PoD: Robo Big Brother is Shooting You

RoboBigBrother.jpgVia @tristan_bethe


PoD: Democracy is an Illusion

democryisanillusion.jpgNot much more to be said to this picture of the day that comes from the G20 summits via


PoD: Bloody Eyelashes.

bloodyeyelashes.jpegBrian Viveros lets pretty girls with nasty habbits appear on convases. They are eery and strange and beautiful. Its like you look at them and want to like them but then something is in the way of liking them. Who needs eyelashes right?
Be sure to check out the other strange girls on his website. Via abduzeedo.


PoD: Infrared your life

pinktrees.jpgAbduzeedo has a feature on infrared photography and like HDR and fake tilt shift it will be a short lived beautiful hype until every combination of filters has been used. I also expect a combination of HDR and infrared and tilt shift at some point. While it lasts it sure is extremely pretty to look at that is why it gets a picture of the day honor from me. The picture shown is by Andross01 - no link given in the original article.


PoD: Bliss is ignorance - happiness is fiction

happinessisfiction.jpegThis image is from the guys who who say some interesting thought provoking and outright funny things about depression (it has to be embraced at points for a healthy mind). There are more hilarious photos like these on the flickr stream and nice depressing music on the website.

via the eternal metafilter.

(its a band btw)


PoD: Butterfly Tea

butterflytea.jpegI am a 100% tea drinker (no coffee that is) and I like lightly flavored tea - perhaps I like butterfly tea? Na I stick with the yak butter tea ;) This lovely image from etsy seller madelaine intrigued me to try it if I wouldnīt be vegetarian.


PoD: Chihuahua Scubadiver

chihuahua_fashion_show.jpgThis guy is the winner of the Chihuahua Fashion Show in the Philippines. He brought some great laughter around here so I guess that qualifies him a bit for pic of day. The other contender has to wait for tomorrow - enjoy the good mood while it lasts. From around the web.


PoD: Stereotype

stereotype.pngAlso from comes this very brazen cultural fashion play.


PoD: GasMaskNun

nungasmaskgx2.jpgThis is just a vintage photograph with no history attached. Its from the site Vintage Photographs. There are some mightily wicked others over there.


PoD: Shoot The Actress

pistol_camera.jpgJust in honoring the RED announcement I have this gem for the picture of today. No idea where it comes from no idea who made it, no idea if it exists, but nonetheless a fun wordplay.


PoD: Grand Piano

Arch-GrandPiano.jpgTodays picture of (the) day is from Tiffany Bozic. I really love the detail and the color and the idea and it mesmerizes me when I look at it. Mrs. Bozic is from Arkansas and I donīt know what else can be said that her biography canīt tell you.

Grand Piano 36" x 48" 2004 - Tiffany Bozic


PoD: Camper Bike

motherland.jpgThe paintings of kevincyr are a lot of fun.
When I saw one I was sure that this would be it for todays Picture of the Day - cause I know certain people who's cars look similar but when looking through his gallery I found the ingenious marvel pictured. There is also a different perspective of it here.
This got to be the most badass bikemod out there if it would exist.

(Bear your motherland in mind while casting your eyes on the world. / 60 x 72 / oil on panel)


Pic of the Day: A mans best friend

PoD_mansbestfriend.pngAh I wanted to make this category for a long time so here it is: Picture of the day. Today it comes from a really funny photo series called "manīs best friend" by Ted Sabarese on the Reuben Miller Blog. Head over there to see some more along the same line. Just for the formidable smile.