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20 years Wall of Frame - Personal Perspective

20years_preps_muldaDeli_atWork.jpgThere I was unsuspectingly checking the proto.lab yesterday - expecting to see two lonely artist trying to to save our exhebition tomorrow working their butts off. What I was greeted with was an enthusiastic crowd of 10 artists rocking the house, transforming the boring white walls of our lab into an installation many magnitudes bigger then what I was ever expecting. Not only were they creative they were on the case organizing things writing down what had to be done til the opening and generally there was a so much energy in the room - I could hardly believe it. Needless to say that that made me very happy - as the proto.lab is like most of our projects a prototype - a test balloon trying to sail in the 21st century society and trying to set a positive statement. I was expecting a long drawn out process of trying to get people involved and trying to stick to projects that are somewhat vague and on first look donīt really have a reason for existing. Yet from the start on two month ago people started to show up and started to work on multiple things. When master Deli came up with the idea of making a streetart exhibition it was immediately clear to me that it would be a good idea because that would make the boring white room a bit more creative looking. Never would I have thought at that point what great feedback we would get from the local young (street)art community and how transformative the process would be for the room and the group in whole.
Tommorrow now is the big day of the opening but I can not thank everybody involved enough already - because no matter how many people show up or how well the event will be recieved by our local politicians and residents (who tend to be not quite exactly the target group for a street art exhebition - if you have been around here you know what I am talking about) - it is already a huge success - for all of us because we have shown that we can come together and rock the boat.
I am greatly touched and inspired by the big unified artwork you have created and I look forward to celebrate that with everybody who has helped or is generally interested of what the artists of the south Berlin suburbs have been up to in the last 20 years after the wall came down. So come by tomorrow 3 p.m. at Kleinmachnow Meiereifeld 33.
Everybody is invited to extend the exhebition with their unique piece either by bringing it along - creating it on the spot or sending it to us via lab(at)prototypen.com for print out.