E-Paper at last

epaper-taiwan-24-inch-wow-rm-eng.jpegThe thing you see in Sci Fi movies - moving wallpapers and newspapers that update as the news happen. It has been a long time coming with first time mention of a working e-paper technology was like 10 years ago at least. While there have been ebook readers in first generation and magic ones with unicorn hairs embedded the real first epaper that really knocks me of my feet is the one shown here at a Taiwanese Book show. Impressive big clear crisp paper like and even the cmyk colors are there. Now just holographic storage quantum computing and some solution to the pesky energy problem and we are all set for a sciFi future…

via Engadget


Microsofts QRCode - epic fail

microsoftsQR_mobile-tags.jpegStaying on the bridge between real life and virtuality QRCodes have been really loved around here. We have stickers for our blogs with them and had a party in the woods that you almost only found when you decoded the QRCode puzzle in the woods.
Now Microsoft beeing Microsoft has seen that QRCodes are cool but it wouldn´t be Microsoft if they wouldn´t take a perfect solution and make their own absolute unworkable proprietary solution with big copyright written all over it.
Why unworkable? Because its color of course - not only is it harder to print out color as a long lasting printout (it fades in the sun mostly) - it is also not decipherable in the dark by crappy phone cameras which already have some problems with the current black on white high contrast QRCodes (we try to remedy that in the next iteration by printing negative QRs on self glowing paper). Epic fail as per usual - you would think they never test any of their stuff outside of the lab.


Skelewags? Fine Urban Berlin Streetart

safari-skelewags-urban-painting.jpgThe Berlin Streetart Blog I have not stumbled over but it eventually had to happen as Berlin is currently overflowing with the finest of the best that streetart has to offer. Head over there for real cool streetart from the underestimated city. The Skelewags from the artist Chewie shown here are really neat.

Thanks to Quang for the heads up (he needs a blog ;).