Procedural City Building

Introversion the makers of the great Defcon game have released some videos about their upcoming game Subversion. Man this procedural city building extremely rocks - I hope this can somehow be used for exporting to be used for other 3d scenes.


Skateboarders helping architects to design flowing buildings?!

skatesign.jpgOh the irony is nothing short of breathtaking. Big city investments for cultural heritage points like museums etc are always the prestigious project that talented or big architectural firms look for to make themselves more prestigious. Now apparently the trend in this day and age is to make the building flowing and blending with the environment. Now instead of trying to figure out how a good flow is achieved the architects are looking for the masters of the flow - the skateboarders and they do that without consulting their clients and without making it too public. That tactic has resulted already in three huge projects around the world becoming skaters paradises. A park in Barcelona, the new Phaeno Science Center in Germany and the Oslo Opera House are all designed this way and have already been placed as the best skate spots in the world as a result.
Now if city planners could take that concept and apply it streets and ask the longboarders how to make gentle slopes and what the best pavement is I would be even more happy ;)

Original info from wired.


Spam Architecture

spam_architecture.11.jpgAlex Dragulescu is making automatically generated architecture - his data input are spam emails. Keywords in these spam mails are used to generate planes in three dimensional space.


Gravity Defying Houses

05UkraineFloatingCastle.jpgHow crazy can you build a house? Well much more crazy then I ever thought. PointAndClickHome has a gallery of houses that look like they should not work. The tree house on top of a 50 meter tree is probably the scariest but the fertilizer bunker pictured here defies everything you thought you knew about statics.

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