Toronto Visual Dub

Brian T. Moore created this installation piece from footage he shot in Toronto mixed over audio that was composed by my dub hero Saetchmo from sound snippets recorded also in Toronto all with a little bit of help from me. Enjoy. Official home for the video here.


Tron Legacy D23 - Cultural References Cutup

This is a cutup of small examples of the impact the tron figure made in overall culture. Its really nice almost vj remix like wide diversity of things - and yes homer makes it in there too.


Kutiman ThruYou Youtube CutUps - feat. our own Bastai ;D

I was just pointed by captain mulda who is our new flyer designer to these amazing cutup videos - and the original reason for the journey to ThruYou was that our own MC Bastai is featured in one of the videos. The idea of the cutup videos is to take lots of different youtube videos with soundsamples in them and cut them up and remix them into one continuous new song. Bastai features in the fitting dubby song all complete with multiple dub sirens and some other really strange music gear from another dimension.

Be sure to check out the other creations with different music styles in the above link.


Deep from the Adobe Labs - Stuff we will likely never see?

Its rare that you get a peek into research development of a big software company but Adobe is pursuing a more open path lately with a high profile blog that spills some inside beans and now some researches allowed to put their pet projects on youtube some video sharing site. Now the stuff they are developing is insanely great but the guy ended a totally let down statement "I can´t guarantee that any of the stuff you are seeing is making it into adobe products". Anyway they seem to have found the holy grail of motion tracking if anything that the movie shows is an indication. The part with the two people in the woods and a million trackers are totally stuck to creases on their grey sweaters must be the best motion estimation out there and it seems to work in almost realtime, it can differentiate between different objects and is 2.5D at least (I would venture to guess to get the different objects it has to be actually a 3D tracker). Adobe would be well advised to put out well working easy to use realtime 3d tracker on the market - but then they have to watch out - they might be bought out by the Autodesk 3d monster.

Interactive Video Object Manipulation from Dan Goldman on Vimeo.


Soul Rocking King Curtis "Memphis Soul Stew"

King Curtis played as the opener for the famous 1965 Shea stadium Beatles concert (a must view too - the sheer energy in that crowd is hard to surpass and everyone who has ever felt even the slightest crowd feedback knows that this must must elevate you to a god status during the time it lasts) and I just crossed the following video of him performing with the "Memphis Soul Stew". They are just so awesomely groovy just like their awesome music.


Björks trippy Wanderlust video Red/Green 3D

bjoerkwanderlustin3d.pngWired hosts Björks Wanderlust Video with a Red/Green 3D effect. Its quite a psychadelic treat for those evenings where you need a trip to a different planet.

Get it here. (a Quicktime for a change)

Also in 2d and a making off on the same page...


Step Across The Border - very interesting title anim

Step Across The Border is a documentary about the rock guitar improvisor Fred Frith. I have not watched the whole documentary(full movie in the link) yet but the open sequence seen below on the YouTube snippet of the film rocked me deeply. Brilliant typographic play in a very vj like manner.


If you like Skateboarding and things blowing up

You might like the following video. Very convincing. I am quite stunned and am not quite sure how it was done.

I would say some of it is actually real (the guy jumping over the electrical box f.e.) some are clearly fake (the last big fire boom) and the rest is a mixture between Styrofoam small scale explosion, dust explosion and cgi. Its great and epic and has this "we blow up your city with vibes" message. Its great.