Samsung releases first true green Cellphone with solar power

samsungblueearth2.jpg.jpegNormally I reserve these link for our radio show but since we are still waiting for a software fix to continue our regular scheduled programming and this must count as the most wow announcement in the cellphone market since the EiPhone I think I must help spread the word.
Samsung will release its first full solar powered cellphone to the (european?) masses on February 16th. Its not only solar powered its also made out of recycled water bottles, packaged in recycled (downcycled) paper includes a pedometer (stepcounter) telling you how many trees you have saved by actually walking to the supermarket rather then driving. It sports a touch screen (no multitouch probably because of Apples technology hindering patents) and generally looks rugged but gorgeous. I have been pondering for a while what my next phone would be and while I am lured into the iPhone camp I canīt pull myself through to actually get locked in with a vendor also the only function that I really admire with the iPhone - GPS - has been proven unworkable and too unprecise in situation where I would use it (the woods the mountains and beyond) - so I guess my new phone that I get in autumn has just been revealed and I think they have a true winner on their hands.

Via inhabitat.


The Dutch Tub - portable hot open air bath

dutchtub.pngLiving in the green and not liking cold water that much myself especially since this hemisphere is - despite global warming - manufacturing only cold weather all the time I ultimately love the idea of this dutch invention. With a simple but cleverly designed wood heater outside the tub and a lightweight tub itself this is a good addition to any northern hemisphere garden - but apparently you can also take it with you - strapped on the roof of any car - to the alps or such. Sadly as always with nice inventions its on the pricey side for around 4000 Euros. They also have it for rent.