group "CCC".
I just hope that someday people will understand that there are better things to do with life then killing it and making others suffer - I hope that hope will replace fear as the meaning for keeping this society and humanity at large running in sync with surrounding nature.


The nuclear options....

This title is good for two things happening from once great free country that was the US. Firstly it is the name for an action by G.W. and the republican party to remove the last option to veto against anything that the one and true ruler wants to bring to action. The filibuster is a measure to let a minority really loudly complain about anything the US Sentate needs to approve - like laws or appointments for government officials (in the higher courts or in the administration itself). They are able to complain for such a long time until time is running out for an issue to vote for and through that busting the issue at whole. This filibuster is the last break of democracy to give an all power grabbing president and of course our new imperator wants this to stop. The nuclear option would have allowed the Republican majority in the Senate to vote this down - but interestingly there have been dissidents inside the Republican ranks that brought this to fall - much to the dismay of the imperator who wanted to grab the power of all the once democratic institutions of the Republic.
Read more about this nuclear option in the Guardian.

The other nuclear option is the real one - the one that could destroy all life on this beautiful earth that gives us so much joy - especially in the beautiful spring time that we are experiencing now (have a walk outside to nature if you don´t know what I am talking about). Under secrecy the "nuclear option" is not just an option anymore but fully put into the imperators hand as a legit weapon in the ongoing war "on terrorism" (and dissident republicans). CONPLAN 8022 is the document laying out in detail about "small nuclear devices" like new developed "bunker busters" that should be used in situations like the Tora Bora cave bombings. What kind of damage would such a weapon cause other then underground destruction?
All buildings in a 2 km radius would be destroyd. Civilians in a 100km ! radius would need to be evacuated. Crops plants, animals in a 1000km radius would be affected - that is about the destruction the Chernobyl accident brought us.
Read more about the second nuclear option in the
and the Washington Post


Star Wars Episode III - a political attack?

I watched Episode III yesterday and was not as impressed as I would have liked to - maybe it was because the 50! minutes commercials in front of the movie tired me out so much that I didn´t have the concentration for the "other" two hours anymore.
What did stuck so were - besides the now finally very very gorgeous 3d animations (I think those in Episode I&II sucked big time) - that the whole "republik" thing and the evil sith lords and all seem to mirror exactly what is going on in the US right now. The evil "imperator" or chancellor at that point said "you are either with us or against us" - something that G.W. Bush has said over two years ago. Or the whole "grabbing all power there is" thing - just watch the current "filibuster debate" in the US Senate - take away the filibuster and the last option for the minority Democrats to veto against any real bad things - like far right Supreme Court Judges - is gone and the Senate is then a puppet of the president.
Or what should I read into - I think it was - Padmes statement - "We are now becoming what we were fighting all along".
Or look at US Senate meetings where Mr. Bush was speaking and look at the scene in contrast with all the Senators clapping when the "Chancellor" is taking away the last remaining controls from the Senate: again Padme: "Its sad to see freedom die and everyone is applauding".
Or what about the separatists on the Lava planet - didn´t he remind you of Saddam somehow - a great contributor for the "cause" as long as he was needed and at the time where there was no war anymore they just killed him...
If the movie wouldn´t have been so kitschy at times and a little more fast pace editing going on (not the "filmwipes" that are so out of date that its unbelievable) then it would have been great all around...


Christian Conservative Politics soon also made in Germany?

You wake up one morning just to find some news from your daily news papers that there will be sooner elections then normally and that you chancellor does not have any go to rule the country anymore. Well guess what - we clearly had the lesser of two evil parties on top now it all looks like we get the more evil site in autumn as the population can only see as far as their bankaccounts and they tell them to vote "christian conservative". Oh great I need a new home I think - even though we will probably get the first woman chancellor in history - she is even east german - I don´t think our current economic and social system will have a turn for the better. The "opposition" has had as much ideas for revitalizing the economy as the ruling party - none - and no one can blame either of them - the kapitlism has seen its high point and with the current financial markets pumping all their money into asia and the rich getting richer by just sitting on their money it gets a rarer and rarer occurrence to see some of it in the middle and lower income "families". The christian conservatives will not change it - rather they will act as multiplier to get the riches more money faster sooner. On top this is the party that stood "side by side" with our "friends" in the US and G.W. Bush while he invaded Iraq. I am gonna puke.
Of course I will go vote even so that my lousy voice - if its even counted - will change about as much as a fruit fly on the moon but maybe - just maybe I can at least help to make a statement that then in the press will be picked up as "east german youth votes dark red" or the like - only to be forgotten the week after the elections. Its all corrupt and it seems that we can do nothing against the aging couch potato population that is greedily looking for their next Mercedes or BMW.......


Mr. Galloway, the new hero of truth?!

GeorgeGalloway.jpgI just have looked at the video recording of Mr. Galloway speaking out in front of the US senate commission that alleged him for misusing the food for oil program under Saddam Hussein - allegations that he has rebuffed two times before in front of a judiciary commission in the UK and in front of the public after the Christian Science Monitor had to pull back forged documents.
Now the US Senate is using the exact same "proof" that was dismissed as forgeries in the past to allege him again.
Mr. Galloway is one of the strongest opponents of the war against Iraq in the British government prompting him to leave the labour party in wake of the war and form his own party - just to be reelected this year. Next to Mr. Galloway there are 270 entries on this mysterious list of people who allegedly made personal gain from the oil for food program. Among them oil sheiks of United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia and numerous American oil traders. The senate committee hearing picked out Mr. Galloway and a russian and a french official to be on trial - not a single american citizen or the Saudi Prince where invited or alleged for fraudulent use of the program.
Now I believe Mr. Galloway all the way - because he has such a track record of beeing honest up front and what he had to tell the US Sentate and the world was the truth compressed in 20 minutes - not about himself but on the state the world is in under American Dictatorship - the truth about the "mother of all fog screens" as has called it.
He tells the committee leader right in the face what is happening out there and that this staged "trial" is one other puzzle piece to discredit opponents of what is going on in the middle east and around the world. He said it so clearly - with such a straight voice that the dumbest cowboy should have gotten it and he rebuked all allegations against him - as FOX news put it (yes right wing fox news!): It was a K.O. win against the senate committee and against the american government.
Now this speech has put him up to be one of the few very vocal trusted leaders against war, crimes against humanity and untruthfulness. He has put the american government and the american population supporting this government on trial.

See this historic speech at the information clearinghouse:


Cuba to switch to Linux

The first "kommunist" country that is running away from kapitalistik micro$oft is Cuba. Fidel Castro - undisputed ruler for decades - one that has seen many kapitalistik neighboring countries falling into poverty and is still resisting a 30 year long trade embargo by the US - an embargo that has made Cuba one of the poorest countries in the world - is turning their back from evil corporations and micro$soft is the first target. Probably getting the computers from China and installing a free operating system on them is surely a way to stay true to ones beliefs. Now China in the meantime ties itself more and more to the US and incorporates more Micro$oft spyware into their administration.

When your neighbors house vanishes in smoke

you know he was a terrorist and attacked by some new space weapon that the bush administration wants to put up in the sky to protect good america from bad world influences. China and Russia as said to follow on their heels and not only do we have to scope with nuclear weapons down here on earth anymore - no the three superpowers can just push a button and strike every target from the skies that rise above humanity in less then 40 minutes - 5 minutes shorter then Saddam Hussein could have put up his nuclear arms shield. Oh and while they are at it they can also destroy other heavenly objects put in space for commercial or civilian purpose - just to stay afloat with a plummeting economy. Arms race in heaven? Who would think such bad things. Its all good - its all against the lousy terrorists - you know like your unlucky neighbor who said "drop da bomb on bush" on the phone ones because he felt left out from his tax cuts - just so that carnivore could pick it up and automatically set the satellites target to the direct coordinates of his phone - oh your house is rubble now too? Well war on terrorists is tough and causes civilian casualties you know...


Internet Censorship in China

As multiple sources report is the technology that is behind the internet censorship in China better then anywhere else in the world. That means the freedom to read or write anything critical of the upper class in Beijing is mutliplicly crippled. Yet China seems to be en vouge around the globe. A lot of people who do not like current US policy are embracing China as the last global power that could confront Washingtons military forces. Yet China kills 50 times more people on the death row each year (roughly 5.000 last year) it prepares for war and surpresses ethnical minorities. If you think I am full of it ask a Chinese student what he thinks of the Tibet problem for example. Typical answer: What problem? Everyone is living happily side by side! To see that this is not the case you just have to visit Tibet once and see the destruction that not only happened under Mao but subsequently forced relocation of the Han Chinese Minority and the laws against their freedom of religion take their toll on the whole cultural society of the Tibetans.
The students can not know - all they read and see are censored news censored to a point where all reality blurs. And yet Chinas Corporate Identity Brand is growing in acceptence around the world. Our own chancellor Schröder is considering lifting a weapons ban on the country. Let the vast military put a man in space seemed to be enough to convince the world that China is the right answer to the hegemonic power of the US. Yet in part this might be - on the other part Kapitalism is taking over in the country once so full of red thought and that brings instability - locally in provinces with ethnic minorities seeing uprisings and the few who are able to get to alternative news sources are also embracing to bring down the centralized government down and favor a decentralized model closer to that of Germany or the USA - but generally all want China to become a new western role model - a task that has not a single chance as the culture and inheritance of china is so vastly different then anything the west has to offer. Splitting China up will cause major instability in a region with over one billion people.
So maybe the hard measures from centralized Beijing are right? Maybe they should let the people stay dumb? Its a decision that is in the hands of only few people and the decision is not obvious. I would say everything they do from now on will cause instability - but freedom to let the people read what they want and be what they want might be the best option - even if it causes large scale war?!
I personally always thought that censoring the internet is a thing impossible to do but if you have many people monitoring it could at least make it hard enough that the mass population will not get precious information which makes it impossible for a large mass of people in china to get the full conclusion which gives a lot of power to the few decision makers. Should the growth in China collapse prepare for the worst down there - its cooking hot.


The forgotten Fallujah - U.S. offensive continues is reporting what those following the happenings in iraq outside the mainstream media already know. The Town of Fallujah is still embattled and now about 70% of all houses in the town are completely destroyed and every single one of the other 30% shows extensive damage. Which means that the whole town is completely destroyed. And the fight is not over yet. The insurgents are still in control of portions of Fallujah. People returning finding their dead neighbors who got eaten by their own dogs and only rubble where ones their homes stood. To make it even less encouraging for the inhabitants to go back to the city you are not allowed to go on the street when the sun is not on the sky and you still have to give finger and iris print to the American Army and wear a badge to the outside that shows you are "registred". This practice somehow reminds me of a yellow star that all jews had to wear in Nazi Germany after they got registred - only that this yellow star had not your fingerprint and iris scan with it. Right now Fallujah looks more like a huge prison camp then a healthy town. And get this the LA Times writes the following sentence:

It seems that the U.S. is "confident that residents will come to accept that the destruction was necessary to rid Fallujah of the insurgents who had controlled the city,"

Right! Not that most of the residents support the insurgent and want nothing more then getting the USA out of their town - no they will probably think its totally fine that all they had is destroyed and that with the little they have left they can now restart a new live with even less. If you still draw no connection between modern day America and old Nazi Germany you live behind the moon. The tacticts are just much more refined. The american government has learned a lot in WWII and Vietnam on how to please the masses. The masses has forgotten about the atrocities of the pst wars and the media control is much much better as you have only a few media conglomerates that define the public opinion (at least in the US, but I doubt its much better anywhere).


1500 American Soldiers Dead 18.000 Iraqi Civilians dead

I had internal debate with myself if I should do this post but the video I accidently found on the net yesterday really stayed in my mind. First I want to say that I hate war and violence from whatever side it comes. Yesterday marked the day where the 1500th US soldier died in Iraq - that means the Iraq war has been half as devestating to normal US citizens as the September 11 attacks. I do feel strongly with those families who had no other choice as to send their children into the war as they struggle daily survival in debt ruling america under a president that wants to conquer the world. I also feel for the families of the 18.000 (low estimate) Iraqies that died in the last two years of the invasion that was sold to them as liberation. So yesterday I found a clip that shows how the daily life of the ordinary soldiers on the american front line looks like - where those 1.500 death come from. I want to extremely caution if you are a light soul - I can not get this out of my head. I do not sympathize for the brutal killing of any human life on either side and I am sure there are even more shocking pictures that could be recorded from the other point of view. Its just that those would not fit into any pro american propaganda.

american convoy explosion

a guardian artikel on the subjekt


Americas War - how is it in Iraq today?

That is a question that comes up to my mind from time to time. I try not to forget that on some other earthly spot people are suffering, people are getting murdered people have problems surviving. The mainstream press has found that the Tsunami was more interesting then the Iraq war and now that the Tsunami is not the theme of the day anymore (short attention span anyone?) it certainly does not seem to go back to Iraq as the new old government of the US of A is already waging a new information war that seems to be placed so that it will lead up to another war with weapons - Iran.
Iraq is not even close to normal and they are already putting options on the table for a new war.. I have no clue if they are clueless or if they are really wanting to nuke a country out of its existence (having contaminated fuel). This is something for future discussions. Today I thought "How is the day in Bagdad?" and I turned to one of my favorite Bagdad Blogs by Riverbend. Recently Riverbend has written less and less in her blog - not because she got lazy but because she has no power to turn on her Computer! Now today is Eid a Iraqi / Muslim (?) celebration that is something like spring cleaning here in germany (only that everyone over there seems to do it and there is a fixed date. This reminded me that over a year ago I also read Rivers Blog and she was talking about this festivity. They get together with their family and clean the house. Now this years entry is very very sad. There is not a single reason to celebrate. They could barely get some of their relatives together. But cleaning was not even a remote option as there is something vitally missing for cleaning: WATER. Yes you heard it right there is no water coming out of the faucets in central Bagdad. There is less then 3-4 hours a day electricity and people can not go onto the streets without the fear of beeing abducted, hit by a bomb, hit by a bullet, get robbed etc. The kerosine needed to get heating is not available - or only at horrific prices and there is no gas at the gas station to fill a car or have some extra fuel for the heater. Basically this country has been reverted back to the old age in less then a year. There is no hope that anything gets better soon and the elections seem to be a farce. If Allawi gets elected again that will be the total blow to the whole situation and then the guerillia war will intensify to levels not seen since Vietnam. For People like Riverbend I hope there is some light somewhere in the tunnel that will brighten up a very distant future - but as it seems now the US is to stupid and arrogant that anything will change for the better soon. Read her blog to get a personal feel on how it is in Bagdad today


rel="nofollow" <- death to blogging?

Comment spam is something every blog owner hates as much as the neighboring dogs. We here at prototypen had very bad months last year with about 1000 comment spam messages per day. We took the matter seriously as it was really disrupting our blogs. Since we use a free old version of Six Aparts Movable Type we have not much tools available to us to fight the spam. In the beginning the blacklisting worked out quite well but with the massive onslaughter of comment spams the mt-blacklist broke down before our eyes, its database - full of phrases to look for- made the hosting computer go down to its knees - it seemed - processing mt-blacklists database with waiting times up to 10 minutes for a message delete page to load. So that was not the best way around to do this. What was always clear is that we wanted the comments open to everyone with the least amount of hassle for serious poster to let the voices be heard.
We have now a custom coded solution to the problem - a problem that came because of the hegemony of Movable Type in about 90% of all blogs active on the net. it must have been easy for the spammers to use bots given that the comment spam script is searchable with google and is easily executed externally outside of MT. Anyway our spam problem went away to 99% with some manual spammer coming across now and then but those can be deleted by hand rather easily. Our custom solution can not be applied to all blogs out there (and I already see the day that it gets "broken") and the comment spamming got so utterly bad that googles search algorithm freaked out and you get so many spams on top of so many search terms that this threatens to make google and other search engines unusable.
So they all United in Peace to free the world of the uterly bad. Google, MSN, Yahoo!, Manilla, Six Apart, Wordpress, Flickr, Blogger, Livejournal, Buzznet, Blojsom, Blosxom etc have all joined the efford and are now introducing a new tag to the html header. The syntax is very very easy just type rel="nofollow" and all links on the corresponding page are not attributed to the search engines page ranking anymore.
Great way to get rid of the problem BUT this effectively gives the spam war a clear long term winner - and the winner are the spammers because they successfully harmed our basis democratic blogoshpere that was using comments and blogs to express opinion. This interblog page ranking democracy is seriously crippled with this as now only links that the author of a blog posts are considered worthy and all disagreement or enhancements inside the blogs comment that gets funded with links is out of the loop and will not be considered worthy by Google and Microsoft. Needless to say that we will NOT incorporate this system - at least not as long as our hack works.
That gives room for a personal "conspiracy theory" of mine. The spammers are government funded agents that try everything they can to destabilise the free internet as we know it so the evil governments of the world can step in and - together with their corporate buddies - establish law and order slowly eating away the freedom and voices from otherwise powerless individuals around the world. The more of the "spam links" you click and there are not even corresponding pages on the other side the more this conspiracy makes sense and in a way it seems to be succeeding very nicely. Just put some more "antispamlaws" in place and control the internet a little more every day. Its happening and its creepy.
Don´t understand me wrong. I hate spam - I hate it A LOT but its better to stand up to the spam then crippling and jailing the net as I have learned to love it - free and anarchic - and spam is part of this anarchy side of things - the internet is not the clean shopping mall in the suburb and I hope it will never become such a boring place of mass consumption.


Good Bye United States of America

I have waited for writing this article until now. I wanted to give the american population a chance to tell the world how smart they are. How good their democratic system works and show the world a new path to the future.
Since yesterday one thing is clear: The american public has utterly failed to provide me with any reason to think that they have a clue about life. A clue about democracy is even further away. I was over in South Dakota in 1994 for a year going to highschool. Myself coming from east germany it was there that I got tought to be conspicious even of democratic goverments. It was there where I was forced to read 1984, The Crucible, and Huxley Brave New World. Those three books have changed my life. They are given a great insight of what happened in the past and an even greater insight of what could happen in the future if we do put attention to the people in power. It totally escapes me that the American Puplic who is likely forced to read the same books in school totally ignores their message (which is neither hidden nor hard to understand) and yet goes the way of all three books together. A brave new world with a one true religion (the soma drug) that is called christianity. A world of 1984 with a patriot act and a patriot act II in the pipe. And a world where people get taken away their freedom because of race and believe. Things that remind me of the witch hunts and seems even worse then the other witch hunt of america that took place during the cold war. 100.000 Iraqies dead. Thousands of muslims in American prison without a charge and thousands of "djhad fighters" in Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and dozens of unknown dark wholes outside of the reach of media the public and "what once was a democratic system".
And yet the american public at large goes the same way. They do not question anything. There is noone asking why the exit polls in Florida and other electronic voting countries where over 5% in favor of Kerry and then turned almost 2% in favor of Bush. They do not care that there is no "paper" trail and that the companies making the voting machines are supporting the Republican Party with large money funds. They do not care that in the whole world there is not a single computer system that is not in some way hackable. They do not ask why the manufacturing makers do not open up their software for the world to look at it and confirm that its as safest as you could and that there are no ways to alter the data. No they all unify behind their true president for the next four years and what happens is out of interest.
What they all do not understand is that for the rest of the world it matters more then for themself. Not because anyone wants america and its population wiped of the map, but we want to govern ourself. We do not like if other come in unasked and mash up a whole country like overcooked potatoes. The Iraqi people mostly did not welcome the american, why that if they suffered so much under Mr. Hussein? Maybe if time would have allowed they would have gotten rid of him themself as most succesfull transformation in local societies have proofed. Or do you think that if the americans would have invaded east germany to "liberate" us from the east things would look the same today? (not that all is perfekt, but it could have gone worse).
The next four years will get worse. There is no vanilla sky to look forward. The world will see how the once great democracy of the US will turn into a corporate led bastion of religous freaks with total control over them self and less and less control on any happenings in the world. We will see travel restriction of american people that rival those that we had in east germany (only an elite will be able to visit certain countries, it will be controlled through money likely). And we will see a total closure of American boarders (for fear of terrorism). Only those who go conform with the American view on things will be let in. Anyone who ever said something against the US will be barred from entering or will be under 24 hour supervision when inside the US. Internet and free media will get under "patriotic" censorship. If you say something unpatriotic you will get lynched. The seeds for all this have been planted in the last four years and now Mr. Bush and his hawks will bring home the fruits.
The american public had a last chance to show the world that they are different. They had a chance to correct their path and the direction the world takes. The american people had a chance to give peace and love a chance. They have utterly failed. There is now growing sentiment inside me to dislike not only bush but the stupid white anglo christian american population at large. The consumerism has taken over any feelings that a human could have. No american seems to care that there are hundert thousand of iraqies dead AFTER they are "liberated by the americans". Thats 50 times as many humans as americans died in the World Trade Center. Is their life worth less then that of a fat white american lawyer inside the World Trade Center? What does the stupid american population think their soldiers are still doing in this country? Secure their oil because their über halliburtian corporations do not want to give new forms of energy a chance?
Maybe I would fully understand the choice of the American Population if their personal life would have benefited at all from the last four years. Please someone correct me if it has (for the large population not for the rich minority) but from my perspective it looks like the americans had to give up lots of rights and are criminalized if they do not follow the capitalistic ideas of corporations. Free thinkers are tinted red. Free software is called dead to democracy (when they mean democracy they mean corporate sponsored kapitalism) and if you want to listen to your favorite music and do not have the dough to pay for it they put you into prison. They are allowed to tap anyones phone and put you into jail without trial for years under the charge of the mighty blurry term "terrorism". Health care is worse then ever with some elders going to canada to get their (soma) pills. Some people work more then black slaves and earn barely enough to survive and to lots of americans their whole life is controlled by their job. Private life is no more.
So in the end it seems no wonder that the population of this big country is turning to a God or a believe, which is totally ok to me. Spirituality is an important factor in live. The problem is that the same people do not see that their believe is used against other humans, against other cultures. They do not seem to comprehend that other also need spirituality and a "god" or higher power to turn to and that it actually does not matter which god or believe will strengthen their mind in this world that has us dispatched from our genetic past. Do you think a president with lots of power who has a divine spirituality would give the order to kill 100.000 Iraqies to free them from a "tyrannic ruler" who has killed less then that? Do you think that the Bible is talking about killing a whole nation or culture? Do you think it helps your own spirit when someone is out there in YOUR name to kill others?
We will see how the future develops. The American Population at large has spoken – against a free world where love and peace rule – for a world of fear and hate. Everything that comes now is a direct result of the action of the american people two days ago and I will hold them accountable for everything that happens to human kind in the next four years. It is your nation that you are so proud of your president that you have chosen. Four more years of death and devastation, bombs and state controlled terrorism. Hate will always generate more hate. The people who fight for their freedom – labeled as terrorsists from your president – will fight even harder and will get more. They will take their fight around the world. American people try not to look to stupid when terrorism is getting a boast from this. Its the hate generates more hate thing that keeps the downward spiral moving infinitely. If hate is what you want you will get this hate back tenfold and then then dear population of the United States of America do not believe that a lot of people will be on your side anymore, they will laugh at your "democratic values" and look for a different way of running ones live. I laugh at you already and I truly think the majority of the american population is as stupid as all clichés say. Nonthinking, tv junky couch potatoes with their soul eaten by plastik kapitalistik values.
America has shown its true face. Its time that the rest of the world shows their.


Must have AntiAmerikanPropaganda

One of the nicest crafted movies in a long time that talks about the project "American Century" has come to my notion. Its a must to look at the blend of 2000 style visuals with an appearance that reminds you of old film and the deep message within with a very nice use of graphical language throughout. Have a look.


Train you own anti data collector bot

A great little site I happened to wander across today is called "maschinen esses sich selber auf" (machines will eat itself). And its simply such a great idea that I want to help promote the thing. To make it short: You tell a little bot program (a program that works by itself) a website that takes personal data (mostly all do this for profit and to save you adress and later sell it or make you "genuine offers", they all seem to want to have the biggest archive of adresses with the most information about the individuals). That is A LOT OF WEBSITES today. Then the bot (and the other 1000+ bots on the side) visits this website and put in its fake personal data, swamping the database with unusable data streams that to clean takes to much times and renders a whole database totally useless. Well thats the ambiguous plan. Right now the bots are hungry they have not enough websites to eat, because that needs to be fed to them so they do not cause to much traffic running through the pages looking for the "forms" of the big datacenters.
Its a computer against computer war. And I want you to be on the side of the bots against mega databases (and mega corporations behind them). Help them - feed them.

machines will eat itself


Slashdot Obscure Fun

Reading through the Slashdot comments from times to times you get a feeling for the obscure fun of some of the geeks. Sometimes its pure genious fun. I just have to blog this one. It came up in the comments for a East German Consol Game that was found:

Myrmi writes on July 13th @03:53PM:

The Berlin wall was the largest official game of Breakout to have ever existed. They won.

then only 12 minutes later Rhinobird writes:

I guess that makes the new wall in Isreael level 2?

- nothing else to say -


Iraq - the Islam Revolution could have started

I don´t know if I am addicted or afraid or over sensible but the situation in Iraq could spark something that I never understood that it has not happened yet. PanIslam Revolution against Kapitalism and the West at large. Sunnis fight together with Shias and holding signs of killed Hamas leader while trying to enter Falluja with help goods. Hezbollah, Syria and Iran supposed to be backing the current uprising. And that on a weekend where reportedly three million pilgrims enter Iraq mostly unchecked. A barrel of oil to the spreading fire and the Americans could face a Islam mass stampede against them in Iraq Afghanistan and Israel. Its the holy weekend of most religious groups in the world Jews, Christians and Islamist are celebrating all their own holy feast. It might be the weekend where all things go different. And I seem in good company with my fears.
 Juan Cole is Professor of History at the University of Michigan and wrote a book about the Shiites in Iraq writes the following in his recommendable blog

The relief convoy was a joint Sunni-Shiite operation, and protesters carried posters of assassinated Hamas leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Muqtada al-Sadr. It seems to me from reading between the lines in the press reporting that some US troops let some of the food and supplies into the city as an act of insubordination toward Donald Rumsfeld, refusing to fire on unarmed civilians to stop them from entering the city with food. Pan-Islam and Sunni-Shiite unity in the face of encroaching Western powers have been a political dream since the time of Sayyid Jamal al-Din al-Afghani in the 19th century, but have usually proven futile. Donald Rumsfeld has finally made al-Afghani's dream come true.

Reading the blogs from inside Iraq gives more shudders. River from Baghdad Burning gives insights to the current feel if you are a Iraqi inside Iraq (and River is usually really calm if I may add):

Where are the useless Governing Council? Why isn't anyone condemning the killings in the south and in Falloojeh?! Why aren't they sitting down that fool Bremer and telling him that this is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong??? If one of them were half a man or even half a human, they would threaten to resign their posts if there isn't an immediate ceasefire… the people are enraged. This latest situation proves that they aren't Iraqi- they aren't here for the welfare of the Iraqi people.

The American and European news stations don't show the dying Iraqis… they don't show the women and children bandaged and bleeding- the mother looking for some sign of her son in the middle of a puddle of blood and dismembered arms and legs… they don't show you the hospitals overflowing with the dead and dying because they don't want to hurt American feelings… but people *should* see it. You should see the price of your war and occupation- it's unfair that the Americans are fighting a war thousands of kilometers from home. They get their dead in neat, tidy caskets draped with a flag and we have to gather and scrape our dead off of the floors and hope the American shrapnel and bullets left enough to make a definite identification…

One year later, and Bush has achieved what he wanted- this day will go down in history and in the memory of all Iraqis as one of the bloodiest days ever...

Its boiling down there a little bit more heat and it just might explode into a PanArabicPanIslamist uprising. The consequences are unforeseeable and the worst of all this, after the weekend it might be to late to stop it.


The third Iraq war and its dangers

One day you wake up and the world has changed. I thought this day to be yesterday. Yes there has been continuous fighting in Iraq going on for month but it all was not bad enough for the "wartime leader" Bush. Then in a matter of hours you see brutal pictures all over the internet of some american "security" personal being burned and hanged from bridges (and this was even shown on american propaganda TV) then the next day you hear of some arrest and some closure of a newspaper. Then it exploded fighting in Bagdad fighting in Falludscha fighting in Basra. 30 Marines dead, 120 Iraqis dead (at least half of them reported children and woman to put the numbers in perspective). And no its not even a civil war between Sunnis and Shiites, as matter of fact it seems that they are working together. For example in Ramadi where the probably Shiites where launching an offensive to distract US Army from the close Falludscha.
What gives? Mr. I am the enlightened president Bush is speaking in front of the puplic and says "We will stay the course in Iraq, we're not going to be intimidated by thugs or assassins. We're not going to cut and run from the people who long for freedom." Ok... So why is there no "Anti Shiite forces, or Anti Sunni forces inside Iraq then? Why are the insurgencies able to hide inside the population? Is it possible that they think that true freedom can only be achieved without the US inside their holy country? Is it possible that the whole Iraqi population just wants an end to the OCCUPATION. Thugs and assassins? 10.000 estimated thugs and assassins with a common cause in the formerly american friendly Shiite population? Another 5000 estimated thugs and assassins in the Sunni population? Those Islamist must all be bad people with the only will to kill? Or do they just want to be left alone without a american led world police making sure they pray to the right god?
With reports of Iranian and Hizbollah military coming into play in the latest uprising(as the reports) this could spring out of control for the whole region, something thats hidden underneath for many years – the complete uprising of the Islamic world against the west - just to say they have more people - and much more people who are willing to die!


Noam Chomsky´s Blog

I found Noam Chomsky´s Blog today - Turning the Tide. So the messages there are not exclusively compiled for the Blog but rather taken out of other diskussions they are all messages from Mr. Chomsky himself. Highly respectable read - lands directly on my Blogroll. Something I am saying as well and that sums up so many thoughts is here:

"People in the more civilized sectors of the world (what we call "the third world," or the "developing countries") often burst out laughing when they witness an election in which the choices are two men from very wealthy families with plenty of clout in the very narrow political system, who went to the same elite university and even joined the same secret society to be socialized into the manners and attitudes of the rulers, and who are able to participate in the election because they have massive funding from highly concentrated sectors of unaccountable power that cast over society the shadow called "politics," as John Dewey put it."

Two bad that its not even funny. Great day for the Many to Many communication to get such a prominent supporter.


Surveillance, Terror, RFID - but why?

There is a very enlightening heise online forum message. I am only translating and enhancing it a bit here because it speaks for itself:

Through the piracy of music 0 germans die every day.
Because of this we need complete monitoring of all internet traffic.

Through terror 0.001 german dies every day.
Because of that we need complete surveillance of telefon, total video monitoring the german population everywhere they go and RFID chips in our passports and official documents.

Through illegal drugs 6 germans die every day.
Because of that we need total international war on drugsproducers and consumers.

In normal street traffic 20 germans die every day.
Because of that we need complete traffic monitoring of all Autobahnen.

Through alcohol 100 germans die every day.
Because of that we need warning labels on alcopop and mixdrinks for young people.

Through normal smoking 300 germans die each and every day.
Because of that we need warning labels on cigarette packs.

In germany about 600 people die of fishbones every year
I want total banning of all fish.


Jimmies Road

no comment the movie below speaks for itself:


Dean is out

Today is a sad day. The only real change presidential candidate that really had a chance of winning is not campaigning any more in the race for the democratic nomination. He stays on the ballot and is not dropping out completely but will focus more on "changing american politics through grassroots" then on becoming a president. Very sad indeed when you see that the two remaining candidates are - well - not much better then bush in my not so humble opinion. Mr. I am part of the Skullz and Bones Society Kerry will probably get a home run now and take in all the remaining delegates with Edwards there just because he needs to be there (slimy lawyer who will be delighted to support any measure to help lawyers get in more lawsuits, record industry, movie industry SCO you know where I wanna go?).
So my take? You really want my take? Well the Republicans will get their dream candidate Kerry who is already stumbling in early attacks and the attacks have not yet mounted to full scale. I wish the unenlightened american population another 4 years of bush, truly deeply from my heart. Just because then at least the world does not fall again for a liar (which Mr. Kerry would be from the beginning on - it will be all the same things over again, and the governments of the world will fall for it - just as they have fallen for Mr. Bush in the beginning, and still until recently). Then they will see that their system is flawed, truly flawed then there will be a real seeding ground for a revolution - it seems it really needs to get a lot worse before it gets better. Otherwise it will just go on and on and on and get worse and worse and worse all over the world. Yes you the people of America get full credit for continue to mess up the balance of this beauty that we once called our earth.

Dean out. Peace out. Viva la Revolution.


Ways to brainwash the internet population

That our loved baby the internet is at danger we all hopefully know by now. Many to many communication is something the no current government wants as it parts them from controlling message and information at large. So its clear they are all out searching for the holy grail that could put the internet under control. This article shows us a new stragedy. Teach the kids how the governments of this world would like all of us to use the internet: Trusted computing. Verisign (the company that holds very close ties to the bush admininstration and the pentagon) is at it and introduces a trusted Computing platform called i-SAFE. The Trustee is the school. You get a "USB dongle" handed out. This is the nightmare starting. First the US kids then the US population, then the world. Kids watch out the school could take your dongle away for visiting or or similar. This is the worst case scenario starting and there is nothing that will stop that if the schools will be forced to introduce the system to all kids - a very likely thing.
Smart for sure, its sneaking in under the radar like all the horror visions predicted and there seems to be no outcry nothing only silence. Oh I forgot we gotta save our kids from the horror of the anarchic internet...


Kerry the Skullbone wins

The least adorable candidate has won yet another round in the selection process for a democratic party contender against president bush. That is no surprise for anyone watching the american news (or reading them on the internet) it seem so crystal clear that the media does not want a president that does not favour them or a president that can not be manipulated. Howard Dean came in second and at his speech after the election ask the viewer: "Do you want a new President or a new America?" This is such a core question that could be formulated otherwise "Do you want the current old politics to continue or do you want passion, little risk but brighter future?". Indeed I have to say to my american friends: If you nominate Kerry you will have another 4 years of Bush. Kerry is not able to win, he is to old for that, he can not excite anyone beyond his core veteran group but this is also a group that could likely go to Bush in a blink. Ones Dean drops out the race Kerry is loosing face very very fast. The surge for Kerry came only after Dean getting some attention, the record voter turnout of 200.000 in New Hampshire was because Dean was bringing passion to get the voters out on the street. And let me tell you from over here: a lot of Dean supporters would do anything but vote for Kerry. Some would go and vote for Nader who instantly would come to the game if Kerry would win. Kerry who has flip floped through elections in Congress where he is Senator is seen as a Bush-Lite with a Dean-Lite attitude, someone who talks about what is in fashion and does nothing on his own. Someone who just outright copies speeches from other candidates when he feels like they could help him win the nomination. This all sounds very very much like Bush to me, who won the nomination four years ago in similar fashion and then did nothing to fulfil his promises and turned against the people. Oh and did I mention that Kerry and Bush are in the same secret corporate society, maybe even friends.


Conspiracy Theory 322 - Kerry and Bush at the same secret society

Ok. Are you ready for the true conspiracy theory. You know 23 and Illuminati. Maybe after all its true. Maybe after all we find out about it. I doubt that we will ever get really proof unless the Secret society is grabbing for too much power and it all becomes visible. You know the whole story.
I get ahead of my self. The current poll leader in the democratic party presidential nominee election is John Kerry. Well other then he looks like he is already dead it has been found out that he belongs to the secret society of Yale University. That is a proven fact in fact. This society is called Skullz and Bones . A society that acts completly in secrecy since 170 years. 15 members are allowed per year for a livetime membership and for those who are members its all doors open. Now you say bully little university club with rituals and nothing to say? Ok there are 800 living members of the society. The most prominent? Hold your chair grab something because you my favorite conspiracy theorist will pass out soon: The male Bush family going back to Prescott ol W. grandfather and George Mr. presidents father and ol George W. Bush, current president, himself.
Let me repeat that: Mr. George W. Bush is in the Skullz and Bones and the current democratic front runner John Kerry as well.
Now you want to know who else is in there? Time magazin founder, Newsweek Magazin Founder, Fox Television owner CIA top ranking officials, vice presidents. All those 800 members can be said to run the USA right now from every side, military, intelligence, and press coverage. I am a conspiracy theorist but this is not a theory anymore its out and its public. And if all goes as it does right now the press is beating down on Howard Dean, NOT a member of that society and instead saying Mr. Kerry is the nicest person on earth. You got me wondering, anyone else wondering? There is a statement from some Skullz and Bones members that for them it does not matter if Bush Jr or Kerry will win because they will all win anyway. Man why is this not frontcover in every press there is all over the world, especially when you see the other names of that society? Oh wait the press is owned by the society...

Read the links. it will illuminate your day.... spread the word this has to get out.

PS: the most secret room in the secret building of the secret society on yales ground, the room where they give out the membership in a very strange babaric ceremony, is room called room 322....

PS2: another link in to get you informed. this is the most comprehensiv but also the one that is on a domain that doubts its credibility. I like the democracy inteview best. Is short and gives good overview and seem "balanced" as balanced as you can be when a secret society is overtaking the USA (world?) and a very good indepth dutch documentary here: skullandbonespart1.ram skullandbonespart2.ram


Dean: Public airwaives are the airwaves of the people - not of the corporations

Why do I like to see Howard Dean as the next US president. He does have - besides a little bit to conservative style - a common sense and says things that at times amaze me, things that he gets in trouble for, things straight out of his head (this is what this Blog was called on its first day - straight out of my head, so I like this attitude).
Today at a rally in New Hampshire he answered a question on what he thinks about the statistik that 90% of all Americans get 100% of their news from the 3 biggest tv networks. His answer: "The public airwaves are the airwaves of the people who should be free to do with them what they think is best". WiMAX everywhere Internet in the air... many to many... this is the sounds of it.

He also believes globalizations is a good thing, BUT ONLY if you create a middle class all over the world and you should get the worker unions to make sure the working conditions for employees oversee are the same as inside the US and the salary is the same as well. Oha what a statement from a US presidential candidate. This could have almost come from ATTAC.

Did I say I like him somehow? So not as far left as a Revolutionary would like to but further left and more honest then the rest of the democratic pack (Kucinich has put himself out for me (yes I can not vote but raise my opinion that is what the blog is for) when he kind of endorsed that slimy Trial lawyer Edwards in Iowa). Yeaah.

So I must say that his run for nomination will falter when he looses in New Hampshire. And then the world will get a Bush light (thats how I would describe Mr. poll leading Kerry) or maybe even Bush can win the general election, because if the Republicans have an enemy that voted for the war (Kerry) the whole issue with the Iraq war is not an issue anymore that would work against Bushney. Also Kerry is weak and easily attacked and will falter under media pressure like card of vegas playing cards.

Sidemark: God I wish german politics would be so interesting. We here have the choice between Schröder with the SPD and Stoiber/ugly Merkel CDU. There is NO difference between them. They all get a shitload of money for not showing up to debates. Making deals in between so that laws in their own favor get passed. Paying less at the doctor. Having big Mercedes (all of the delegates at federal and state level!) with chauffeurs and most have police escort (why a state official has police escord escapes me totally what a waste of money). And the Revoluzer from the 70s are all bought up with money and love to go to war and love to cut spending on social services and arts.


China and USA working together to get to Mars?

spac2.jpgDid I miss something? I didn´t get out much lately but this really knocks my stinking socks of my rotten feet. The New York Times is reporting that there are talks that the US might collaborate with China - yes this communist red state that kills internet users, surpresses the lovely Tibet Nation and wants to takeover Taiwan and then the rest of the world - on Bushs plans to get to the moon and then onto mars?!?!! I was reading some comment a while back that the government of the US is transforming into a communist state with all the governautical regulations and indeed when you look at Patriot act and co one could come to the conclusion that the US might be the next in a row of semi kommunism that hides under the umbrella of capitalism. That Bush even considers working together with the Chinese is something where I really have nothing to say about. Is Bush afraid that the 1.5 Billion Chinese will get over the water and just run over the US of A like the dead armee in Lord of the Rings? Is it a tactic to get spies in the Chinese space agency and see how far they are and if there is a real risk.
I would never trust the Chinese government and anyone familiar with chinese customs will know that are very great in hiding what they really want by maskerading and playing the good guy. Yes they want the Tibetans to have there own culture, because that attracks paying tourist, at the same time the inject millions of han chinese into tibet to eradicate the population over the long term. Seeing the Bush administration making failure after failure in predicting things especially with tough counter parts (*cough* sistani *cough*) they are heading into another one. but what do I know... maybe there is some secret plan for a new chinese-american alliance against the rest of the world.... 23


O´Neill was right - thats what the big guys say themself now

German newspapers this morning report that Mr. O´Neill - yes the guy who claimed that the Bush administration had plan before 9/11 to invade Iraq - is coming under pressure from the administration. The administration says he made secret documents public. Well well Mr. President let me tell you that you are pretty stupid because doing this you just ACKNOWLEDGED that Mr. O`Neill is totally right with what he says. Didn´t this US administration just yesterday say that he lying? Who was lying? It gets weirder and weirder every day.

Free Press In Iraq? Yeah right....

The guardian is reporting on a story that was just briefly coming up during the incident. One of last helicopter shut downs in Falluja, Iraq was also the scene of some wild shooting of a camera team that fled with their car from the bulltets. Even a day after that incident some conservative media in the US claimed insurgents (partisans) have opened fire to the investigating soldiers. Reuters said it was a camera team of them and that was made clear today when Reuters filed a complain to the Pentagon and the US Armee for harrassing their reporters and treating them shamefull. They put a shoe in the mouth of one after he had to strip down naked. His crime? Trying a balanced coverage of the incident for one of the largest independent press centers: Reuters. The Armee is defending this by saying "the soldiers are mostly always right in their judgement". Great to feel that we have a free press in a free world that can cover whatever they want.


Former Treasury Secretar O`Neill has spoken and the world listens with awe - red pill ahead!

What all of us conspiracy theorist knew forever: The bush administration planned the war on Iraq even before the 9/11 happened. Its hardly news, it was natural for the son to go after the fathers failure and the rivals score a big point against him (again, someone should do a points against bush tracker).
What indeed is newsworthy is that the info and comes a former high ranking intern of the administration. Of course former Treasury Secretar O`Neill will be discredited by the bush media in all ways possible and his comment style does much to discredit him on its own, the new thing is that it was picked up throughout the world as absolutely noteworthy the google links are overflowing and most of the stories I skimmed through leave a very sour taste for Mr. Bush. I have to put down some quotes by O`Neill from his CBS-TV appearance presenting his book "The Price of Loyalty."

As a conspiracy theorist, still thinking the current US administration had a lot of reasons for 9/11 to happen (I did not say they ordered it to happen, I would say they didn´t want to prevent it) the following quote is a dream:

O`Neill commenting on a discussion in the white house about a possible Iraq war before 9/11: "It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it.The president saying 'Go find me a way to do this."'

I repeat: The president saying 'Go find me a way to do this."

or he refers to the president in a cabinet meeting as: a blind man in a roomful of deaf people

The good thing is that Mr. a little to eccentric O`Neill has a well know publisher Mr. Suskind who saw it forthecoming that the administration will backfire right away and has put tons of amunition into the book. It seems the claims of O`Neill are well founded with memos, briefing materials and plans, good ol journalism getting back? Lovely. One of the memos has the title ‘Plan for post-Saddam Iraq’ dated well before 9/11. Ah yes you still no conspiracy theorist yet?


War on Terrorism - After we are done with Islam we move to the Left

The guardian reports today that Anti-Terrorism experts from six countries are searching for a group of left anarchos that are responsible for the letter bombings of the Paliament of the European Union. No aint that funny that just yesterday multiple other newspaper reported that noone knows who is responsible and that only a letter had been found? Do I see a pattern here that after the war on terrrorism is done with islam (killed em all or what?) it is now moving to those who have an extreme leftist view? Didn´t we have this before? Isn´t it funny that this happens in a country where an extreme right government under the media mogul Berlousconi is in charge? Are we seeing another witch hunt after 30 or after 70 years? Is it wrong to think left? I would not wonder when they dispatch a group of 500 or so punkish looking (read not wearing a tie and a suit) people that happen to be against the WTO and speak outin puplic. Man how fast does this world forget? It gets scary now.


The missing piece in the 1984 ad

1984_2004kl.png Well when I was watching the 1984 ad again and arguing over quality with Tim who showed me an (worse looking but better resultion) Cinepack version I noticed a difference. Its so small and you almost not see it. The version that is featured on apples website is a different version then the original one.
Look at the attached picture and try to find out what the difference of the "2004 might be 1984" version is compared to the "1984 is not like 1984" version... :)

2004 might be like 1984 <-------> 1984 is not like 1984

just one note: the integration is well done wether you like that they mugged around with the original or not

Iraqis WMD in Syria?

After some suspicion that the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) of various sorts (chemical, biological and atomic(yes this was claimed by Mr. President Bush)) have been burried in the Syrian dessert there is now more talk about this over at highly suspicious Debkafiles who claim they have recieved a letter from a Syrian Journalist that claims he has is da shit and tracked the movement of the weapons from Iraq to Syria through an Import Export Company to some highly guarded compounds in syria - saving the great Saint Armee of the true God to dig around the dessert. Three sides have been identified by said "journalist": a Korean build (Korea had to be in the picture here I knew it) tunnel system underneath a village that was originally made for getting syria some scuds, a airfield (didn´t Israel just bomb that?) and inside a city near the border to Lebanon. Oh happy Bush now you have to start a war with Syria before the election (there is "credible intelligence that the weapons must be there") ain´t life great. For the tunnel system I suspect that you use your new "mini"-atomic bunker buster - yes the village will be depleted but who cares its just Syrians - it would make great marketing for the new weapons, this is what your money givers care about right? - and for the city why don´t you just drop the bomb in case they are hiding some yellow cake over there - you know to prevent fallout toward Israel. No the Iraniens are no problem they are just launching a spy satelity that can not fire at the moment and they still ain´t got the bomb yet to nuke Israel - so its all totally safe to do to your likeing.


Intellegent Links for Politikal Brain Food

I have just stumbled across two great links for the people who want to stay politically informed and are sick of the mainstream media outlets. By no means are those links meant to replace all media but form another viewpoint to see things. One is an intelligence insider report. I am amazed how many of those surface from time to time. This one seems to be linked to the Israeli Intelligence Unit and has great many classified information that sounds believable (indepth coverage of stories that others only scratch the surface). It even seems quite balanced without much point of view and has a history of having stories that later turn out to be true. The other is a side that collects information regarding Globalization. This site is not balanced and very far out to the left but has very well researched articles that make up a good read for the conspiracy theorists - someone tell them that they need a better layout its horrible.
As always – taking all information with a grain of salt is advisable.

DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism Security
Centre for Research on Globalization


Part Patriot Act II - signed on saturday

The day they captured Saddam was a victorious day for the Bush administration. But Saddam was just one reason, the other was a secrecy signing of a bill that so many american people opposed before and that got rewritten with "better sounding words". This bill was then magically signed on a saturday - the second time ever Mr. Bush has signed a bill on a holy weekend - the first was to prevent the US government having no money to do anything. The bill under the name Patriot Act II was architechtured under John Ashcrofts supervision and the new bill was redesigned with the same team.
This makes two things very clear. First: there is something they believed that this bill needs to be signed stealthy without public attention. Maybe that is because the FBI gets so much power with that bill that a secret service from former east germany would be pale in comparison. It removes all judicial oversight from the FBI and therefore allows it to act on its own. No matter if there is a crime or not at hand. The FBI can look at american peoples bank records without any notification (yes if you are american you might get a check of all your records right now - did you pay your taxes? Are you a bush supporter? No? hmmm... maybe you get a fine very soon so you can not contribute to some democratic candidate and instead need to pay off the tax debt? - ah just making some cases of abuse the law might have)

The second point is even more filthy. There was big news that the president did not know about the capture of Saddam until Sunday morning. Yes Saddam was eventually found at american time saturday night. Well then there where reports that have never surfaced in the US that the Kurds might have captured Saddam a week earlier and that the US put him under drugs and into the hole. Now connect these two stories and there might be more truth about the second story then some think.

Of course I am conspiracy theorist and all that is not true....,4057,8233746%255E2,00.html


The Free Iraq

Soldiers from the great free society of the United States of America arresting schoolchildren grade 6 and 7 who where at a demonstration against the forces and pro Saddam. Yeah that is how you teach free speech. Get em into jail and when they get out they will be "liberated". Oh no they will not feel liberated until they have deployed some Dynamite on their body and taken at least some of those who took them into jail with them. They are terrorists you can see it in their eyes already. Its probably better to kill them right away so they won´t harm the army of the one true jesus at a later point. Put them all in the death row the baddys. How dare they speak out what they think, fully unarmed with no way to defend themself. They must have known that they get in "liberation camps" for that..

me shakes head in disbelieve. it gets worse and worse over there.

you can read the full story here:


Best ad to denounce Bush put up a competition on multiple 30 seconds ads that denounce bush. It asks the puplic to pick the best 15 and then a winner gets choosen by some celebritis (like Michael Moore, Moby (whats he to do with it?)). The winning spot will be aired as advertisment during the State of the Union adress by G.W. in January - if they find a TV station that will air it (which I highly doubt). I do like the activism in this but I have my doubt over the whole procedure this is run in. Anyway we all want the monkey out the oval office over there and anything helps so head over there and cast your votes (there are some very cool, funny, ugly, great, stunning ones over there, great to kill some time if you have to much :/


Texan Housewife arrested for selling SexToys

Yo, I have to put it up. Its hilarious and sad at the same time. A housewife that lives in a small village south of Dallas, Texas was arrested because she sold some SexToys to undercover agents. That is right there are undercover agents in Texas running around trying to find people that sell sextoys. If she is found "guilty" she will face a year in jail and $4.000 fine. Oh prude America wake up to reality.

"This is not America" has an article series about the lost civil liberties in America. The first installment is on the protest against the Free Trade Area of the Americas meeting in Florida. (full reading available only for paid subscription :/ )


Some Comments on Security

The below excerpts I found while reading some comments on the HowardDean weblog :

If you want total security , go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking... is freedom.
—Dwight D. Eisenhower

The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability.
— Henry Ford

We have gone completely overboard on security . Everything has to be secured, jobs, wages, hours- although the ultimate in security is jail, the slave labor camp and the salt mine.
— Cola Parker

In a state-run society the government promises you security. But it's a false promise predicated on the idea that the opposite of security is risk. Nothing could be further from the truth. The opposite of security is insecurity, and the only way to overcome insecurity is to take risks. The gentle government that promises to hold your hand as you cross the street refuses to let go on the other side.
—Theodore Forstmann

Distrust and caution are the parents of security .
— Benjamin Franklin

The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either.
—Benjamin Franklin

Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.
— Benjamin Franklin

We will bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security.
— Dwight D. Eisenhower

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature.
— Helen Keller

Only in growth, reform, and change, paradoxically enough, is true security to be found.
— Anne Morrow Lindbergh

The man who looks for security , even in the mind, is like a man who would chop off his limbs in order to have artificial ones which will give him no pain or trouble.
— Henry V. Miller


They have him - My US political projection for 2004

I tried the whole day to resist an entry, not wanting to give even more credibility to the true dictator of the world - since even spiegel online is having three dedicated articles about Mr. WMD we Do not have and killed five thousand kurdish people and suppressed my people Saddam Hussein - I can not ignore. Yes he might have been a bad guy and there where regime critics that got killed and the such but since we officially endorse the china regime which does so much damage to multiple ethnical groups (tibet, taiwan and "some" more) that a certain event series in the german past looks pale it is not the uber bad we are talking about here.

So they have him what now?

Certainly some of the governmental bodies of the so far 7000-10.000 Iraqis killing administration (yes I am talking about the US and their "non coalition fatalities") think that now that they have him its all over? They think now the attention of the world goes somewhere else and leaves them alone doing what they can do best - playing coverup and suppressor to their newest 51st oil flowing state. Nah that won´t be so easy and the capture of him could even backfire – me thinks. What if, now that all bad guys are removed from the land, the people still demand true freedom and democracy with voting and all the things that you expect from a free country. What if the guerillas continue to bust the cool guys from da red-blue-star-block. Oh sure there is still a bad guy left you can blame - Mr. O. bin Laden. They themself claim that the terrorist organizations are like hydras - killing a head makes 10 new appear. Its an endless fight and there is no winning, as long as if they do not start to kill them (whole arabic nations) all, or maybe do the little brainwash dance. They apparently have already started with "radio free iraq" (or the such - to lazy to research the american sector radio for the iraqis), now some more american make them some mind dumbing tv shows (hey they can use powerpoint for that) - but wait this is not the 20th century anymore where a one to many communication form is the likely winner, we are already in the 21st centure where the internet has started taking over, maybe someone tells the bushies. Its something that is hardly controlled except by those super cool news that they have a bad guy - a point where all media on this planet seems to be one. Anyway I am getting off track.

My projection for 2004: More GIs get killed - one to five a day. Nothing to be done about it. Civil riots take place on the streets in the country. The US blames it on hardliners and terrorists. Then later the blame it on Iranian (and) Shiites crossing the boarder. Then they start shooting at crowds – situation gets more complicated – then in late summer we move into the hot phase of the US election. They likely capture ObinLaden shortly before the elections (how do I know?) denauncing Dr.Dean as unpatriotic use Dibold paperless electronic voting machines and Mr. Double No Bush is getting another 4 years... what happens after then? MiniNukes – a really mad arabic world, a North Korea gone wild – a China taking sides with NorthKorea and the Arabic World (remember China needs Oil as well and prolly much more then the US really soon) an Israelic State that feels threatened by its neighbors and using Nukes fired from German submarines to hmmmm lets see Iran (? Syria you name it) who is letting bad terrorists and Shiites that want more selfrule into Iraq and in turn apparently threatening the poor little dessert state in the holy land. And not be forgotten the Europeans that are antisemitic by poll numbers - maybe we get a nuke or two as well - just in case before we start to say something. Then Microsoft unveils that there is a backdoor in every windows installation and that all Information on government computers around the world is now the going straight to the pentagon for "terroristic analysis" and while doing so Microsoft is deleting any military infrastructure that does not belong to long time allies becauze of copyright infringement....

Oh of course I am painting black I am a conspiracy theorist - am I? lets see.



Is this democracy in America?

no comment. its flash so sorry but great "infotainment".


Switzerland - Mountains, Cheese and Technology what a dream

I have a favorite country in this world and it is - besides my love for Tibet - Switzerland. It has mountains to go snowboarding, it has lecker cheese, its beautiful and ALL of the people I meet from switzerland are wonderful quiet non self claiming, but all this is not why I am writing this entry. Just a couple of days ago I blogged that a comfortable future of democracy would be en mass voting. Today now I read that switzerland has such a system already in place and they are extending it to give handicapped (the blind) access to this system. It is not yet replacing any government or any decision makers but it has already been used twice in the Kanton Genf for communal voting proceedures and continues to get used for endorsing or rejecting public funding.
This alone would not make it a Switzerland headliner of course and to some this might be old news anyways. The other internet news of today is of course the world summit on the information society and here the Highland went above itself. They - as a country - have proposed some very noteworthy additions to the final declaration of this summit. Here is a little excerpt:

We propose the addition of a new paragraph 1a:

• 1a. We reaffirm the indivisibility and interdependence of all human rights - civil, political, economic, social and cultural - and their ties to the principles of a democratic society, the rule of law and sustainable development. In the hopes and perils of the transformation to the information society, we are determined to maintain and strengthen all these values. Information and communication technologies (ICT) provide unprecedented opportunities for realizing all human rights.

Open international standards and open source software must be treated separately. Therefore we propose to shorten 24, to introduce a new paragraph 24a and shorten 42:

• 24. Open international standards [and open source]: International standards open on a nondiscriminatory basis to the relevant bodies of all countries, at policy level and at any stage of standards development, are a basic element in the development of more affordable access to ICTs.

• 24a. Open source software: The open source model for implementation of technical standards and dissemination of software is a valuable model to enable and support more affordable access to ICTs. Increased use of open source software can contribute greatly to increasing access and to enhancing the diversity of choice of software for consumers.

read more in the pdf.

also they have a vision to bring government bodies and non government non ruling groups on the same talking table.

respekt switzerland.


Dr. Dean the mighty Oppenent

For those of you who have no clue what is going on in the mighty US right now: The democrats are trying to find an opponent to Mr. Bush for next years election - and its BIG buzz. While our lovely Mr. Doubleyuhhh is trying to brainwash his nation a campaign has formed that can do it all at ones. Bring us peace, bring us love and a revolution right with it. No not so fast. Dr. Dean the guy than noone knew about a year ago has gained such a momentum that noone of his opponents really knows what to do about it. And the cool thing is that it is not him, its his supporters who are passionate about meeting each other and feeling to be in control again (or at least they hope to be in control again by this time next year). Now today Mr. Al Gore - yes they guy that should be president but is not because of some recount in a state where the mighty doubleyuuh has his brother in control - will endorse Dr. Dean. That simply means that Dean has a supporter more but I think that the endorsement by Al Gore will surely make him the winning candidate of the Democratic Party (there are others running against him, like an old general Mr. Clark who has no chance of winning anything, a Mr. Lieberman and a Mr. Gephard who LOVE the current administration going to war (why ever they would think they could win with those statements escapes me - if someone is pro-Iraq war then he would just vote for doubleyuhh... ). Mr. Gore acutally believes Dr. Dean can win when he is elected by the party members and I whole heartily agree - if there are no dubious e-voting machines in the way. This campaign will empower those who are powerless and it starts to spread over here (to me who is on american boycott for the last 3 years and I used to like this country a bit). What I hope Dr. Dean does not forget is the international community. He should endorse the Geneva Accord and present the world with his view on how things should go - hopefully different then what is happening now.

For more information check out the Dr.Dean Blog with all the bells and whistles. I love this campaign from a communication standpoint. It uses all the (positive) technology available to get the message across and get together the people. Any politician of this world could use a little Dean.

I surely hope he is not another lie in da face of da democratic republics politician that all have come to know in the last decades.


Quote from Control Revolution

I am reading the book "Control Revolution" from Andrew L. Shapiro right now and I would like to share a little quote:

" If governments were Hollywood caricatures, the average nation-state might be a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Woody Allen: a neurotic powerhouse worried about its own irrelevance and eager to show otherwise." p. 63


They are a number

Today I was reading this NewYorkTimes (free registration yada) article and I thought nothing going on inside Iraq would give me a shock anymore. Once again the greatest nation in the world touting Democracy and Freedom did it again:

In Abu Hishma, encased in a razor-wire fence after repeated attacks on American troops, Iraqi civilians line up to go in and out, filing through an American-guarded checkpoint, each carrying an identification card printed in English only.

"If you have one of these cards, you can come and go," coaxed Lt. Col. Nathan Sassaman, the battalion commander whose men oversee the village, about 50 miles north of Baghdad. "If you don't have one of these cards, you can't."

Now what is going on, do they think this is going to work out? the article goes on by telling the reader that there are talks between the US armydefensedepartmentnavyshit and the Israelies about how to go ahead with the "arab mind" (o-ton Capt. Todd Brown). As if the Israelies have a good stragedy of going forward and as if the stragedy they are using right now is helping anyone.
The american soldiers are going ahead and just pick some "suspected terrorists" out of the 7.000 people living in the city. While they where at it they bulldozed a house "where some ambushes came from". Reads like 1940 or something. The iraqis now have all a card. Without that card they are not allowed behind the barbed wire fence into their village. They are all a number now. How do they feel?

"We are like birds in a cage."
Yasin Mustafa, a 39-year-old primary school teacher from Abu Hishma

How long until we are encircled with barbed wire and for leaving our house we have to show an ID card with a number on them? There is no border of bad anymore, they have all been crossed now.


Noteworthy Quote from Chomsky

I found this today when reading telopolis and I think it say so much on its own that I leave it as this:

The facts are known to all who care to know. The press, foreign and domestic, has presented documentation to refute each falsehood as it appears. But the power of the government's propaganda apparatus is such that the citizen who does not undertake a research project on the subject can hardly hope to confront government pronouncements with fact.

From Chomskys  first political article, published in 1967


Poll shows that European inhabitans belief Israel is the worst problem toworld peace

not Israel but Isreali government is seen as a threat so there is no antisemitc thoughts found here even if they want you make belief.

Normally I try to avoid getting in to the debate of Israel and the Palestina Terretorries but an article in the guardian did sent a shudder down my spines. I have been to Israel for a very short time in the year 2001. This was the year where the current intifada started - this was the year with the worst attacks on Israel by Palestinien fighters - boys and girls. I went to Israel because I wanted to know the truth. I wanted to talk to the people on both sides I wanted to see the conditions in where people live I wanted to get a scope beyond newspaper publications and biased opinions. I am in no way a nazi nor am I anti-semitic in the sense that I dam all jews. I think its not about religion and not about right or left wing opinion. The Israelis have their nose high up in the air control every river in the region control all good land for crop harvesting control most connections to the mediterrian sea. the people of palestina do have close to nothing they are scattered across the globe, they live in terrible conditions in dry rocky dessert have to ask for each drop of water. After beeing to jerusalem I got the notion that its both sides fault to this crisis, but looking around longer and longer I see more and more that the state of israel is doing something that looks like a bad joke when seen in a historic context: they try to get rid of the people in palestina. they would like to wipe them out. They have enough reason to be arrogant in this regard because they have 100% unquestioned support from the US who would do everything to "protect" Israel. So the state of Israel with Mr. Sharon at its head tries to make the world believe that they are an endangered species and the sentence "look at history" seems to be enough to justify just about anything. Killing lots and lots of people without reason. The world media is not paying lot of attention to the people in palestina, only showing its leaders and its "suspected terrorists". I have seen the people of palestina and they are like you and me - normal people who want to have a normal life. They are very very well educated you can have conservation with them in english if you like and they have philosophical thoughts about things some of my "western friends" would not even dare to think about. The girls are beautiful and they can smile. So what about the crazy suicide bombers posing a threat to the Israely state? Well these are normal people who have lost half their family or homes or land or water and simply see no future with israel taking away more and more land from them. They have no other way to fight then putting bombs on themself and blow themself up. If you are on the crossroad of living and dying I am sure it is not an easy choice and they ought to have a good reason for going into death and the Islam is just a protection for their souls rather then the cause of their action. Also I never got the feeling that the young palestinensians want to see the state of Israel fail. They just want FREEDOM and PROTECTION inside the boundaries of their own land. Now to the other side. What about the Israeli population. I meet some young Israeli people. And they are like us. They want to go out have a good party and an easy life. They hate war and they hate weapons. The are forced to go to the army though and there is no way around it when you are a member of the Israeli State. They train for 2 years with weapons and even those who did not choose to go to the army and are in their 2 years of mandatory service will need to take part of raids into the Palestinension Territories and kill unarmed people. So they are trained to kill. Now this is all not the cause. The cause is much more problematic as in Israel are some very very right wing religious leaders. Its that religious group that does not even recognize the staate of Israel before their profet comes down the olive oil mountain. These are the people with the most influence in this country. These are the militant settlers wanting more and more land for themself and those are the people that do nothing all day then read their religious book and debate about it all day in and out.

Now back to the poll. The Israeli government is in no way shy to make the world remember what the world has done to them in the past. They make connections to events in the past that are in no way related. The poll just showed that people do think that the way the current government of Israel is handling the situation is getting the whole world into trouble and I know few people around me who would disagree. They are in the middle of a oiltank and the wrong spark and the whole region explodes into a world war. Israel has Nuclear Weapons - the only country in the region that has. Israel has not signed a nuclear weapon treaty and I doubt they would hesitate a second to use them if they see Iran or Syria is supporting the palestinians with military. So by saying that Israel with its current government is a threat to world peace is a opinion that in no way antisemitic it is just fear among people who live on territories that have seen the worst war in history. We the people of the European Union oppose miltary actions and our leaders belief that there are peacefull way out of crises the world is in. Neither the war in Iraq nor the war against the Palestinians is justified. And if they would have asked me I would have put the US government and the Israeli government on the top of the list. And I say government NOT people. So I am not antisemitic or antiamerican I just disagree with the way the leaders in those countries handle their vision of a world living in peace.
Calming down resetting the borders of Israel to those that have been set and acknowledged in VARIOUS treaties (Oslo) and opening ALL boarders in the region would be the ONLY option to get the peace in the region back. Every bullet fired will multiply and multiply and multiply and at one point it will be to late and millions of people could die. I doubt that this time Israel will do as good as in the 60s even when they use the bomb......
What really makes me shudder is that Israel calls for history and now attacks the European Union. This is a VERY dangerous game and if that Stupid White Man in the white house in the land far away is getting a reelection we might start to see a strong diversification of Israel and the US toward the EU and the EU will find new allies in the Near, Middle and Far East. A third world war is not out of question and for sure it might be the last war.

I urge EVERY ONE to see the dangers of this. Make your voice heard. Put articles in your local newspaper in your Blog wiki in your VJ sets. It goes beyond you and me it is the future of our society of our planet and its time to stop thinking for themself its the time to speak up before it might be to late. From today on I do have fear again - fear that this all gets totally out of hand. This is HIGHLY dangerous. Read the article at the guardian to get the full scope:

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